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How to find new contacts on Skype

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How to find new contacts on Skype: You just installed Skype on your PC, you want to get in touch with your friends to make online phone calls with them but you still don’t know how to track them down and add them to your contacts. Don’t panic! Unlike other messaging solutions, Skype allows you to search and add friends to your address book in a tremendously quick and easy way.

All you have to do is take advantage of the advanced search function that you find in the program and type in your friends’ data. Within seconds, you will surely be able to find the people you were looking for (assuming they have a Skype account) and get in touch with them. So, you are ready to find out how to search for contacts on skype?

Before you start seeing how to search for contacts on skype, you must obviously start the program through its icon on the desktop and log in using your data. Once logged in, select the item Add a contact from the menu Contacts and, in the window that opens, type in all the data you know of the person you want to track down: name, Skype username, telephone number or e-mail address (even just the name is usually enough). Make sure you don’t have Skype status set to Invisibleotherwise the search will fail.

After a few moments, Skype will inform you of the results found for the person you are looking for. Then click on the button View that appears next to the form to view the search results and click on the button add contact to add the desired person to your contact list. To make sure that the person found is the one you were looking for, click on their name and details such as date of birth, city of residence, etc. will be displayed.

Remember that to start talking to the person added to your contacts via Skype, you will have to wait for the latter to accept your friend request (a bit like what happens on Facebook).

Do you have any Facebook friends you would like to contact via Skype? In this case there is no need to know how to search for contacts on skype. You can communicate via Skype with your Facebook friends by clicking on the tab first Facebook present in the main screen of the program (click on your name at the top left to view it) and then on Connect to Facebook And Allow to authorize the program to interact with your Facebook account.

Then click once again on Connect to Facebook, log in to the social network and you will be free to talk to your Facebook friends without opening the browser. With friends who have linked their Facebook and Skype accounts, you can also initiate calls “on the fly” by clicking on the appropriate button located under their username.