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How to get free skins on Fortnite Xbox One

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How to get free skins on Fortnite Xbox One: Are you an avid gamer of Fortnite up Xbox One and you feel the need to personalize your virtual avatar, to give it a unique touch that best represents you. In this regard, you have heard about the possibility of getting costumes on Fortnite, but you don’t know how to get them for free.

How do you say? That’s the way it is and you wonder, therefore, how to get free skins on Fortnite Xbox One? In that case, let me clarify all your doubts about it: during the next chapters of this tutorial, I will tell you about the solutions available to you to get these game objects without putting your hand in the wallet … or almost.

Having said that, if you are now curious to find out more and, if you can’t wait to start, sit comfortably and take a few minutes of free time. Read carefully the tips I am about to give you and put them into practice, to achieve the goal you have set yourself. At this point, there is nothing left for me to do, except to wish you a good read and, above all, have fun!

Have free skins on Fortnite Xbox One

Have free skins on Fortnite Xbox One

If you wonder how to get free skins on Fortnite for Xbox One, I guess it’s because you want to change the aesthetic aspect of your character using the costumes present in the game. In this regard, you must know that the only methods that allow you to obtain objects dedicated to aesthetic modification require you to play the two game modes of Fortnite (Battle royal or Save the world), as they allow to obtain i V-Bucks, that is the virtual game currency needed to buy the Skins in Shop Objects.

Having said that, as I will explain in more detail in the chapter dedicated to scams, be wary of third-party services that promise free skins as a gift: these are scam attempts or scams of various kinds, intended only to steal users’ data and / or money.

Play Fortnite Royal Battle

Play Fortnite Royal Battle

The first solution I want to talk to you about get free skins on Fortnite for Xbox One is the one that requires you to play the mode Battle royal: This game mode is free (although to play it on the Microsoft console you need to have a subscription to the service Xbox Live Gold, whose cost starts from € 6.99 / month) and, following the PVP clashes with other players and the related level increases, allows you to get rewards.

For example, coming to complete the seasonal tiers of Free Pass, are awarded as a reward i V-Bucks, through which you buy the Skins in Shop Objects. The cost of a skin is, on average, around 1,200-1,500 V-Bucks.

I remind you, however, that to get bigger rewards, you need to buy the Battle pass or the Battle Bundle (950 V-Bucks is 2,800 V-Bucks): thanks to these services you get exclusive skins, as well as a greater number of V-Bucks as a reward, upon passing the levels.

The Battle pass or the Battle Bundle they are, therefore, a useful investment to obtain faster i V-Bucks necessary to purchase the skins. You can buy them directly in the game, through the menu Battle pass on the screen Lobby.

You don’t own i V-Bucks necessary for the purchase of Battle pass or del Battle Bundle? In that case, you can buy them for a fee, as I will explain in a chapter dedicated to the topic.

But if you don’t want to spend money, my suggestion is to keep i V-Bucks received with the Free Pass, in order to accumulate them and spend them on the purchase of these services.

Playing Fortnite Save the world

Playing Fortnite Save the world

As I have already explained, the Skins up Fortnite are obtained by purchasing them through V-Bucks. Having said that, it is clear that, to get them for free, you have to make sure you accumulate as many as possible V-Bucks possible.

In this regard, a solution that allows you to obtain the largest number of V-Bucks is to play the mode Save the world Fortnite: this is a paid PVE game mode, which can be purchased through the Microsoft Store Xbox at a cost of € 39.99 (Standard founder package) or at the cost of € 59.99 (Deluxe founder package).

If you have already purchased this game mode, to get i V-Bucks, you have several solutions at your disposal: the daily login, the completion of the Daily assignments and overcoming missions Anti-Storm shield defense.

For more information on this, I suggest you read my guide on how to get free V-Bucks on Fortnite, in which I explain in detail how to get this popular virtual game currency.

Purchase V-Bucks

Purchase V-Bucks

In the previous chapters of this guide I told you about what are, at the time of writing, the only useful solutions to get skins on Fortnite for free, or almost.

I remind you, however, that you can also get the game costumes at payment, by purchasing i V- Bucks necessary to obtain the Skins. In this regard, you must know that i V- Bucks they can be purchased both in free mode Battle royal than in paid mode Save the world Fortnite.

The cost of V- Bucks it depends on the number of virtual coins you want to buy: for example, 1,000 V-Bucks they cost € 9.99.

Purchase Xbox One Bundles

Xbox bundle

A useful alternative solution to having Skins for free on Fortnite for Xbox One is that relating to the purchase of bundle from Microsoft regarding new versions of the console.

For example, at the time of writing this guide, the Xbox One S bundle (1 TB) Fortnite Battle Royale Special Edition which, at a cost of € 299.99, allows you to get a console Xbox One S purple color with matched controller, the game Fortnite Battle Royale, the Skin Dark Vertex is 2000 V-Bucks.

Beware of scams!

Epic games

Finally, I want to give you some recommendations to help you not run into scams. In fact, I absolutely recommend you to be wary of third party websites that promise to give Skins or V-Bucks by clicking the link, As it concerns computer fraud, as the developers of Fortnite up Twitter.

In this regard, you must never enter the email and password of your account Fortnite on unofficial Internet sites. In case you have any doubts about the reliability of a website, I suggest you take advantage of Trustpilot: a useful web service that serves for detect fake sites.

In addition, to protect your account Epic Games, it is recommended to activate thetwo-factor authentication: it is a system that allows you to associate a disposable code to your account which can be obtained via email or through an authentication app (for example Google Authenticator for Android is iOS), allows you to securely access your account.

To activate it, connect to your account Epic Games from Fortnite official website and, in the section Password and security, enable two-factor authentication via the app (Activate the Authenticator app ) or by email (Enable email authentication). In this regard, for more information about it, refer to my guide in which I explain how to protect your Fortnite account.

In case of problems regarding the security of your account Epic Games, do not hesitate to contact Fortnite technical support, in order to solve the problem as quickly as possible, relying on the support staff.