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How to get a blue check on Instagram

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How to get a blue check on Instagram: You use social networks on a daily basis and, over time, you have managed to become quite popular on Instagram. For this reason, you would like to formalize your profile with the fateful blue tickbut you don’t know how to do it.

Don’t worry: if this is the way things are, know that I am here to help you and to explain to you like having a blue check on Instagram. In the next chapters of this tutorial, therefore, I will provide you with all the information relating to the necessary requirements to be able to verify your profile, in order to protect you from any people who could pretend to be you on the social network.

Then I will explain how to send the formalization request to the Instagram team and I will also provide you with some alternative solutions to be implemented, if the social network decides not to formalize your profile. How do you say? Is that exactly what you wanted to know? Very well! Then take a few minutes of free time and follow my instructions: you will find everything explained below.

Requirements to have the blue check on Instagram

Before explaining yourself in detail like having a blue check on Instagramlet me explain better what the acclaimed blue tick is, how it is obtained and what are the necessary requirements to have it.

Well, the blue check that you can see in correspondence with some Instagram profiles (precisely next to the account name) is nothing more than a verification badge which formalizes the identity of a particular account.

Initially, the verification badge was given directly by Instagram to public figures, to profiles attributable to famous brands, etc., in order to allow users to easily distinguish the official profiles of the latter. However, starting from 2018, the photographic social network has opened up to everyone the possibility of requesting the officialization of their profile.

Obviously, sending the request does not offer the mathematical certainty that it will be positively received: far from it. The last word, in fact, belongs to the Instagram team who sift through each request received, to decide what to do, and obviously the badge is issued only to accounts that meet certain standards of popularity and quality.

In short: to get the blue check, the profile must be that of a public figure, a celebrity or a brand. Alternatively, it can also be the profile of a company or a digital influencer / creator, provided that the activity carried out is considered to be of public importance. Having clarified this, let’s see how to proceed.

How to get the blue check on Instagram

Verify Instagram account

To submit the request for the formalization of your profile on Instagram by starting the official app of the social network for Android or iPhone (at the time of writing, the Web version of the social network does not offer the possibility to send the request to verify the profile), by accessing your account, pressing the icon of thelittle man (or on the thumbnail of your profile) located in the lower right corner and tapping onmenu icon located at the top right.

Then press on the item Settingsgo up Account> Request verification and, in the screen that is shown to you, fill in the text field located under the heading Name and surname, providing your name. Once this is done, press on the item Type of document and select the type of document you want to upload (eg identity cardthe passportthe driving licenseetc.) for identity verification, by pressing the button Choose file.

This is necessary as it allows the Instagram team to evaluate your request and verify your identity. In fact, even a simple photo of the document in question is enough: the important thing is that your photo, your name, surname and date of birth are clearly visible.

After carrying out this operation, specify the additional information requested, confirming that your account is of public interest: specify, therefore, the category (for example news / media or government and politics) and possibly describe the people who follow your account (public).

Optionally, you can add more information about the public relevance of your account by adding link to articles or social media accounts that demonstrate your public relevance.

When you are done, press the button Send which is at the bottom and that’s it. Now all you have to do is wait: the Instagram team will evaluate your request and, if they deem it appropriate, add the verification badge to your account.

How to buy the blue check on Instagram

Lots of Instagram logos

You wonder if it is possible buy the blue check on Instagramin order to be sure of obtaining the verified profile within the social network?

In this case I must inform you that the answer is negative since the only way to obtain the verification badge on Instagram is to send the request to the multimedia social network team, as explained in the previous chapter.

In this regard, moreover, I invite you to stay away from any websites or apps that promise to guarantee the official status of your paid profile, as surely it is scams or scam attempts, which could seriously compromise the security of the your account (as well as your finances).

Officialize the Instagram profile in an alternative way

Officialize the Instagram profile in an alternative way

Did you send the request for the officialization of your profile to Instagram and got a negative response? In this case, you should consider making your Instagram account official in an alternative way.

For example, you could switch to a corporate Instagram account to add the link to your official website (if you don’t have one, find out now how to create it), so as to allow other users to understand if the profile is really yours or not.

In this regard, you must know that carrying out this operation is very simple: all you have to do is pick up your smartphone Android or iOSstart the Instagram app or log into Instagram via the its official website (or using his application for Windows 10 and later and follow the instructions below.

Once you have displayed the main screen of the social network, tap the button with the little man symbol (or on the thumbnail of your profile picture), in order to go to the section of yours profile. Once this is done, press the button Edit profile and, in the screen that opens, you can customize yours name and surnameyour username and yours website: all you have to do is insert the link to your website in the appropriate text field and that’s it.

You can also fill in the text field Biography by inserting the link to other social networks and, why not, also add the phrase Official profileso as to allow other users to immediately identify your real Instagram account.

Also, I recommend that you set one category for your account (for example digital creator, blogger, Journalist or artist), in order to make it immediately clear to your followers that your account is of public relevance.

When you have finished editing your profile, click on the button endat the top right, to save them.

Report unofficial Instagram profiles

Account reporting

Have you finally managed to get the blue check on Instagram? Very well, I can only be happy! In this specific case, I also advise you to take care of report any unofficial Instagram profiles (if any).

By the way, if on Instagram you come across a fake profile (maybe someone pretending to be you or a famous person you know), you can report it through a special function made available by the photographic social network. Acting in this way, in fact, you will help the Instagram team to implement the measures for the removal of these unofficial profiles.

To report a fake account on Instagram, you can act through the social network app, in a very simple way. Alternatively, you can also report a profile using the Instagram official website or using theapplication for Windows 10 and later.

To do this, start the Instagram app on your device Android or iOS or log in to Instagram from PC.

Once this is done, go to the profile that you believe is violating community guidelines. Then press the button (…) located at the top right and, in the menu you see on the screen, tap the button Report (Report userfrom PC).

At this point, tap on the wording Report Account and choose your options Pretends to be someone else> Me, in case the user pretends to be you. Alternatively, you can select options someone I know, a famous person or public or A company or organization.

Once you have made this choice, click on the button Send report and wait for the social network team to analyze your report, taking any measures.