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How to find Samsung

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Have you just bought a Samsung smartphone and are you afraid of losing it? Don’t worry, Samsung devices are equipped with two free anti-theft systems, one from Samsung and one from Google, which allow you to locate the device remotely and give it remote commands, such as locking with a security code. or to format the contents of the memory.

Unfortunately, these are not foolproof solutions: in fact they only work if the phone is switched on, connected to the Internet and with the GPS active (circumstances that are difficult to realize in the event of the theft of the phone), but in the event of a simple loss of the mobile phone they can be of extraordinary utility. So, what do you think? Are you ready to find out in more detail how they work? If your answer is yes, take five minutes of free time and read on.

Below you will find explained how to find Samsung using the anti-theft systems included by default in the Korean company’s smartphones and, if these are not enough for you, find the links to download some anti-theft apps that allow you to have greater control over the phone. I’m sure that after becoming familiar with all these solutions, you will come out with a much clearer mind about the fate of your beloved smartphone!

Find Personal Device

Find Personal Device is a free anti-theft service offered by Samsung that allows you to locate, and therefore remotely control, devices that have been stolen or lost. It is very useful, but like all services of this type it has major limitations, in the sense that it only works if the device to be tracked is turned on, connected to the Internet and with the localization functions active. If these conditions are not satisfied (which is very likely in case of theft), the localization cannot be carried out.

That said, to use Find Personal Device, you must first make sure that both the location services and the Samsung services are active on your smartphone (including, precisely, the anti-theft one). To carry out these checks, access the device settings by pressing the gear icon located at the top right of the notifications menu, then go to Privacy> Location and make sure that the position lever is active (otherwise activate it yourself) .

Now you need to verify that Samsung’s services are active. Then go to the Settings> Account menu and, if it is not already present, configure a Samsung account by pressing first on the Add account item and then on Samsung . If you don’t have a Samsung account yet, you can easily create it using your email address or your Google account : just select one of the two available options and fill out the registration form by entering your password and date of birth.

How to find Samsung

Next, go back into the settings menu , go to Screens. lock and security , select the item Find my device and, if required, log in to your Samsung account . Once logged in, make sure that the levers relating to the options Remote controls , Google location and SIM change alert are active (if not, activate them yourself) and that’s it. If available, it also activates the Send last position function which allows you to know the last known position of the smartphone before it is turned off.

How to find Samsung

Perfect! Now you can locate and control your Samsung device remotely simply by connecting to the Samsung Personal Device Finder site , first clicking on the Login button located at the bottom left, then on the Login button and logging into your Samsung account.

If this is your first time using the service, you will also need to accept its terms of use by checking the three options I accept the Terms and Conditions and clicking on the Accept button located at the bottom right.

How to find Samsung

Now, if your smartphone is still on and connected to the Internet, you will see its geographical position appear on the map and, thanks to the buttons located on the right, you can control it remotely: by clicking on Activate the device ringtone you can make the device ring for approx. 1 minute to attract the attention of bystanders; by clicking on Lock device you can lock the phone with a security code (and, if you want, a personalized message to be displayed on the lock screen), while clicking on the Reset my device buttonyou can format your smartphone and delete all the data inside it. Use this function only in desperate cases, i.e. only when you believe you can no longer recover the device, as activating it you will lose the ability to locate the device a second time.

By clicking on the More button you can access other useful functions, such as Extend battery life which limits the phone’s use of the battery to a minimum in order to make it locatable as long as possible, Retrieve logs to retrieve the list of recent calls and Unlock device to remove lock screen settings and allow other people to use your phone (useful if, for example, your phone has already been retrieved by a friend and you need to let them use it).

How to find Samsung

Depending on the model of your smartphone, among the available options there may also be some to block the device from turning off , block Samsung Pay and make a backup of the device . To view the complete list of available commands, click on the Remote Controls item located at the top right and expand the drop-down menu that appears in the center of the screen.

How to find Samsung

Note: if your device is not currently online, you can still give it remote commands that will be executed by the device as soon as it comes back online (assuming it comes back online).

Android Device Management

Samsung smartphones have two free anti-theft systems included “as standard”: one is Find Personal Device which I just told you about, the other is Android Device Manager , which would be the Google anti-theft service included by default in all Android terminals (all those that support Google services at least).

