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How to fish on Animal Crossing

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How to fish on Animal Crossing: In the end, you decided to join the world of Animal Crossing and you’re starting to understand how to play Animal Crossing properly. In no time at all, you were able to create new objects, meet new inhabitants and ensure a constant income thanks to the turnips sold by Brunella.

During your exploits, you have noticed that the manager of the museum on your island, Blatero, has filled an entire sector of his building with dozens and dozens of tanks, intended for the display of all the species he has fished. But in these tens, if not hundreds, of hours spent on Animal Crossing, no inhabitant has ever mentioned the possibility of catching fish from the sea.

No problem! By reading these few simple steps, I will show you all the secrets about how to fish on Animal Crossingto be able to definitively complete your museum exhibition.

How to fish in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

In this first part of the guide, I will explain to you how to fish in Animal Crossing: New Horizonsthe title of the series released in 2020 on Nintendo Switch. I’ll start with the basics and show you some tricks for getting the rarest sea creatures around. Are you ready? Yup? Then I’d say we can get started.

How to get a fishing rod in Animal Crossing

To be able to fish in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you will need the right equipment, necessary to attract and capture the creatures of the sea. I’m obviously talking about one fishing pole, the main tool of any self-respecting fisherman. You can get a fishing rod creating it in a workbench or buying it from the workshop of Mirco & Marco.

If you intend to create a fishing rod using the work table, know that there are two types of this object: the fragile fishing rodbuildable with 5 branches that you can find on your island, and the fishing rodachievable by combining its more fragile version with a iron ore (object that you can find by breaking the rocks with theax or the shovel).

Also, once you have all the fish in the game, you can get the DIY pattern for the golden fishing rodobject able to last much longer.

As for the fishing rods that can be purchased in the shop, in addition to those already mentioned, from time to time the shop of Mirco & Marco will sell a fishing rod with a particular design, which can add a little more style to your look. Once you have purchased the fishing rod that best suits your needs, you are ready to begin your first fishing session.

How to catch fish in Animal Crossing

Fishing result for a fish in Animal Crossing

Catch a fish in Animal Crossing it is not such an arduous undertaking, indeed. Head to one mirror of water, like a river, a pond or the very shore of your island; then open theinventory (by pressing the key X controller) and select the fishing pole (by pressing the key TO). By pressing the key again TO of the pad you will launch the fishing rod towards the water and, with the right precision and timing, you will be able to attract the attention of a fish.

Once attracted the attention of the creature, the latter will approach the bait and start hitting it. After a few seconds of waiting, the fish will bite; at this point quickly press the A key, in order to prevent the prey from letting go. With any luck, your character will pull the hook out of the water and show you the fish you caught, commenting on what happened with a pun.

Another factor to take into consideration, especially when you have a fairly large amount of fish collected and you will start to find some duplicate copiesAnd the shadow of the fish. You can consider the latter as a preview of what you are going to fish, making you understand the size of the specimen that appeared.

Before proceeding with the next chapter, I would like to clarify that there are several areas in which it is possible to fish and each of these can bring up some types of creatures that are impossible to find in other areas.

For example, the ponds scattered around the island may contain fish such as carpi killifish or even the frogscannot contain creatures like theayu or the Apalone Ferox turtle present in the river. Likewise anchovies, hippocampus or eels will appear exclusively within the sea surrounding your island.

How to fish for sharks in Animal Crossing

Shark fishing result in Animal Crossing

In addition to the fish listed above, there are several types of “special creatures”, much rarer than all the others. I’m obviously talking about the sharks, the predators of the ocean. The procedure that will allow you to fish one of these sea beasts is not that different from the one listed above, but it is good to point out some differences that will allow you to spot (and attract) these creatures much more easily.

First of all: pay attention to their shadow. While most fish before capture are marked with a shadow that does not spread too far to show further visual detail, sharks are characterized by a much bigger shadow and by the presence of a dorsal fin which leaves little room for imagination. This rule also applies to other creatures such as eelscharacterized by a longer shadow than the others.

