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How to forward a message on Facebook

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You received a message on Facebook that you think a friend of yours might also be interested in and you want to “turn it over”? I bet that until today you have always copied the content of the message, started a new conversation with your friend and pasted the text to “turn” in the newly opened discussion. Did I guess? I knew it.

Well, know that you have made so much effort in vain. You may never have noticed it, but Facebook integrates a message forwarding function that, just like with e-mail, allows you to “forward” messages to recipients other than the original ones without having to make unnecessary copy-and-paste. If you want to find out how e how to forward a message on Facebook, follow the directions I am about to give you.

The first step you need to take to learn how to forward a message on Facebook is obviously to open the message to be forwarded. Then go to the section Messages of your Facebook profile, by clicking on the cartoon icon located at the top left, and click on the conversation you want to forward (if displayed in the box that opened) or on the button See all messages to view all the conversations saved in Facebook and select the one to forward.

When the conversation is open, all you have to do is click on the gray button Actions located at the top right (the one with the gear icon next to it) and select the item Forward … from the menu that opens. Then indicate the message (or messages) to be forwarded, placing the check mark in the selection box that appears on its left, and click on the button Forward (located at the bottom of the page) to confirm the selection.

At this point, a box will open with all the selected messages and the text field to indicate the people to forward them to. Then make sure that the messages shown are actually those you have selected, type the name of the friend (or friends) to whom you want to forward the conversation in the field TO: and click the button Send to forward messages.

If you want, you can type an introduction message to the conversations forward in the field Message:, in this way you will be able to better understand to the people to whom you have “forwarded” the messages why you did it. That’s all! Time to discover the function for forward a message on Facebook and your conversation will already have arrived in the messages section of the friends you have turned it to. That’s right, easier done than said!