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How to get the new Facebook

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How to get the new Facebook: Well yes, they did it again! Facebook has changed its look again and this time the news are reserved not only for the personal profile pages but also for the so-called News Feed, that is the main page of the social network where there are all the news and photos posted by friends. Now the look of the site is more “clean”, tidy and beautiful to look at but unfortunately not everyone has benefited from it yet.

If you too are among them and you don’t know like having the new Facebook, read the guide I am about to offer you and together we will find a solution to the problem. We will first see how to follow the standard procedure, which involves queuing up to receive the Facebook update as soon as possible, and then how to preview the new News Feed using a browser add-on. Here’s everything you need to know.

If you want to find out how to have the new Facebook in a “traditional” way, ie waiting for Facebook to update the News Feed also on your profile, you have to book and wait for the changes to be applied to your account as well.

Then connect to this page of the social network in which all the main features of the new Facebook look are described, scroll to the bottom and click on the green button Try the new home page to join the waiting list.

The release times of the new home page are still uncertain, so you may find yourself with the new Facebook overnight or wait in vain for weeks and weeks without anything changing from the current graphics.

If you are dying to have the new Facebook and you are not willing to wait for the “comforts” of Zuckerberg and associates, you can get a taste of what will be the next News Feed by installing a free extension for Google Chrome: New Facebook News Feed.

Then connect to the Chrome Web Store page dedicated to this add-on and click on the button add to install it on your PC. When the operation is complete, connect to Facebook by opening a new browser tab and, tadà, you too will have the new graphics of the social network.

Of course, however well done, the extension New Facebook News Feed it is not perfect and does not fully reflect all the features that will be included in the real version of the new News Feed … but as an “appetizer” we can say that it is not bad at all. And when will your profile be updated to the new look? No problem. To get rid of the add-on installed in Chrome, just enter the menu Tools> Extensions browser and click on the icon trash can placed next to the name of New Facebook News Feed.