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How to get more followers

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In the end, you have finally decided to invest some of your time to promote your business on social networks . You had a great idea: this is not raining! You will have noticed right away, however, that being able to attract the attention of other people on social networks is not at all simple as you might think. What do you say, then, if I offer you some “tips” on what to do?

How do you say? Do you want? Very well, then you will be pleased to know that in this article I will be able to provide you with some practical advice on how to get more followers . I anticipate that I will focus particularly on Instagram and Facebook, which are among the most popular platforms currently, but the tips I will give you are valid for all social networks.

Of course, don’t expect to “explode” suddenly: even if you follow the “tips” I give you scrupulously and consistently, it will take some time before you see any noteworthy results. That said, I’d say we can get started. Happy reading and good luck for everything!

How to get more followers on Instagram

Let’s start this discussion by seeing how to get more followers on Instagram . The well-known photographic social network is a “square” on which it is certainly worth investing, given that it is used by billions of users all over the world. Let’s find out, therefore, what precautions to follow to have a minimum of “boost” on subscribers and likes.

Produce interesting and quality content on a regular basis

The premise from which you must start to be successful on Instagram is to regularly create interesting and quality content . If the content you upload to your profile is trivial, poorly maintained and / or with obvious technical defects, you will hardly be able to “hit the mark”, as they say.

Before sharing a post, a story, etc. ask yourself: will this content be interesting to my audience? Is it essential to share it? Can it give added value to the users it will reach? If you answered yes to these questions, the photo or video in question may actually be of interest to the community.

On the quality side, there is not much to say: you must have the right equipment to take well-made photos and videos. Specifically, you have to use a good camera-phone (therefore a smartphone with an excellent photographic sector), combined with some app that allows you to act on the shooting / recording parameters: among the best I point out Camera FV-5 for Android (which is free in the basic version, with extra functions to be unlocked by purchasing the full version, which costs 2.99 euros) or Halide for iOS (which costs 6.99 euros). If you can use professional camera and then carry photos and videos that you take on your smartphone, so much the better!

Even if the devices you use to take pictures and record videos are of quality, it would be good practice to correct any defects. As for photos, I suggest you use apps and / or software such as Snapseed (for Android and iOS / iPadOS ) or Photoshop and GIMP (on a computer). As for videos, however, you can use editing apps and programs, such as Inshot ( Android or iOS / iPadOS ) and Avidemux (on a computer).

Of course, be balanced: don’t sacrifice quality for the regularity with which you share new content. Balance these two things and try to keep your profile constantly active.

Diversify the contents

Instagram Reels_how it works

Staying on the subject of content, I suggest you diversify the latter. How can you do it? It’s simple: instead of just posting, diversify your content by regularly creating Stories, Streams, Reels and, when you can, even creating some videos for IGTV.

Why should you do this? First, keep in mind that posts have less importance in the Instagram algorithm than in the past. Zuckerberg himself (founder of Facebook, the company that controls Instagram) in the past said that stories represent the “new feed” of Instagram: so he regularly creates this type of content.

Since live broadcasts and Instagram Reels are also quite popular, make regular use of these social network tools as well and you will see that you will not regret it.

Interact with the community

Comment on Instagram

As you may have guessed from reading the previous lines, content plays an important role on Instagram, but don’t forget that the “matter” of which this platform is made (like all social networks for that matter) are the interactions between users. For this reason, I invite you to interact with the community : this is how others will be able to “notice” your presence and, driven by curiosity, they could take a look at your profile and follow you (if they consider it interesting).

The least challenging way to interact with the Instagram community is to like posts shared by users. While doing this is a good starting point, you would do well to put in a little more effort, perhaps by writing constructive comments with which to have your say. By doing so, in addition to getting noticed by the people who created the content you interacted with, you can also get noticed by their followers (in the case of comments on public posts and Reels).

Obviously, pay attention to what you write in the comments: avoid spamming your profile (you have to ban phrases like “You have a nice feed, if you like, take a look at mine and follow me!” ), Avoid criticizing others and, above all , do not insult and do not offend anyone because, in addition to violating the conditions of use of the service , you would be labeled as rude (and also rightly, I would say!).

Using hashtags correctly

Hashtag Instagram

By now, even the stones know it: using hashtags correctly can significantly contribute to having a certain visibility on Instagram, which consequently increases the chances of attracting potential followers on your profile.

If you don’t know, hashtags are nothing more than words or phrases preceded by the # symbol that have the task of “labeling” the contents and indexing them within a platform (in this case Instagram). Since hashtags are used to search for content on Instagram, by choosing the most popular and relevant ones you can index your profile correctly and make it more visible.

