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How to get free items in Rocket League

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How to get free items in Rocket League: Rocket League is one of those online video games that have made in-game elements their fortune. In fact, in the course of the last generations of consoles, the videogame world has been “overwhelmed” by a new trend: that of aesthetic objects, or skins and the like, which can be conquered or purchased with real money to embellish your character, or vehicle. .

Epic Games has shown that it knows how to do it in this: just see the success of Fortnite. It does not therefore seem to be a coincidence that the title of Psyonix also ended up under the protective wing of the well-known software house. In any case, aesthetic elements are often associated with micro-transactions, but in reality it is not always necessary to shell out real money to get them. For this reason, since you are reading this guide and your interest is to find out how to get free items in Rocket Leagueknow that this is absolutely feasible.

The methods to do this are certainly not lacking, and in this tutorial I will analyze all the mechanics proposed in this regard by the game. I can assure you that the guide can be completed in no time: just follow the quick instructions below. There is nothing left for me to do, except wish you good reading and have fun!

Preliminary information

Before going into the details of the procedure on how to get free items in Rocket LeagueI think you might be interested in learning more about this game mechanic.

Well, you must know that within the Psyonix title it is possible to obtain several aesthetic elements. A few of the most popular examples: by unlocking a certain object, in the space allowed at the end of the game it is possible to let money.

There is no shortage of gods hair to be placed above the car, for example to “celebrate” a birthday, eyeglasses And custom wheels of various types. This just to give you some concrete examples, but clearly I only skimmed the surface of the elements present.

In any case, just open the game, press the button first GARAGE and then on the button INVENTORY MANAGEMENT to find all objects already at your disposal: as you can see, the categories they are many.

Objects they have no real gameplay impact: these are simply aesthetic elements, which allow you to customize your car. I remind you that in Rocket League there is essentially a single car, which can be modified, for example, by means of bodywork.

Some users claim that some of the latter change certain “statistics”, but in reality this is not made explicit by Rocket League. In any case, I can assure you that these elements do not upset the game, especially if you are not a Pro Player.

Rocket League Garage

In short, within the title of Psyonix it is possible to obtain useful elements for change the “look” of your car. In this context, you will surely have noticed that some elements, for example the projects to have the body shops, may require the use of credits, or to go through micro-transactions.

However, you need to know that in reality many items can be had without paying a cent of real money. How? I am going to explain everything to you in the course of this tutorial.

How to get free stuff on Rocket League

Now that you know the situation in general, I’d say it’s time to take action and find out what the methods are intended for get free items on Rocket League.

Rocket Pass

Season 3 Rocket League

The main way to get free items is to go through free version of the Rocket Pass.

As you can guess from the name, it is a system similar to the one that has become particularly popular over the years due to games like Fortnite.

Put simply, the title of Psyonix features so-called Seasons. Each Season has one limited durationusually a few months, and allows you to get rewards whenever the player’s account levels up. As is often the case in this type of video game, Rocket League features both a Paid passwhich allows you to get a large number of rewards, both of a Free passwhich offers free items only occasionally.

To be clear, if the paid Pass gives an item for each level reached, the free Pass provides rewards, for example, every 3 levels. However, the frequency with which free items are “given away” is not actually fixed, as you may not receive rewards for a while and then get “more than expected” at some point.

To see what are the active rewards when you are following this tutorial, you just need to go to the main menu of the game and press the button ROCKET PASS. You will then be able to see all the rewards offered by the Current season.

Rocket Pass Rocket League

The top row refers to Premium rewards, i.e. the paid Pass, while the bottom row refers to items obtainable for free as you level up within the game.

It is difficult for me to go into detail about the rewards offered in this way by the Rocket Pass, since obviously the situation is constantly evolving. However, generally the Free Pass gives away both certain aesthetic objects relating to the current Season that dei finds.

In case you didn’t know, the latter are nothing more than gods “speakers” which contain within them objects of various rarity. To find out more, once you have obtained a find, I advise you not to open it immediately and instead go to the section GARAGE> INVENTORY MANAGEMENT of the game.

In fact, by going to the tab dedicated to finds and selecting one of the latter, on the right you will see what rarity the items can be present inside the drop. In this way, you will be able to fully understand what the colors used by the game.

Rare find Rocket League

In any case, the rarity of the items in general can be common, Uncommon, Rare, Very rare, Import, Exotic, Limited, Premium or Black market. In short, as often happens in video games of this type, the elements obtainable in-game can have a certain type of rarity.

In any case, if you have doubts about this possibility, I recommend that you refer to my tutorial on how to open the finds on Rocket League, in which I have further explored the topic.

Matches, challenges and exchanges

Rocket League match

An interesting possibility offered by Rocket League is that relating to obtaining free items simply by completing matches and challenges.

In fact, sometimes the Psyonix title offers free items, which can go beyond those offered by the Rocket Passsimply at the end of a game. For example, gods are sometimes provided projects in this way.

In any case, obviously it’s not enough just to play to get as many rewards as possible, as it is possible to try to “Earn” more findsthat is the “crates” that contain objects, completing the challenges proposed by the game.

There are two types of challenges available: weekly and seasonal. To see what are the “missions” proposed by the game currently, just press the button VIEW CHALLENGESpresent on the main screen of the game.

Rocket League Challenges

After that, you will have the tabs available CHALLENGES And SEASON. On the first screen you can see what the “Missions” related to this week. There are both free and premium challenges – you obviously aim for the former if you want to get items for free.

In any case, the challenges, which often also guarantee finds (in addition to experience), they can also be very simple. For example, you may be prompted to use quick chat to say “What a game!” or “What a parade!” in an online game. In short, I advise you to always keep an eye on this section.

As for the seasonal challengeson the other hand, the latter often require a little more effort. For example, you may be required to perform 35 epic saves or parries in online matches. However, obviously in this case you will have more time to complete the “missions”.

For the rest, another method that can allow you to get items for free is the exchange mechanics. To be clear, you can “Discard” 5 elements of the same rarity that you don’t need to get a new item of the same rarity.

Rocket League Exchange

There is also the possibility of carrying out online exchanges, but in this case it is always a lottery. In any case, if you are interested in this possibility, I recommend that you refer to my tutorial on how to trade on Rocket League, in which I have illustrated the situation well.

Promotional initiatives

Twitch Prime Rocket League

How do you say? Have you heard that at certain times you can get free items in Rocket League in other ways as well? They did not lie to you: I will immediately explain the situation!

Well, the title of Psyonix obviously is constantly evolvingalso given the mechanics of the Seasons. For this reason, it is not uncommon, also given the popularity obtained by the video game, that some promotional initiatives which allow you to get free items in Rocket League.

To give you a concrete example, as you can see on the official website of the gamein the past some free rewards to those who had Prime Gaminglinked to the ad Amazon Prime.

Of course, the possibilities of this kind remain active only for a certain periodtherefore it is difficult for me to provide you with concrete indications regarding any promotional initiatives currently available.

However, if you want some advice, you’d do well to keep an eye on it page dedicated to the news of the official Rocket League portal. In fact, developers always use the latter to communicate game-related news.

For the rest, since you usually play the Psyonix title, I would recommend that you take a look at the page on my site dedicated to Rocket League. In fact, in the latter you can find other tutorials related to this video game, which could also contain interesting ideas for your sessions.