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How to find out who deleted you from Facebook

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How to find out who deleted you from Facebook: Your friends list on Facebook it is getting thinner visibly. What happens? Is the famous social network of the Meta group suddenly losing part of its large number of users? Of course not: much more simply some of your contacts have decided to unsubscribe from their Facebook friends list without even warning you or explaining why.

I bet you would like to know now how to find out who deleted you from Facebook, but not being very familiar with the platform in question, it would be useful to help you understand how to do it. Well, you couldn’t have come to a better place! In the next chapters, in fact, I will show you how you can identify users who have decided to remove you from their Facebook contacts both by checking your friends list and by using third-party solutions (taking into account that the latter do not always work properly. ).

So tell me: are you still interested in knowing who “crossed out” you from their Facebook friends list? Well, then make yourself comfortable, take your time to read the following and, more importantly, put into practice the “tips” I will give you. With a little patience and a bit of luck, you will be able to find out who you don’t like on the social network founded by Mark Zuckerberg. Happy reading and good luck for your “investigations”!

Check your friends list

One of the easiest ways to know who has unsubscribed you from Facebook contacts is to check your friends list. Of course, this is a bit of a cumbersome procedure, especially if there are many users who you think have deleted you from friends, but it is certainly an effective solution. Here are all the details to do so.

From smartphones and tablets

Check Facebook friends list android app

You want to know how to find out who deleted you from Facebook by taking the steps necessary to perform this verification from one smartphone or a Tablet? All right, then start by starting theFacebook app (available on devices Android, including those without access to Google services and iOS / iPadOS) by tapping on his icon which you can find on the home screen or in the app menu.

Once this is done, press onicon of your profile picture at the top left (you can find it next to the entry field What are you thinking about?) and then click on the wording Friends (it is placed under the personal informations of your profile). At this point, make sure the option is selected All (if not, click on the relative button at the top), type in the field at the top the user’s name that you suspect has removed you from their friends list and, in the lower section of the screen, you will be shown the results of your search.

If the profile of the person you searched for is shown among the latter, it means that the user in question has not removed you from their friends. Conversely, if the wording is displayed No results found, the user in question has removed you from their friends.

From computer

Check Facebook friends list site

The same operation I showed you in the previous chapter it can also be accomplished from Facebook site or fromsocial network application for Windows (the steps below are valid for both).

Once you have opened one or the other and, if necessary, logged in with your access data, click on yours username located at the top left and then press on the item Friends located near yours profile photo (precisely among the items Information And Photo).

At this point, type in the field Near the user’s name that you think has removed you from Facebook and, if the search yields positive results, your friend has not deleted you from Facebook. If, on the other hand, you see the wording No results for: [nome utente cercato], the user in question has removed you from their friends.

Extensions to find out who deleted you from Facebook

Who Deleted Me - Unfriend Finder

Use of extensions for the browser is another solution you may want to consider if you want to find out who unsubscribed you from Facebook. Before explaining the operation of these add-ons for web browsing programs, however, I want to tell you that it is about unofficial solutions and which may therefore not always work correctly.

In addition to this, it should also be borne in mind that many of these extensions require theaccess to some personal informations present on Facebook, which could pose a risk to yours privacy. Furthermore, you will be able to trace the identity of those who deleted you from Facebook only after have installed the extensions (you will not be able to find out the identity of who has removed you from friends first installation of add-ons). All clear? Well, then let’s proceed.

One of the most used extensions to find out if a user has removed us from the Facebook friends list is Who Deleted Me – Unfriend Finder. It is a convenient and simple tool that allows you to clearly view both users who remove your Facebook profile from their friends list, and when you add new contacts as friends on the aforementioned social network. The extension is available for free for Google Chrome and for other browsers that are based on its own engine, such as Microsoft Edge, Opera And Vivaldi.

To add Who Deleted Me – Unfriend Finder to your browser, first connect to its page in the reference store of your browser, for example Chrome Web Store if you use Chrome, then click on the button add located at the top right and finally press on the item Add extension.

At this point, connect to the Facebook login page and log in to your account. Then click onextension icon (a little blue man with a red cross) located at the top right (up Chrome you may need to click on the del icon first puzzle piece shown at the top right to view it in the appropriate panel) and, in the new page that opens, provide the permissions of use extension by pressing on the appropriate button.

At this point, you will be shown the users who have deleted you from Facebook; you can also press the button Check again at the top to update the list. Pressing on the user’s name who removed you, you will be automatically redirected to his Facebook profile. By pressing, instead, on the items People I Deleted And Current Friends, you will be able to view respectively the users you have removed from your friends list and those who are part of it at the moment.

I renew the invitation to use solutions of this type only if strictly necessary and to remove them after obtaining the information you need: keep active unofficial extensions that require advanced privacy permissions (unless they are solutions from developers super trust) is never a good idea.

App to find out who deleted you from Facebook

Unfriend Finder For Facebook app

You would like to know who has you deleted on Facebook using your smartphone or yours Tablet? In that case you can use apps that allow you to do just that.

Again, it must be said that the result is not always guaranteed, as these are unofficial solutions, which among other things require access to some personal data concerning one’s profile, thus constituting a potential risk for privacy. In short, me I do not recommend using them and I take no responsibility for any problems with your Facebook profile after their installation.

In any case, try not to resort to the first solution of this type that happens to you: always check the reliability of the applications you intend to install by reading the reviews on the various stores or doing a specific search on Google). That said, if you really want to continue, let me show you a couple of them that seem to work (at least at the time of writing this tutorial).

Unfriend Finder For Facebook (Android / iOS / iPadOS)

Unfriend Finder For Facebook

One of the most used apps that let you know when a user deletes us from the Facebook friends list is Unfriend Finder For Facebook: it is a solution free (but contains advertisements), available for Android (also on alternative stores for devices without access to the Google Play Store) e iOS / iPadOS, thanks to which you will be able to discover the users who have deleted you from their contacts.

The app also provides the possibility of making optional purchases starting from € 0.99 per single item on Android and € 3.99 on iOS / iPadOS.

To install it on your smartphone or tablet, simply click on one of the links I gave you a moment ago and press the button Install / Get. Identity verification may be required on Apple devices.

Once this step is complete, open the application by pressing on its icon (a little man with the symbol -1 next to it) that you can find on the home screen or in the app menu. Once this is done, click on the button Continue with Facebook, then tap the button Allow all cookies and, in the next screen, make theaccess to your Facebook account by entering i login data in the appropriate fields and, lastly, press the button Log in.

At this point, in the main application screen (the one called Dashboard) you will be able to see the complete list of users who have removed you from Facebook. To update the latter, tap the button of the circular arrow at the bottom right. If you want find out who deleted you from Facebook in the past I would like to point out that you can view the users who have removed you from their friends list starting from the moment you installed the application.

Subsequently, once the latter has been present on your smartphone or tablet for a week or more, you can also view the users who have removed you from Facebook friends by going backwards a week or a month or since you started using the app in question (in these last two cases it is necessary to perform the optional purchases).

To see who has removed you since you started using the app I am talking about, simply press the ☰ button located at the top left and select the item from the side menu History (and hence the buttons Week, Month or Lifetime, depending on your preference).