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How to get likes on Instagram

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How to get likes on Instagram: Have you also let yourself be taken by the Instagram craze and want to let as many people discover it as possible? Do you love sharing your photos and videos online and are you looking for a way to increase their visibility? Yup? Well, sorry, there are no magic recipes to get your images in the ranking of the most viewed photos and videos on Instagram. If you want, however, I can give you some suggestions to make your shots and videos more “attractive” and get them noticed by the public and, consequently, to try to have likes on Instagram.

In the following lines I will therefore go to show you everything that in my humble opinion you can do to be able to increase the number of likes for your photos. If you are wondering, keep in mind that you will not have to do anything particularly complicated and that the tips I am about to give you can be put into practice by everyone, even by the less tightened in new technologies and by those who have approached the world of photography. just for pleasure.

So if you are really interested in finding out what you can do to be able to get likes on Instagram I suggest you take a few minutes of free time, get comfortable and concentrate carefully on reading the lines of this tutorial. We bet that in the end you will be able to tell yourself more than satisfied and that at the first good opportunity you will also be ready and willing to explain to your friends eager to obtain a similar result how to increase the number of likes?

Take beautiful and interesting photos and videos

It may seem trivial to say, but the fundamental principle that leads to discovering how to get likes on Instagram is to publish beautiful photos and videos and interesting. This does not mean that you have to attend a photography or video maker course or become a professional photographer or director but simply that you have to learn how to use the filters included in Instagram well and make the topics on your profile varied.

Have you taken ten beautiful photos of the flowers in your garden? Don’t publish them all. Choose the most beautiful, make it unique with the filters and editing tools built into Instagram and share it. Leave the others in your personal archive and, at most, publish another one a few weeks after sharing the first one. The same concept applies to movies.

I also suggest you set aside the special function attached to Instagram to take photos and record videos and take your shots using the app Camera available “standard” on your smartphone and all the advanced features related to it. Alternatively, you could use a real camera (in which case you will then have to transfer the photos and videos you intend to share on your mobile). Later, you can select the photos taken and videos made “outside” Instagram by selecting them from the section Bookshelf of the app.

At this point, you may be wondering how to use Instagram and make the most of its filters. Press the magnifying glass icon located at the bottom left and browse the list of the most viewed photos and videos (the one in which you could end up too): you will surely find valid ideas on how to make seemingly trivial photos suggestive thanks to the effects included in the app.

How to get likes on Instagram

If you prefer, you can also view the list of the most popular contents on Instagram via the website Iconsquare which allows you to access Instagram from a computer (if you remember well I talked about it in detail in my guide on how to use Instagram on a PC). All for free, of course.

In general, try to choose carefully and accurately the filters to apply to your photos and videos, making sure that they make your shots even more inviting and captivating and selecting those most appreciated by other users. Using a filter capable of enhancing your work in the eyes of others can contribute, and not a little, to increasing the number of potential users of interest to your profile and, consequently, to your shots and your videos, keep it in mind.

Make the most of hashtags

Another fundamental element that can help you get likes on Instagram are the hashtag. In fact, like Twitter and Facebook, even on Instagram there are hashtags that can be included in the descriptions of the photos to “label” them and link them to certain topics. The same thing can be done with movies. In this way, the likelihood that strangers (i.e. not your followers), looking for photos and videos related to a certain theme (eg flowers, animals, cities, etc.), find what you share and put a nice like.

Be careful though. Contrary to what we read around, inserting a lot of hashtags in the descriptions of your photos and videos does not help to send them in the ranking of the most viewed images and videos. In fact, Instagram uses an evaluation algorithm such that if you increase the hashtags (and therefore the chances of finding the photo and video from other users), it takes a greater number of likes to make the shots and videos reach the “front page “. The same goes for followers: the more followers you have, the more likes it takes to get a photo or video in the ranking. But that doesn’t matter to you if your target is likes.

In short, it uses hashtags in an intelligent way. Use a few (ten should be more than enough) and always relevant to the photo you are publishing, do not insert them at random based on the trends that are on the Internet. It could even be counterproductive.

In case you missed something, to associate a hashtag with an Instagram photo, all you have to do is type it in the description of the image or video. For example, if you took a picture of the beach and the sea where you spent part of your hours in the summer you can enter your description normally and then add a hashtag such as #sea. Similarly, you could use the name of a city in an outdoor shot, and so on.

How to get likes on Instagram

To find out which are the most popular hashtags of the moment you can use the website All Hashtag, which shows what are the most used hashtags on Instagram regarding a certain topic. The service is free and it is not necessary to register in any way to use it. Alternatively, you can contact Top Hashtagan Internet site with almost the same functioning as the one I have just indicated.

How to get likes on Instagram

Also considering the fact that most of the hashtags are in English to be able to get likes on Instagram I suggest you not only carefully select the terms with which to mark your shots and your videos but also to include those in a foreign language.

Take advantage of the social “side”

Last, but not least, there is the factor “Social”. Instagram is, in fact, a social network open to other platforms that requires interaction between users. Then use the buttons of other supported social networks to share your shots and videos on other social networks and find people who post interesting content and then become their followers and comment on their shots and their videos.

To connect your Instagram account with Facebook, Twitter and / or other supported social networking services, press the little man icon which is located at the bottom right of the main menu of the app. Then, select the gear icon located at the top right, go to the menu Linked Accounts attached to the section Settings and select the social network of your interest from the list of social services available. After providing the authorization for the publication of the photos and videos on the other social Instagram, it will automatically post your content on the latter as well. All you have to do is take your photos normally and select the buttons referring to the social networks of interest at the time of publication.

How to get likes on Instagram

To become a follower of the people of greatest interest identified on Instagram, just connect to their profile and tap the button follow which is placed at the top, nothing else.

For the publication of your photos and videos on Twitter and Facebook you can also use IFTTT (if you remember well I also talked about it in my tutorial on how to download photos from Instagram). This is a free application available for Android and for iOS which allows you to automate the interaction between all the most popular Web services.

After downloading the app on your smartphone, create your free account on IFTTT and access the screen with the “recipes” (the scripts that allow interaction between the various Web services) by first pressing the mortar icon placed at the top right and then on the one in the shape of +. He then presses on the magnifying glass icon and looks for terms like instagram twitter or instagram facebook to access all the recipes that allow you to automatically post Instagram photos and videos on various social networks. When you find a script that interests you and that you want to activate, press it and then tap the button Add to activate it. Easy, don’t you think?

How to get likes on Instagram

Doing so it is certainly not excluded the hypothesis that with the passage of time you will be able to establish some friendship with other users of the famous app having the same interests as you (for example the love for a certain country, the passion for the kitchen or the one for movies) and with which to make guest posts, or photos and videos exclusively on your account, returning the favor if necessary.