The operation of the Android Device Manager is quite similar to that of Samsung’s Personal Device Finder, in fact it allows you to locate the device on a map and remotely control it by blocking it, making it ring or formatting it. To use it, the phone to be located must have GPS, Google services and an Internet connection active.

To verify the activation of the location services you must do as explained above. You must then go to the Android settings (by pressing the gear icon located at the top right of the notifications menu), then you must go to Privacy> Location and move the position lever to ON . To check the activation of Google services, however, you have to open the drawer (the screen where there are all the apps installed on the device), open the folder dedicated to Google apps and select the Google Settings application .

In the screen that opens, go to Security and, if necessary, activate the levers relating to the functions Locate this device remotely and Allow remote blocking and erasing . If you do not yet have a Google account configured on your device, go to the Settings> Account menu , press the Add account button , select the Google logo from the screen that opens and log in to your Google account. If you don’t have a Google account yet, create one by pressing on the appropriate item and filling out the forms that are proposed to you. In case you need help with this, check out my tutorial on how to create a Google account.

How to find Samsung

Once the location services and Google services have been activated on your smartphone, you can locate it remotely by connecting to the Android Device Management website and logging in with your Google account.

So wait a few seconds for your phone to be located on the map and choose what to do: by clicking on the Make ring button in the white box located on the left, you can make the smartphone ring for a few seconds in order to attract the attention of bystanders; by clicking on Block you can lock the device with a security code and a personalized message to be shown on the lock-screen, while by clicking on Cancel you can command the formatting of the smartphone with the consequent cancellation of all the data in its memory.

Use formatting only in desperate cases (i.e. if you are afraid that you will never be able to recover your phone), as by starting it you will lose the ability to locate the smartphone in the future.

How to find Samsung

If you have more than one Android device connected to your Google account, you can choose which one to locate (and control) remotely by clicking on the gray arrow next to the name of the currently located device.

Finally, I would like to point out that if you do not have a computer at hand, you can also use Android Device Manager from other Android devices (smartphones and tablets) by installing the official Android Device Manager app . Its operation is identical to that of the web version of the service, so there isn’t much to explain.

App to find Samsung

Do the anti-theft systems included “standard” in your Samsung smartphone seem a bit too limited? I understand you. As previously mentioned, these are very useful systems in case of loss of the phone but less effective in case of theft of the device (when thieves, often and willingly, disconnect the smartphone from the network or turn it off to make it untraceable), but luckily there are more advanced alternative solutions.

How to find Samsung

  • Android Lost  – it is a free anti-theft app that allows you to locate your smartphone remotely, activate the GPS and Internet connection in case of deactivation, take photos remotely and control the phone via SMS so you can get feedback from the device even when the Internet connection is not available. It is very simple to configure but unfortunately its more advanced functions, such as remote GPS reactivation, are not compatible with all devices. 
  • Cerberus  – without a doubt one of the best anti-theft applications for Android, as well as one of the most advanced. It costs 5 euros / year but you can try it for free for 7 days. Among its most interesting functions are the remote location of the device, the control via SMS, the blocking of the smartphone shutdown, the possibility of taking pictures and making videos remotely, the automatic reactivation of the GPS in case of deactivation and much more. still. Some of the more advanced functions require the root.
  • Wheres My Droid  – another very interesting anti-theft application. It is freemium, in the sense that it is available in a free version which is limited to locating the phone on a map and controlling it via the Internet or SMS, but by paying you can get more features.

If you are interested in these alternative anti-theft solutions and want to find out in more detail how they work, read my tutorial on how to find Android: there you will find all the information you need.

What to do if your smartphone is stolen

How to find Samsung

If your Samsung smartphone has been stolen, don’t just lock it remotely. Instead, contact your telephone operator and request the blocking of the SIM included in the latter.

Then go to the competent authorities , file a report for the theft and contact your operator again to request the blocking of the stolen smartphone’s IMEI code . In this way you can inhibit its operation on the entire national network.

The blocking of the IMEI code must be requested through a form to be filled in online or sent by fax to the operator. For more information about it, read my tutorial on how to block stolen phone: there you will find illustrated in detail all the steps that you need to take after having suffered the theft of your phone.