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How to find out Gmail passwords

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How to find out Gmail passwords: Forgot your password Gmail and can’t access your email account anymore? Nice problem, especially if we consider the fact that nowadays having an email address that is always active and working is essential and not being able to access it, even for a few hours, can represent a significant impediment. Fortunately, this is a situation that can be dealt with without particular difficulties. It is enough, in fact, to have a minimum of commitment and attention to find out your Gmail password and resume regular use of the account.

How do you say? Don’t have a clue how to find out your Gmail account password? You have no reason to worry: I can explain to you what steps you need to take to succeed. No, don’t be alarmed, you won’t have to perform any Houdini-worthy operation. To proceed, in fact, simply follow the appropriate procedure for recovering the Gmail login credentials and provide some information that you connected to the account when it was created. In the following lines, I will also explain how to implement an “alternative” procedure that you can adopt to recover your Gmail password if you have saved it in your browser.

If you are interested in finding out how to find out the password of your Gmail email address, make yourself comfortable, take a few minutes of free time and concentrate on reading the following lines. I am sure that in the end you will be able to log back into your Gmail account and, why not, maybe you can also lend a hand to friends and acquaintances, in case they find themselves in the same conditions. Let it bet?

How to recover Gmail password

Before illustrating all the various steps you will need to perform for recover your Gmail password, there is one thing that is good for you to keep in mind. By carrying out the password recovery procedure I mentioned in the introduction of the article, you will not have your old password back but you can set a new one to re-enter your e-mail account. Having made this necessary premise, I would say that we can proceed.


To recover the Gmail password from computerthe first thing you need to do is click here to connect to the Gmail login web page. Next, indicate theemail address of your account in the appropriate text field and presses the button Forward. At this point, click on the link Forgot password? and provide the last password you remember. If you don’t remember any, click on the link Try another method until you are offered a password recovery method that is congenial to you.

In my example, I’ll use an alternate email address that I had previously set up on my Gmail account as a recovery method. If you are offered a different one, follow the simple instructions you see on the screen to recover your account.

If you have also been offered the recovery of the account by using an alternative email address, press the button Send and wait for the account recovery code to be sent to the address in question. Then open the message containing the verification code, type it in the text field Insert code and presses the button Forward.

Finally, fill in the fields Create password And Confirmation with the new access key you want to use to access the inbox of your Gmail account and presses the blue button Change Password to save the changes. Finally, click on the link Continue on Gmail to log into your account and that’s it.

I remind you that, by changing the password to access Gmail, the one through which you log into your Google account will also be changed. The Google account and the Gmail account, in fact, coincide with each other and the modification of the access credentials for one implies the modification of the access credentials for the other as well (and vice versa).

Smartphones and tablets

You would like to try to recover your Gmail account password directly from smartphone and tablet? To do this, start theGmail app on your device Android or iOSpresses on the voice Log in located at the bottom, tap on the item Google from the menu that opens and consent to the use of Google. com to log in. Now, provide theemail address of the Gmail account whose password you want to recover (or tap your first name And last nameif you had saved your login information), presses the link Forgot password? and type in the appropriate text field the last password you remember.

If you don’t remember any in particular, tap the link Try another method until you are offered a password recovery method that is congenial to you. If, as in my case, you have opted for recovery using an alternative email address, press the button Send and wait for the numeric code for account recovery to be sent to you via email. As soon as you receive it, type the relevant code into the text field Insert code and tap the button Forward.

Next, indicate the new password you want to use to log into Gmail by typing it in the text fields Create password And Confirmation and press the button Change Password to save the changes made. The changes, of course, will also affect your Google account, since, as I said earlier, it is closely related to the Gmail account.

How to recover Gmail password without changing it

If you want to try recover your Gmail password without changing it, know that you can do it simply by extrapolating the access data saved in the browser. Obviously, as you may have already guessed, you can only take this “path” if you have actually saved the login data of your Gmail account on one of the browsers you use to access the Internet.

  • Google Chrome – if you use the desktop version of Chrome, presses the button at the top right, select the item Settingsclick on the item Password in the section Peoplefind the password for Gmail or to the account Google and presses on the symbol ofeye to find out (you may be asked to enter your PC user account password). If you use the mobile version of Chrome, you can be able to view the passwords saved in the browser by pressing the button (…) and then pressing on the voices Settings> Password> Gmail. At this point, tap on the password text field to show it (you may be asked to enter your device’s unlock code).
  • Safari – if you use the Safari version for Macgo to the menu Safari> Preferences … (top left), select the tab Password from the window that opens, type the password of your macOS user account in the appropriate text field and locate the password for the Gmail account. On iPhone And iPadgo to Settings> Passwords / Passwords & Accounts> App & Website Passwordsprovide your Apple ID password or authenticate with Touch ID / Face ID and locate your Gmail password.
  • Mozilla Fireox – from desktoppresses the button (≡) located at the top right, click on the items Options> Preferencesselect the item Privacy and security from the left sidebar, click on the button Logins saved … located in the section Forms and passwordslocate the Google account whose access you have saved and press the button Show password located in the lower right and then up Yup. From mobilepresses the button (…) / (≡)select the item Settings from the box that opens and go to the menu Privacy> Access.
  • Microsoft Edge – presses the button (…) located at the top right, select the items Settings> View Advanced Settings> Manage Passwords and locate the Gmail account you want to know the password for.
  • Internet Explorer – press the icon ofgear at the top right, select the item Internet options from the menu that opens, go to the tab Contentpresses the button Settings annexed to the section Automatic completion and presses the button Password management to locate your saved Gmail password.

If you want more information on how to recover passwords from the browser, read the guide I dedicated to the topic. For the future, in order to avoid wasting precious time in trying to discover Gmail passwords, I suggest you use one of the appropriate resources that I indicated in my guide on how to manage passwords, to keep the key without problems. access to your Google account and more. Also because, as I will explain better in a moment, saving passwords in the browser is not exactly the best security!

How to find out others’ Gmail passwords

You’re wondering if that’s possible find out other people’s Gmail passwords, maybe because you fear that someone might sneak into your account without your knowledge? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. The so-called crackeror “bad hackers” who exploit their computer knowledge for illegal purposes, use various techniques to understand the login credentials of other users.

One of these is to steal the login credentials saved in browsers. As I explained to you in the previous chapter, you don’t need to have who knows what computer skills to exploit browser vulnerabilities to your advantage. Therefore, avoid storing passwords in browsers that you use on your computer and mobile devices if you want to avoid problems. Much better to use a good password manager, like LastPass or 1Passwordwhich I told you about in another guide.

Also, I recommend that you set one secure password And enable two-factor authentication (more info here): this last setting is particularly important, because it prevents malicious people from accessing your account even if they know the access password (since they cannot know the secondary key that is generated at the time of login).

If you want to learn more about these and others related to computer security, I invite you to consult the guides in which I explain in depth how to defend your PC from hackers and how not to be spied on your mobile: there you will find many other tips that will surely come back to you. useful to prevent someone from sneaking into your accounts (Gmail and more).