As mentioned at the beginning of the chapter, creatures such as sharks are quite rare to find, however an Animal Crossing: New Horizons game event in particular can increase the chances of encountering more specimens consecutively: the rain. In fact, during rainy days, the chances of encountering a shark while fishing from the shore of the beach will increase.

Another piece of advice I can give you is to suggest the use of baits, items that can instantly make a random sea creature appear, but which can also be used to increase the chances of a shark appearing. Creating a bait is very simple thanks to the workbench of the Service Center. The only material needed for the creation of a bait is the Filipino clamavailable digging with shovel on the sand of the beach. Finally, just like other fish, sharks are also divided into various species, and each of them can appear at different times of the year and season.

How to join the Animal Crossing Fishing Tournament

Beaver in Animal Crossing

Sure, the mechanics of fishing are needed to deliver the fish and sharks to Blatero to increase the collection of specimens inside the museum, but the cute owl isn’t the only character interested in your marine adventures. During the second Saturday of the months of April, July, October and Januaryyour island will see the arrival of a particular visitor: Beaver.

During his stay on the island, Castorino will organize a big one timed fishing competition and will be giving away various themed items. Castorino will remain in front of the Service Center for the whole day, from 09.00 to 18.00allowing you to take part in the race even during the afternoon.

Once you have interacted with Castorino, you can choose whether or not to give up the competition, which you can face either alone or with your friends. The rules are pretty simple: every player has 3 minutes to catch as many fish as possible; each fish will increase the final score which, at the end of the competition, can be used for purchase the items offered by Castorino.

In addition, the sympathetic visitor who is passionate about fishing will be willing to buy any fish in the game at a far higher price than what Mirco & Marco would offer you. Among the most profitable fish are: the oar fishthe blue marlin and the golden trout.

How to dive on Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing dive

Starting with the update 1.3.0 of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Nintendo has added the ability to dive on the seabed to get not only new creatures to exhibit, but also new valuable items. In order to dive, again you will need to make additional purchases and procure yourself a diving suit.

The latter can be purchased within the Workshop of Mirco & Marco or through the distributor of the Service Center. In addition, you can further customize your look by purchasing a mouthpiece it’s a swim cap inside the tailoring of Agostina and Filomena.

Once ready, head to the shore of the beach and keep walking towards the sea and press TO. After a few moments, your character will start swimming and you can finally explore a part of the water that surrounds your island. Unlike fishing, you will not need other objects to collect what is on the bottom of the sea – all you have to do is head to the bubbles that will appear in the sea and press the button Y of the pad to dive.

As with the previous methods, with the right timing you will get creatures like starfish And scallopbut also rare materials such as pearlsnecessary for the creation of many themed DIY projects.

How to fish in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Animal Crossing: New Leaf cover

If you are in possession of Animal Crossing: New Leafthe chapter of the series released on in 2013 Nintendo 3DS, do not worry. Most of the steps listed in this guide can also be applied in this game. Unlike in New Horizons, in New Leaf fishing is allowed not only within your city, but also on the island of Remo and his family. To get to this place, head to the port of your city and pay the price of the ferry.

Remember to buy the fishing pole from the Mirco & Marco shop before proceeding further. Also, unlike New Horizons, the fishing rod it can never breakallowing you to try again and again without the fear of having to buy it back after a dozen attempts.

How to fish in Animal Crossing: Wild World

Animal Crossing: Wild World cover

Despite its limited capabilities, even the chapter Animal Crossing: Wild World for Nintendo DS has its own collection of fish and sharks to collect, with an almost identical functioning to its successors. Head to the shore of the beachselect the fishing pole using the touch screen and press the button TO towards the water, to attract the attention of the fish.

As in the case of Animal Crossing: New Leaf, also in this case the fishing rod will be indestructibleso have fun filling your inventory with carp, shrimp And catfish