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How to get a free certified e-mail

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How to get a free certified e-mail: A friend of yours mentioned to you that some regulations regarding the PEC have changed and that this has become mandatory for the Public Administration, for companies (including individual ones), as well as for freelancers enrolled in orders or colleges . This news has put you on a bit of alarm, from the moment you don’t have a certified e-mail box and you don’t know how it works. Intending to fill this gap of yours, you rushed to look for more information about it and then you came across this tutorial of mine, which you are now reading.

Well, if that is indeed the case, and you are wondering how to get a free PEC , you will be pleased to know that you have come across the right tutorial. The  PEC  (acronym for Certified Electronic Mail ) is an electronic mail service through which it is possible to send and receive official communications with legal value equal to a registered letter with return receipt (if these are sent by PEC to PEC). Unfortunately, however, there is no completely free PEC so, in the course of this guide, I will first of all show you how the PEC works. I will also tell you how to get it for free for a limited time, thanks to the offers of the major platforms that make it available for purchase.

Now that you’ve clarified this topic, can’t you wait to get started? I can imagine it, so I recommend that you sit comfortably in front of the computer. Take a few minutes of free time, so that you can carefully read the information that I will give you in this tutorial of mine and you will see that, at the end of the reading, you will be able to fill all your doubts: shall we bet? Have a good reading.


How the PEC works and how to get it for free

If you want to know more about how a PEC works, the first thing you need to know is that this is in some ways similar to a normal mailbox. In fact, to use Certified Electronic Mail, it is not mandatory to download a software for its management, as it is usually possible to access it via Webmail and therefore via a browser.

However, if you find it convenient to use a client for managing your mail, such as Outlook , Thunderbird or Mail , you will be pleased to know that, to configure it, you just need to know the POP3 or IMAP parameters, which are provided by the provider that offers. the certified electronic mail service. Furthermore, PEC emails can also be read from smartphones or tablets, as in some cases there is a dedicated application or in any case it is possible to access the Webmail service also via a mobile browser.

Basically, what differentiates a PEC from a traditional email is its sending and receiving system, which is precisely certified. The messages sent from a PEC mailbox to another PEC mailbox have in fact the same legal value as a registered letter with return receipt, since, at the time of sending, a notification is received that certifies the sending and also a notification which certifies the receipt of the email by the recipient.

Having made these important premises on the functioning of the PEC, it must also be specified that, since 2013, this is a mandatory tool for companies and optional for private citizens. For the latter, however, it can be useful for sending official emails, as an alternative to registered mail with return receipt.

In addition to what has just been explained, I must also specify that, at the time of writing this guide, it is possible to obtain a free certified email  only in some cases and, above all, only for a limited period of time.

Until recently, there was a free PEC service offered by the Government but, since 2014, this is no longer active. Only in some cases the companies that offer paid plans for the purchase of the PEC provide free trial periods. In this regard, if you want to evaluate the purchase of a PEC mailbox or get it as a free trial (where possible), pay attention to the following lines, as I will tell you in detail about the best offers dedicated to certified mail.

PEC with free trial version

In the following lines, I will show you the companies that currently offer the activation of a Certified Electronic Mailbox with a free trial version.


The first service to be evaluated is the one offered by LegalMail , which concerns the activation of a free PEC for 6 months, after which there are several plans with an annual subscription. The PEC Silver plan , for example, allows you to obtain an 8 GB PEC mailbox, includes the security archive, access to the mailbox from mobile devices and SMS notifications. The cost is € 39 + VAT per year, after a trial period of 6 months .

The other subscribable plans are the  PEC Bronze package , which costs € 25 + VAT per year, and the  PEC Gold package, which costs € 75 + VAT per year. These two include, respectively, a 5GB and 15GB PEC mailbox and also security archives, SMS notifications and access from mobile devices.

To purchase a PEC with LegalMail , connect to the official website of this service and press the Try for free button , in order to start the activation of the Certified Electronic Mail box.

Then check the availability of the domain, using the text field on the screen and click on Check . Proceed now by creating an account or entering the data of an existing one to complete the activation of the PEC with the free trial version. If you then want to use a client for managing e-mail, configure the PEC, using the POP3 or IMAP parameters that you can find in the official LegalMail guide , by clicking on this link .


Another service that allows you to obtain a free PEC , even if for a limited period of 6 months, is the one offered by which offers a 2 GB PEC mailbox. At the end of the trial period, the Agile PEC package is renewed at a cost of € 33.90 per year including SMS notifications as a service and access also from mobile device. In case of non-renewal, you have to pay € 9.90 as a setup fee.

In addition to Agile PEC , it is possible to purchase Unica PEC which includes a 3 or 5 GB PEC box with all the previously mentioned services. The cost in this case is 43 € + VAT per year.

If you want to get this PEC for free for the established trial period, connect to its official website and click on the Free 6 months button . On the next screen, accept the terms and conditions of the service by placing the check mark on I expressly accept the following clauses relating to the services purchased and click Proceed , in order to create an account and continue with the activation.

