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How to get Rocket League credits

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How to get Rocket League credits: Lately you have been approaching Rocket Leaguethe well-known video game of Psyonix in which various sports are played using cars. You’re having a lot of fun in multiplayer games, but you don’t have any particularly good items right now. You would therefore like to replace them, but to do this you need credits and you don’t quite understand how everything works.

No problem: I will shortly explain to you in detail how to get Rocket League credits. This will allow you to understand how you can get that item you have your eye on. Furthermore, there will be a way to analyze the issue as a whole, in order to also understand what can be purchased with this currency.

Courage: why are you still standing there in front of the screen? Are you planning on returning to Rocket League with the item you’re interested in? In my opinion you can’t wait to show everyone your renewed car. Come on then, all you have to do is follow the quick instructions below. Having said that, there is nothing left for me to do, except wish you good reading and have fun!

Preliminary information

Before going into the details of the procedure on how to get Rocket League creditsI think you might be interested in learning more about this possibility.

Well, credits are the internal currency of the game and allow you to obtain cosmetic items. There is a bit of everything: flags to be placed on the back of the car, wheels with different designs, hats to be placed on top of the car, turbo wakes and different bodies, just to give you some concrete examples.

To purchase these items, just go to the Item shop, accessible directly from the main game screen. In this way you will find all the cards of the case, which showcase the main packages (bundles) available at the moment.

Rocket League credit items

Many bundles can be purchased through credits, but if you want to access individual cosmetic items, just move to the tab IN EVIDENCE. Here you will find items that you can buy with credits, which will remain available for a limited time.

I also remind you that credits can be used to create objects starting from the relative ones projectsfor the Rocket Pass for a fee and for the trading system (through the latter you could find a method to learn how to get free credits on Rocket Leaguebut the matter is intricate and I advise against trading with people you do not know).

How to buy Rocket League credits

Rocket League Store Bundle

After explaining what Rocket League credits are for, I’d say it’s time to pass the action and figure out how to get them.

Rocket League allows players to have credits only by buying them in-game, for real money. Put simply, you need to go through the micro-transactions.

That said, to buy credits in Rocket Legue, just go to the Item shopaccessible from the game’s main menu, hover over a object or a bundle which can be bought via this currency and press the button BUY CREDITS (e.g. the key square on PS4).

By doing so, a “window” will appear on the screen that will allow you to purchase credits. Typically the cost is 4.99 euros per 500 credits9.99 euros for 1,100 credits24.99 euros for 3,000 credits and 49.99 euros for 6,500 credits.

How to buy Rocket League credits

Obviously these are values ​​to be taken as purely indicative, as they vary according to the promotional period and the initiatives implemented by Psyonix. In any case, to complete the transaction just press the button BUY (e.g. the key X on PS4) and confirm everything.

Clearly, the method to complete the transaction depends on the platform you are playing Rocket League from, but in general you shouldn’t have too much trouble completing the purchase, possibly adding a valid payment method, such as card or PayPal. If in doubt, you can refer, for example, to my tutorial on how to pay on PlayStation Store.

How to get free Rocket League credits

Rocket Pass Rocket League menu

How do you say? Would you like to get credits for free and without going through micro-transactions? I’ll explain the situation immediately.

In this case, you need to know that, contrary to what some people claim online, it is not possible to get free credits on Rocket League in a certified and developer-enabled manner. There would actually be the online exchange functionality, but the topic is intricate and I advise against entering that world, as unfortunately there are many bad guys.

I strongly advise you, therefore, to stay away from those who promise “magical” methods to get you free credits for your Rocket League account, as they are pranksters or, at worst, scams.

The only real way to get Psyonix title credits “for free” is to buy the Rocket Passwhich allows you to receive more rewards whenever you level up (similar to what happens in games like Fortnite).

Rocket Pass Premium Rocket League credits

The rewards of the Rocket Pass sometimes include the credits, then you can use this method to get the currency in question. In any case, unlike what happens in other titles, the free version of the Battle Pass does not allow you to get credits.

This means that you must first purchase the Rocket Pass Premium for 1,000 creditsin order to obtain “free” the items included in the Pass and also some credits (as long as you level up during the respective Season). There is also a version of the Pass with 12 levels included what it costs 3,000 credits (at the time of writing it is discounted to 2,000 credits).

To make the purchase, obviously once you have bought the right credits, just go to the card Rocket Passpresent in the main menu of the game, and press the button GET PREMIUM (e.g. key square on PS4). After that, all you have to do is press the button BUY (e.g. key X on PS4) and complete the transaction.

To see when you get the creditsjust take a look at the card Rocket Pass or to the section LEVEL UP of the Rocket League official sitewhich allows you to take a look at the Premium rewards (in green).

How to get free Rocket League credits

In any case, I remind you that the items purchased through credits they don’t make a player strongersince, as I illustrated in the preliminary chapteryou can only buy aesthetic elements that do not impact the gameplay.

As for the latter, however, you might be interested in taking a look at my tutorial on how to improve on Rocket League, in which I illustrated some interesting techniques to be implemented during the games of the Psyonix title