To find the most suitable hashtags for your posts, I recommend using services such as All Hashtag and Top Hashtag or applications such as Top Tags for Likes ( Android / iOS / iPadOS ). Obviously, don’t get too excited about using hashtags at random – only use those that are truly appropriate for the content you are about to share.

To learn more, take a look at my guides on how hashtags work on Instagram and how to create a hashtag on Instagram. I’m sure you will find them extremely useful.

Don’t buy followers

The most useful apps for investing money

I conclude this part of the article dedicated to Instagram by urging you not to buy followers . There are various services and apps designed for this purpose, but their use is not only of little use, but even harmful and now I’ll explain why.

Although, usually, this kind of solutions actually allow you to add thousands of followers to your profile (paying with “real” money or with virtual credits obtainable by following other users in turn), it often happens that the followers you buy are fake or short-lived (which will therefore remove the follow within a short time).

Not to mention the fact that these accounts (real or fake they are) will not interact with the posted content, which will negatively affect the appeal of your Instagram account. Also take into account another thing: if Instagram were to discover your “shopping” of followers, it could block or even permanently close your account. Don’t they seem more than valid reasons to stay away from such solutions?

If you really want to get hold of your wallet, do it to sponsor your content in an official way: the results, at least in terms of visibility, will surely come.

How to get more followers on Facebook

If you have a Facebook page and want to get more followers, try to put into practice the indications I am about to give you: I hope that, over time, they can help you increase your popularity on the platform designed by Mark Zuckerberg.

Regularly publish interesting posts

Post Facebook

Regularly publishing interesting posts is important to “keep alive” your page and attract the attention of new users. Not to mention, if you create interesting posts, you could entice those who already follow your page to share them on their personal profile, which would make them accessible to an even wider audience, thus further increasing your chances of success.

Making interesting posts, even if it is an activity that requires a minimum of commitment, is not that difficult. Whether it’s images, videos or just a written text, make sure what you’re about to share is relevant to the page’s theme, otherwise you risk confusing those who see the post itself, including those who already follow you.

Also pay attention to the quality of the post : if it is multimedia content, make sure that they are of good quality (therefore that they do not have particularly important and obvious technical defects); if it is a simple text, on the other hand, make sure it is correct from a syntactic and grammatical point of view.

If the post consists of an image or a video, do not hesitate to also insert a textual comment describing the content or with calls to action for the user (e.g. like, share the post, comment on it, etc.).

In addition to posts, however, I advise you to regularly create stories and, when possible, to start live broadcasts, because they are content particularly appreciated by the Facebook community.

Interact with other pages

Interacting on Facebook

Interacting with other pages could be a smart and at the same time cunning move, especially if the interactions involve pages that deal with topics similar to those you cover on your page.

This, in fact, would allow you to “introduce yourself” to users interested in the topics you talk about on your page: the latter, driven by curiosity (which could arise if you leave interesting comments under the posts of others) could take a look at your page and , if interested in the content you usually share, they might start following her.

Obviously, don’t be a spammer and don’t comment left and right just to show yourself: you could be blocked by the managers of the pages you comment and, above all, you would get a bad reputation in the Facebook community. The strategy you need to adopt is to write intelligent, constructive and tasteful comments. That’s all.

Using hashtags the right way


Using hashtags in the right way , as I have already explained to you extensively in one of the chapters of the tutorial dedicated to Instagram , helps to improve the visibility of the published contents, indexing them correctly on Facebook.

If you use hashtags corresponding to the interests of people interested in a certain topic, in fact, you will be more likely to appear in the searches carried out by them on Facebook, thus increasing your chances of success.

But I recommend: do not give in to the temptation to use hashtags at random just to attract other users, because you risk not only not getting new followers, but also losing those who already follow the page. Then don’t tell me I didn’t warn you!

Sponsor the page and / or posts

Sponsor on Facebook

Since the Facebook algorithm tends to give more visibility to “personal” profiles rather than pages, sponsoring the page and / or posts (even from time to time) is practically essential. If you do not, in fact, your page will have a visibility close to zero.

If you have never sponsored on Facebook, you absolutely must read the guide in which I explain in detail how to do it, given the complexity of the topic.

Don’t get followers artificially


Not getting followers artificially is the last piece of advice I would like to give you, but this does not mean you should consider it less important than the others. Getting paid followers or by adopting practices of “exchange” of follow with managers of other pages (there are an infinity of Facebook groups dedicated to this), is not a good thing at all.

As in the case of Instagram, in fact, using these methods it is not possible to get followers who are really interested in their contents and, above all, if you were discovered by Facebook you could incur a temporary blocking of the page or its definitive closure. I got it?