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How to format Windows 8 without CD

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How to format Windows 8 without CD: For several days now your computer with Windows 8 installed has started to give you several problems. Your computer expert friend suggested that you try to cope with it by formatting the PC but you, despite having taken the lead straight, have not yet taken steps to work because you do not have the OS installation diskette? If the answer is yes, first of all know that formatting Windows 8 without CD is possible and that I can explain how to do it, step by step.

Before you can be alarmed and think about the worst, however, I want to clarify right away that contrary to appearances, formatting Windows 8 without CD is an operation that is quite simple to perform even for those who, a bit like you, are not a great expert in made of new technologies.

Clarified this if you are therefore interested in finding out what are the steps that you need to perform in order to format Windows 8 without CD I suggest you take a few minutes of free time, sit comfortably in front of your computer and concentrate on reading the next lines. I am sure that in the end you will be able to tell you more than satisfied with the result and that you will also be ready to say loudly that formatting Windows 8 without CD was actually a breeze.

Before showing you everything you need to do to be able to format Windows 8 without CD, there is one thing you need to know. Considering that the formatting procedure goes to irretrievably delete all the data on the computer I suggest you make a  backup  of what you think is most appropriate before formatting Windows 8. If you do not know how to do it and want to know more about it you can read my guide on  how to make backups .

Also keep in mind that in order to format Windows 8 without CD you can act in two different ways depending on what your possibilities and needs are. If you can access all the features of the operating system without problems you can format Windows 8 without CD by acting directly from the PC Settings section of the  OS while if for any reason you cannot do this or much more simply if you prefer an alternative method you can succeed in your intent even resorting to the use of a simple USB stick . The decision, of course, is up to ste. However, know that in both cases the end result is practically identical.

Format Windows 8 without CD from PC Settings

If you want to understand how to format Windows 8 without CD you can use the appropriate function attached to the PC Settings section of the operating system. To do this, first access the Windows 8 Start Screen , then click on the search field located at the top right, type PC settings and then press on the first result that is shown in the list.

Screenshot showing <a href=><noscript><img class=Now click on the Update and restore item located at the bottom left and then select the Restore option  from the side menu.

Screenshot showing <a href=><noscript><img class=Then click on the button  To start  located under the words  Remove all and reinstall Windows . Then choose whether to format Windows 8 without CD by removing only your files (this is the recommended operation in most cases) or to perform a complete cleaning of the drive (it is a procedure to choose if you want to resell the computer) and click on the Reset button   to start reinstalling the operating system.

Screenshot showing <a href=><noscript><img class=The procedure for simple formatting takes at least 15–20 minutes, the more advanced one can go on for hours. However, you will not have to do absolutely anything, you will simply have to wait for the computer to restart with the new installation of Windows ready (almost) for use.

When the computer restarts, wait for the initial configuration of the devices to be carried out, then follow the initial configuration procedure of Windows 8 that displays on the screen. Then choose the name you want to assign to the computer, the color you want to use as the background of the Start Screen, the settings referring to updates, those relating to file sharing and all the other settings. If you prefer to use the default settings, click the Use quick settings button  .

At this point, to complete the procedure by which to format Windows 8 without CD, insert your Microsoft e-mail address (Live, Hotmail or Outlook). The Microsoft e-mail address is essential in order to use the cloud features of the operating system. If you are not interested in synchronizing data and apps between multiple PCs via Microsoft cloud services, you can decide to use a standard local user account by clicking first on  Log in without a Microsoft account  and then on  Local account .

Finally, enter the username and password you want to use for your user account on the PC. If you entered your Microsoft e-mail address in the previous step, the username and password for the account on the PC will be the same as the access data of the e-mail address. To conclude the procedure, click on the Finish button  . You will be able to start using the system after a short presentation of its features.

Keep in mind that if you intend to format Windows 8 without CD, avoiding deleting your data saved on the hard disk and your applications, you can opt for an alternative, so to speak, more “soft” than what has already been seen. To do this, locate the item Reinitialize the PC keeping your files  attached to the Update and restore section of PC Settings  and then press the button To start . Then click first on  Next  and then on  Reset  to restart the PC and allow Windows to restore its settings to the initial state.

Screenshot showing <a href=><noscript><img class=Format Windows 8 without CD from USB stick

If it is your intention to format Windows 8 without CD using a USB stick, the first thing you need to do is to obtain a  pendrive  of at least  4 GB  (empty or otherwise without important files inside since it will be formatted!). You also need a special free utility  distributed directly by Microsoft thanks to which you can create USB sticks to install the famous operating system. 

So get a USB stick as I have already indicated, then  click here  to connect to the Microsoft website to download the program I was talking about. When the download is complete open, double clicking on it, the file you just downloaded and type in the product key of your copy of Windows 8.


Then connect the USB stick to the computer, indicate that you want to create a USB drive for the installation of the operating system and then follow the instructions on the screen to complete the procedure. Then wait for the files to finish copying.

Know that the procedure of creating the USB stick by which you can then format Windows 8 without CD could take a long time. It all depends on the speed of your Internet connection. Once the process is finished you can use the stick you got to boot and to format Windows 8 without CD on your computer.

To install Windows 8 then close the Microsoft utility window that you used to create the pendrive with the operating system and restart the computer without removing the stick. If you intend to format Windows 8 without CD using the pendrive in question on another computer, just insert the latter into one of the USB ports of the PC on which you want to act when it is still off and then turn it on by pressing the appropriate button present on the case. Proceeding in this way should automatically start the procedure by which you can install Windows 8 from USB.

In the event that the procedure to format Windows 8 does not start automatically and the copy of Windows already installed on the PC starts normally, it enters the BIOS and changes the boot order by setting the USB port as the first device following the instructions in my guide on  how to set the BIOS .

BIOS screenshot

Once the procedure to format Windows 8 without CD has  started, select  Italian from the drop-down menu relating to the item  Language to be installed  attached to the window that is shown on the screen, then set  Italian (Italy)  from the drop-down menu relating to the item  Format hours and currency.  and then select  Italian  from the Keyboard layout or input method pull-down menu  . Then click first on the Next button   located at the bottom right and then on  Install .

Windows 8 installation screenshot

Now type the product key of your copy of Windows 8 in the appropriate text field and click Next again  . Then accept the conditions of use of the operating system by placing a check mark next to the item  I accept the license terms , and click once more on  Next .

At this point click on the Custom item  , select the drive on which you want to install the system, select the option  Drive options (advanced)  and then press on  Format  to format the selected partition. Then click on the Next button   to start copying the Windows files to your PC. After a few minutes the PC will reboot itself.

Windows 8 installation screenshot

At the first access to the system you will then be offered the initial Windows configuration procedure in which to choose the settings relating to time zone, user account and Internet connection. The steps you need to perform are practically identical to those already seen in the previous lines, when I explained to you how to format Windows 8 without CD by acting from the Windows settings.

Once you have completed the procedure to format Windows 8 without CD and once you have installed the operating system again, you can finally resume using your computer as usual.