Also, if you need to configure the PEC in a client, refer to the configuration parameters that you find at this link on the official website.

Other PEC services

Now I want to talk to you about some PEC services that do not provide a free trial version, but still have valid tariff plans for the purchase. I’ll tell you about it in detail in the next few lines.


PEC Aruba

The well-known Italian company of Web hosting, cloud and online practices Aruba also has subscription plans for the purchase of a PEC mailbox, all including legal validity, non-repudiation of messages sent / received, high security standards (antivirus and antispam multiple, blocking of unsafe attachments, secure communication protocol TLS 1.2 and compliance with the GDPR rules on the processing of personal data) and validity for the digital home (mandatory from 1 October 2020 for companies and professionals, to receive communications from the PA).

The service is accessible directly from the browser, through the new generation Webmail with a renewed interface and many Smart functions (including viewing and printing of electronic invoices received); moreover it is accessible from the mobile app for Android and iPhone / iPad having the possibility to exploit also many advanced features, and from any third-party email client (by configuring the account via IMAP protocol ).

The available plans are as follows: Standard PEC (5 euros + VAT / year the first year and then 7.90 euros + VAT / year) which includes a 1GB mailbox with unlimited traffic, 24-hour assistance, receipts for delivery / non-delivery, notifications via email, the possibility of receiving non-certified emails, filters and message rules. It supports messages with a maximum size of 100MB and with a maximum of 500 recipients in a single sending.

A step up there is PEC Pro (25 euros + VAT / year) which includes a 2GB space box with all the advantages of the Standard plan plus notifications via SMS and 3GB security archive; finally there is the PEC Premium plan (40 euros + VAT / year) which brings the space for the archive to 8GB. Alternatively, it is possible to purchase a PEC account on a domain for 7.90 euros + VAT / year.

To purchase a PEC mailbox with Aruba , connect to its official website and press the Buy button , then follow the instructions on the screen relating to activation, after creating an account or logging in with your pre-existing login data.


Among the most popular certified e-mail services, there is the one offered by Poste Italiane, PosteCert . This subscription is designed primarily for individuals or for those who do not need to use the PEC account frequently, since the storage space is just 100 MB and it is only possible to send a maximum of 200 emails per day. The price of this package, called PEC Base Privati , is € 5.50 + VAT per year and the mailbox can be renewed for a period of between 1 and 3 years.

In addition, there are also plans designed for business users: the one called PEC Base Business and the one called Advanced Business PEC . The first includes at least 5 PEC accounts of 1 GB of space and allows only 200 daily mailings, the second, on the other hand, offers the possibility of obtaining at least 5 mailboxes for a duration ranging from 1 to 3 years and for the possibility of keep notices and receipts.

The prices of the certified e-mails dedicated to business users are not indicated, as interested parties must contact the PosteCert sales office. The certified electronic mail service of Poste Italiane does not allow you to obtain a free trial period, consequently, if you are a private individual and wish to purchase Private PEC Base , connect to the official Poste Italiane website and press on Buy online , in order to log in with the account registered on the official Poste Italiane website.

As for the PEC configuration parameters via IMAP or POP3 protocol, refer to the data indicated on the official Poste Italiane website .


Another company that provides a certified e-mail service is Libero , which offers several subscription plans designed for individuals or companies.

Libero’s PEC is called PEC Mail and its cost is € 25 + VAT per year. Mail PEC is designed for companies, as it offers unlimited space for archiving messages, while individuals can turn to the Libero Family PEC offer which, on the other hand, includes only 1 GB of space at a cost of € 9.90 ( VAT included) per year. As with most PEC mailboxes, these are also accessible from mobile devices, as the user interface of the management panel is optimized.

Libero PEC does not include a free trial period, so if you want to buy it, connect to its official website and press the Activate immediately button , then log in with your Libero account data, or create a profile, by clicking Register . If you want to know the configuration parameters of Libero’s certified e- mails , refer to the information contained on this page which refers to the official website.

Kolst PEC

The offers of the Kolst company are also to be taken into consideration for the purchase of a certified e-mail box. There are in fact 3 subscription rate plans, which are suitable for those with basic needs. I’ll tell you about it in detail in the following lines.

The Smart package costs € 5 + VAT per year and includes a PEC with 1 GB of space accessible via Web Mail, an unlimited notification and sending service. Then there is also the PEC Dominio 5 , which increases the storage space to 5 GB and costs € 10 + VAT per year. Finally, the Domain 10 PEC account requires the payment of 30 € + VAT per year but offers 10 GB of storage space.

The packages mentioned do not provide for the activation of a trial period and are valid only for the first year. Subsequently, the renewal price for the service is € 6 per year for PEC Smart , € 20 per year for PEC domain 5 , € 40 per year for PEC domain 10 .

To buy a PEC Kolst connect to the official website and press the Buy button , then verify the domain and complete the activation by following the instructions that are shown on the screen. If you need to configure the PEC on an e-mail client you can refer to the parameters indicated in the guide published on the technical support page .

Article created in collaboration with Aruba.