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How to get help in Windows 10

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How to get help in Windows 10: You recently bought a new computer with Windows 10, all happy with what you started to “fiddle” between the system settings, the files and the various programs installed but in the end you realized that you had messed around a bit too much and now you would like to understand how to cope with it. I’m wrong? No, here it is. Well, then why don’t you try to solve by turning to integrated Windows assistance? If you want, I can provide you with all the explanations you need.

Probably not everyone knows it but Windows 10 integrates more than one assistance system through which you can get immediate help regarding what are the most common difficulties related to the operation of the OS. In short, a sort of internal guide relating to all the functions and features of Windows. In addition to as I have just indicated, you can contact the company’s customer service directly or, furthermore, request remote assistance on your PC, having a friend not physically present next to you control the computer remotely. If, on the other hand, you need to receive more details regarding the operation of a given software or a specific app, just press a special button to immediately receive all the necessary explanations. Further information regarding the use and operation of Windows 10 can also be obtained by searching directly online, in the appropriate section attached to the Microsoft website, but in this case it is no longer a “standard” solution. Either way, it can come in handy.

Then? Did I convince you? Yes? Very well! So let’s move on to the action! Take a few minutes of free time all for yourself, make yourself comfortable in front of your beautiful PC and read carefully here my guide entirely dedicated to how to get assistance in Windows 10 . You will see, in the end you will be able to say that you are happy and satisfied with what you have learned and also I am sure that if necessary you will also be ready to provide explanations in this regard to all your friends who need to receive a similar tip. Let it bet?

Get help through Cortana

How to get help in Windows 10

The first and most practical way to get assistance in Windows 10 is to rely on Cortana , the virtual assistant from Microsoft that you can “query” directly from the OS taskbar.

So, any doubt you have about the use and operation of Windows 10, to find answers you just have to click on the search box attached to the Windows 10 taskbar , type your question or otherwise it is the words reference key and consult the results of the research carried out. If you want, instead of writing you can also use the computer microphone to dictate your request. To do this, just click on the microphone symbol , attached to the search box.

You will then see the list of relevant results appear directly in the Star t menu . In the upper part you will find the best matches  for what you have typed or dictated. Then there is the section Can I help you? that if clicked it gives you step-by-step indications (in short, a bit like my tutorials!) about any operations to be performed and then there are all the other search results that can refer to apps, files, documents and so on and searches coming directly from the web.

You select the result that you think is most related to your needs. In some cases you may find yourself directly in the presence of the Windows 10 settings, in others you may instead see a mini guide directly in the Start menu and in others still the File Explorer, a specific app or the default browser may be opened to consult online correspondences.

Get assistance through Assistance

How to get help in Windows 10

Another way to get assistance in Windows 10 is to refer to the Support app  – as can easily be deduced from the name – which, in addition to providing textual solutions taken from the Web, allows you to get in direct contact with Microsoft’s customer service.

To use it, click on the Start button (the Windows flag located at the bottom left of the taskbar) and open the Assistance app . Once the relevant screen is displayed on the desktop, type the keywords related to your problem in the appropriate box and click the Next button at the bottom. Then select the reference product from the drop-down menu that is proposed to you and specify the additional details required through the other drop-down menus that you see appearing gradually.

Then consult the results available online, those found in the Try this content section of the Guide , or contact Microsoft directly by selecting one of the options available in the Get more support section .

Based on what your preferences are, you can choose whether to receive a call from Microsoft support ( Call or Schedule a call ), whether to chat with the support of the company ( Chat ) or whether to get in touch with the community ( Ask to the community ). In all three cases, keep in mind that you need to log in to your Microsoft account (if you haven’t already done so).

If you have chosen to receive a call from Microsoft, specify your phone number and, in case you have chosen to schedule a call, also the time of preference for receiving it. If, on the other hand, you have chosen to contact the company’s assistance via chat, wait a few moments for the window to start the conversation to be loaded and for an assistant to appear online to meet your needs, while if you have chosen to rely on the community, wait that the default browser is opened in order to start searching through the various discussions on the web or to insert a new one yourself.

Get help through Quick Help

How to get help in Windows 10

If you need, you can get assistance in Windows 10 even by contacting a friend, remotely. To do this, just take advantage of the remote assistance system, called Quick Assistance , attached to the system.

To servile, click on the Start button (the Window s flag you have in the bottom left corner of the taskbar), select the Windows Accessories folder and then click on Quick assistance . Then click on the item Request assistance in the window that appeared on the desktop.

Meanwhile, your friend will have to call the same tool on his computer but, once the Quick Assistance window appears on the desktop, he must select the Offer assistance option , he must log in to his Microsoft account (if he has not already done so do so) and will have to communicate the six-digit security code returned by the system.

You will then have to type the code that has been provided to you in the appropriate empty field on the screen, you will have to click on the Send button and you will have to wait for the connection to be established between your computer and that of your friend.

When you see the message appear, the  user will be able to see your files and control your computer. Do you trust this person and want to allow them access to your computer? on the desktop click on the Allow button and wait a few moments so that the connection between your computer and that of your friend is established.

For the duration of the session, at the top of the screen there will be a small toolbar visible with the words Screen sharing activated .

Attention: Request assistance on your PC with Windows 10 installed as I have just indicated to you only to the people you know well and whom you have extreme trust. If you grant remote access to any malicious people, they could take total control of your computer and use it just as if they were sitting in front of it. So … watch out!

Get assistance in software and apps

How to get help in Windows 10

Can’t understand where there is a specific command related to the use of a software or an app and would you like to receive a little help? In this case, I am happy to inform you that you just have to press a special button on the keyboard to consult the relative guide and it is done.

To be exact, all you have to do is bring the program or app window to the foreground for which you need assistance, press the F1 key on your computer keyboard and wait for the help window to appear on the desktop. If a number is also associated with the F1 key, remember to simultaneously press the Fn key .

However, keep in mind that each program has its own help window. Consequently, if for example you press the F1 key on your computer keyboard while the Google Chrome window is in the foreground to receive help with the operation of the latter, a new tab will open with the navigator guide inside the browser itself.

In addition to pressing the F1 key , the guide relating to the use of a given software or a given app can usually be called up by accessing the relative menu and then selecting Help or Help items .

Note: Although the guide for the use of a specific software or a given app is almost always available, there are also programs for which it cannot be called. In this case, if you need specific help you can refer to the support section generally present on the official website of the reference program.

Online support

How to get help in Windows 10

As I said at the start of driving, wanting to get help regarding the use and operation of Windows 10 also visiting the section dedicated to the support of the website of Microsoft . Just search for the info you need from the various online guides or ask the community and it’s done.

Going more specifically, what you need to do is connect to this page of the Redmond company website, indicate the product for which you intend to receive assistance (eg Windows or Microsoft Edge ) by selecting the relevant icon from the list below item For which product do you need assistance? (if you cannot see the product you are interested in, click on the link below View all Microsoft products to view them all) and then indicate the relevant category and topic among those proposed to you on the new Internet page that will be loaded.

If you want, you can also contact the community, then other users like you, by clicking on the Ask the community link located at the top of the main page of the support section of the Microsoft website. Then click on the reference category among those present under the Browse categories item and then select the relevant topic. Then you will find yourself in front of a page containing questions, discussions and forum articles that you can freely consult based on what your needs are.

If you want, you can also use the search bar located at the top of the main page dedicated to Microsoft assistance through which you can find solutions not only among the available topics but also within the community. Just type in the keyword relating to the help you need, select the relevant suggestion (if available) and then click on the result that interests you among the various that are proposed to you.