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How to flash notifications

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How to flash notifications: You hardly consult your smartphone when you are busy; moreover, to avoid disturbing those around you, you tend to turn off the ringer often and forget it off. Result? Dozens of calls and messages – even urgent ones – unanswered throughout the day. You would like to prevent such a situation from happening again: for this reason you are looking for a silent system different from the classic notification LED (which you can barely see), which can alert you to the receipt of a phone call or a message.

In this regard, you will be pleased to know that, with a very specific procedure, it is possible to make the flash of the camera lights up when a warning is received and, I’ll tell you more, doing it is really simple: the apps and settings suitable for this purpose are disarmingly simple and everything can be put into practice even by those who, like you, he is not so familiar with smartphones and technology in general.

How do you say? You really like the idea and, at this point, you can’t wait to find out how to flash notifications of your device? Then do not delay any longer and read carefully everything I have to explain on the subject: I am sure that, in a few minutes, you will have perfectly mastered the techniques suitable for achieving the goal you have now set for yourself. Happy reading and good luck!

How to flash notifications on Android

Since Android is an extremely widespread operating system and heavily modified by manufacturers, the steps to be taken to activate the flash lighting upon receiving a sound notification may vary from one device to another.

Some editions of Android, such as the variant of the operating system without customizations (present, for example, on devices Pixel of Google and on the phones of the line Android One) and the one in use on the devices Huawei they do not present any option dedicated to the purpose; however, as long as the device is equipped with LED flash, you can easily deal with this by using an app that can introduce this behavior.

One of the best third party apps for flash Huawei notifications and, in general, to all Android devices (regardless of the OS edition installed), it definitely is Flash 3, available both on the Play Store than on alternative stores for devices without Google services. Basically, Flash 3 is a free app, but there is also VIP version, which costs € 0.99 and allows you to eliminate advertising banners (in any case not at all annoying).

To be able to install the app, locate it in the reference store of your device, touch the button Install and, when the download is complete, press the button You open or start the app from the application menu.

Once this is done, move up ON the lever located at the top of the screen and touch the button Allow, to ensure that the app can manage phone calls (essential if you want the LED flash to light up when calls and SMS are received).

Following activation, Flash 3 will offer you a series of settings to adapt its operation to your needs: by acting on the levers proposed, you can therefore choose whether to enable the flash also for the app and SMS, as well as for calls, and whether to flash it or not while using the phone.

In the first case, you will be asked to authorize Flash 3 to access notifications from other apps: press the button OK, move up ON the lever corresponding to Flash 3, visible in the panel that appears later and, finally, touch the button Allow, to provide the necessary permissions and return to the app.

Also via the main screen of Flash 3, you can select the type and speed flash (tap the button Test to see a preview); the number of flashes to be performed upon receipt of a notification; whether or not to enable flash in mode ringtone, vibration or silent; whether to disable the flash lighting when the battery is low or, again, whether to disable it at specific times (such as from 22.00 to 07.00 in the morning, for example).

Finally, if you want the style of the flashing flash on receiving notifications to be different from the one that lights up when receiving a call, tap on the item Advanced settings, move up ON the lever corresponding to the item Set a separate blink style for messages, app notifications (SMS & app) and set the style you want, using the options that appear below.

On some variants of Android, Flash 3 may stop working, due to the automatic closing of non-essential background apps: to prevent this from happening, go to the menu Settings> Apps and notifications> Show all apps> Flash 3 of Android, tap the items Advanced> Battery> Battery optimization and touches the voice Don’t optimize, to exclude the app from the list of those that are closed automatically.

However, keep in mind that Flash 3, like all other apps of this type, requires access to calls and other sensitive aspects of the phone and may hide privacy issues; furthermore, their operation could adversely affect battery life. Therefore, my advice is to use them only if actually necessary.

If, on the other hand, you have a device Samsung or one Xiaomi, you will be pleased to know that it is possible to make the LED flash light up when a call or notification is received, without resorting to third-party apps: the necessary, in fact, is already present in the operating system.

How to flash Samsung notifications

How to flash Samsung notifications

To be able to activate the flash lighting when receiving a phone call on smartphones Samsung, first access the Settings of Android, by tapping on thegear placed on the Home screen or in the drawer of the device, touch the items Accessibility And Advanced Settings / Advanced Features and locate the item in the panel that appears Flash notification.

Now, move up ON the lever corresponding to the item Camera flash, to make the flash blink when a phone call or notification is received and tap the button Preview, to test its operation. If you wish, you can also enable the lever located next to the option Flash screen, to cause the display to light up bright yellow when a notification is received. More info here.

How to flash Xiaomi notifications

How to flash notifications

If, on the other hand, yours is a smartphone Xiaomi, you can enable LED flash notifications only when a call is received: to do this, tap the button Settings, located on the Home screen or in the drawer of the device, touch the item App and reach the sections System app settings And Call settings.

Now, tap on the option Incoming call settings and move up ON the lever located next to the item Flashes when it rings: By doing so, the camera flash will blink when a call is received.

In the current state of things it is not possible, at least not natively, to enable the LED flash for all other notifications: to do this, it is essential to use a third-party app such as Flash 3, which I told you about in the beginning of this chapter.

How to flash iPhone notifications

How to flash iPhone notifications

If yours is a iPhone, you can make the LED flash light up when a notification is received using a special feature built into iOS and activated with disarming simplicity.

To get started, touch thegear located on the Home screen or in your phone’s App Library, so you can access Settings operating system, tap the item Accessibility, locate the section Hearing and touches the voice Audiovisual content, visible inside.

To activate the flash lighting when notifications are received, you just have to move the lever corresponding to the item LED flash for warnings in place ON and, if you want the LED flash to light up even when the “iPhone by” ringtone switch is set to Silent, move from OFF to ON the lever next to the wording Flashes with Silent.

From this moment on, the flash will light up when it receives alerts from apps for which sound notifications are enabled; for this reason, if some applications do not cause the phone to light up, you may need to re-enable audio alerts for them.

You ask me how to do it? Again, it’s very simple: open the Settings iOS, go to the menu Notifications and, after selecting the first name of the “problematic” app, move from OFF to ON the lever placed in correspondence with the item Sounds. More info here.