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How to get married on The Sims Mobile

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How to get married on The Sims Mobile: You started playing  The Sims Mobile  and would like some “tips” on how to progress better within this world: more precisely, you managed to find your better half but you don’t know how to get married. Well, in that case, you will be happy to know that you are in the right place at the right time. In fact, I’ll explain to you soon how to play checkers on the Internet .

Going into more detail, I will show you how to get to marry your sweetheart starting from the beginning of the adventure and I will also show you the fastest way to reach your goal. As a final result, you will be able to organize the perfect wedding directly in the garden of your beautiful home and create the family of your dreams. Another important thing to note is that the procedure can be completed even without making use of micro-transactions or in-game purchases.

Courage: what are you waiting there impaled? Do you want to marry your sweetheart in The Sims Mobile? Yup? Then you just have to read and practice the short instructions below. I assure you that, in no time, you will be celebrating your wedding and building the future of your virtual avatar. There is nothing left for me to do, except to wish you happy reading and have fun!

Preliminary information

Before getting to the heart of this guide on how to play checkers on the Internet , I think it is of fundamental importance to explain to you what marriage entails in the Electronic Arts game and how it happens.

First of all, the game has requirements to start the wedding: you must have reached general level 7 of your virtual avatar (you can find it at the top right, the white number on a blue background) and you must have passed a substantial number of chapters related to your relationship (usually 7/8 , depending on the type of relationship you have chosen to have with your partner).

To see the level of your relationship, you need to press the Sim icon (the one in the middle of the car and the dress at the bottom left) and tap on the cloud icon (the second from left to right). Here you will find the level of your relationship just below the image of every single character you have known in the game.

However, this is not enough to start the wedding: you must also have the appropriate objects to be placed near your home, in order to perform the ceremony quickly and comfortably. The “Wedding” collection will be unlocked during the first levels, it doesn’t cost too much money and I assure you that, following my instructions, you will be able to buy everything in time. The collection includes a wedding arch , a floral pillar and a rose trellis with window .

It is also good to know that there are three different types of relationship: friendly , flirting or provocative . The first involves a romantic attitude in which your virtual avatar will always maintain a rather shy and absent-minded approach. The flirting relationship is, however, that of unbridled love, in which the couple needs an immediate relationship, while the provocative relationship will create several headaches with the other virtual avatar and generate reciprocal “disrespect” … in short, not really the best way to start a relationship!

Each type of story faces a different storyline and the dialogues and attitudes of the virtual avatars therefore differ according to the choice made: it is therefore an important factor to keep in mind, since it could radically change your gaming experience. This choice is made the first time you meet another character : usually a passer-by who is outside your home, a visitor to your own bar or the roommate who will be introduced in the early stages of the game.

But what does marriage entail ? Well, your better half will obviously come to live in your home and you can live sleepless nights with her, but on the other hand this can already happen in the pre-wedding phase. Marriage will change the type of conversations you can have with your partner. Then, in general, you will have to be more attentive to work and home management , buying a double bed and maybe expanding the structure to make virtual avatars live more comfortable.

In addition, the most important change will be the fact that you can also control your partner in the game and therefore you will have to manage the life of multiple virtual avatars (up to three, if you also have a roommate).

The character slots are, by default, two, but by paying 175 SimCash (the game money) you will be able to manage up to four characters at the same time. Alternatively, reaching general level 16 , you can retire other virtual avatars (perhaps the roommate acquired at the beginning of the game).

One thing that could change even more the game will arrive at general level 11 (shortly after the wedding, if you follow my instructions in the best way), when the possibility of having a child will be unlocked , choosing whether to adopt it or not. To do this, you’ll need to purchase the crib from the baby  ‘s den section of the store.

Once the child has arrived, you will have to interact with him, take care of him and educate him . Obviously it will grow slowly and when you see the cake icon above it it is time to make it become an adult and to be able to control it like the other virtual avatars. At that point, you will get to have up to four playable characters and the difficulty of the game will start to get greater, but you will have succeeded in your intent and you can have even more fun.

Get married on The Sims Mobile

Starting from the beginning, the first step to get married in The Sims Mobile is to start a relationship with any character present in the game world. The advice I give you is to “try” with a / a passer-by or with those who frequent your own bar. In fact, the roommate or roommate that you will find at the beginning of the game may not be for you and, moreover, it could help you to get to control four characters at the same time faster.

As for the relationship, I recommend you choose the flirting one or the friendly one . In fact, these two choices can be carried out without too many problems and guarantee you a lasting history with your partner, without too many quarrels or management problems. Friendly story can also lead to interesting developments, starting from a secret crush on to evident love.

To carry on your relationship, you have to do essentially one thing: start events and interact with your partner. In fact, to earn points and access the next chapters of the story you have to participate in meetings of various duration (at home, in the bar or in other places) and talk , have fun and play with your better half.

You can always choose different events, in order to limit the repetitiveness factor, or you can always make the longer ones to take more points. Each event lasts a certain time in the real world (e.g. 8 hours) and, if you close the game and leave the character to act alone, it will complete the objective exactly in the expected time.

However, to do more quickly, you must  interact with your better half: and every single action will reduce the time in which the event will be completed (e.g. from 8 hours it will go to 7 hours and 45 minutes). The basic actions cost one or two energy points and always hit the mark, but they take relatively little time from the total amount, while the risky actions cost three energy points but they make the event much faster.

The maximum number of energy points that the character can have is set at 30. They can be earned simply by exiting the game and leaving the character alone (in this way you will recover about 10 energy points every half hour), going to sleep on the bed either by going to the  bathroom (e.g. to the toilet you can recover 2 one-off energy points every 2 hours, in the shower you will recover 5 every 5 hours) or by using the cupcake element . The latter is often given at some points of the adventure or can be purchased at the cost of 15 SimCash.

The SimCash are the virtual play money, which can be obtained either by looking at the advertising (accessible through the mailbox of your house in the game) or shelling out real money (from € 5.49 for 250 SimCash up to 109.99 euro for 7,500 SimCash). Another method of earning cupcakes is to watch the aforementioned commercials, but finding this item is quite rare.

Learning to manage energy points is therefore of fundamental importance if you don’t want to spend real money. You must therefore keep the bathroom and bedroom well-kept and play sessions that are not too long , in order to let your virtual avatar “recharge your energy”. In short, arriving at the moment of the wedding is not easy and surely, in the best of cases, you will have to commit yourself for over 8 hours of play diluted over several days, if you do not want to take advantage of the microtransactions.

The chapters of the relationship are 10 and each of them has two phases: one in which you have to accumulate a predefined number of relationship points (e.g. 500) and one in which you have to spend some time with your better half to go to the level following.

In both cases, the method to follow is the same: you have to converse, play and laugh with your partner until the time reaches zero. To do this, press on the icon above the head of your sweetheart and select one of the many conversation possibilities , always keeping in mind the cost in energy points required that appears on the screen and the number of event points that that action generates .

The event points obviously serve to speed up the progress of the meetings, as already mentioned above. You will have to continue in this way up to the 7/8 level of the relationship , to unlock the possibility of marriage.

Once you get to that point, you will need to press on the furniture icon on the bottom right, purchase the aforementioned “ Night ” set and place the three related elements in the home garden (perhaps by purchasing the adjacent land). After that, you will have to converse with your sweetheart and select the item Start the event! linked to ” Propose marriage “.

This will trigger a four-hour event, which you will have to complete as usual. Once finished, you will have to approach your sweetheart again and select the item Set the wedding date . At that point, tap on the sofa in your home and press on the item Choose invitations .

After that, tap on your partner and press on the item Start the event! linked to ” Something new “, then press on the item  Come on! . An eight-hour event will start: all you have to do is complete it as usual. At this point, you will have to continue in this way until you complete all the missions related to the wedding. In general, you will have to interact with the elements of the house or with your partner to kick off the events.

In case you can’t figure out where to go to complete a certain mission, click on the Calendar icon on the bottom right and tap on the “ ? ”In the wedding mission box (the one that gives you a Bridal Suite as a reward). The game will provide you with all the information you need to complete that chapter of the mission. The plot will take you directly to the chapter ” Let’s start the wedding “, in which your virtual avatar will get married.

In case you are unable to get married through these missions, try tapping on the wedding arch , and see if there is the item ” Married to … “. In that case, tap on it and press on the name of your better half. Once this is done, by pressing on the item OK , you can attend the ceremony. Here’s how to get married in The Sims Mobile. Seen? It was not difficult!

How to get married quickly on The Sims Mobile

How do you say? You don’t have much time and would like to get to enjoy the wedding moment in The Sims Mobile in the shortest time possible? I’ll settle for you right away: here are some suggestions in this sense that will certainly be useful to you.

First of all, I advise you to choose a flirting relationship , that is, one that requires the least number of interactions to get to the wedding. Although neglecting a friendly or provocative relationship can make you lose interesting implications in the plot, I assure you that the time required by the flirting relationship is less than all the others.

Another interesting aspect is to exploit the ” dangerous actions ” during interactions with your partner during the events: they require a cost of three energy points, but they can also reduce the time needed to complete an event by several tens of minutes . In short, it is often worth it.

As for the meetings with your sweetheart, the advice is to always carry them out at home , so as to have the bathroom  and the bedroom nearby to recover energy if necessary. You can invite your partner to your home whenever you want, by pressing the Sim icon on the bottom left and selecting the Socialize item below the love story icon that appears on the screen.

For the rest, the ideal solution for events is to start with many basic actions (those that cost a point), up to the moment when the dangerous action bar is close to the smiley face: in this way, you will have more chance that your better half will have fun and let go.

As for the management of energy points , I recommend you organize each game session in this way: start a long event, spend all the energy points in interactions with your partner, go to the bathroom or to bed to recover some energy points through the WC, shower or bed, spend these last points in other interactions with your better half and exit the game , so that both your virtual avatar and the elements of the bathroom and the bed are recharged.

If you have a cupcake , always use it and never buy a new one: during the game you will be given multiple objects of this type and therefore I invite you to take advantage of those. Finally, it could be very helpful to start an 8-hour long event before going to bed in the real world, so that the next morning it completed itself and your character also recovered all the energy points.

I assure you that following this technique you will arrive in no time to obtain the requirements for the wedding. To complete this last action, I suggest you follow the procedure that I illustrated in the chapter on getting married on The Sims Mobile .