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How to find my android phone

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How to find my android phone: Are you a bit of a careless person and often, due to the fact that your head is in the clouds, you forget your mobile phone in public places? Don’t worry, it happens to everyone; all is not lost, not even your trusty Android smartphone. In fact, did you know that there is a free service from Google that allows you to find your android phone?

In case of loss, in fact, you could use a tool that allows you to locate your smartphone remotely, in order to be able to find it again. This tool will allow you to locate the position of your smartphone, make it ring and, in an extreme case, such as for example a theft, remotely delete all the data in the memory of your device.

The tool offered by Google is similar to that of Apple which, called Find my iPhone, allows you to locate your smartphone. Unfortunately, however, this is a limited system: it is required that the phone is connected to the Internet and that it is switched on. It is therefore clear that, if you have lost your Android smartphone due to a theft, it will be enough for the thief to be a little shrewd, to turn off the phone: in this way he will prevent you from locating it.

Fortunately, in addition to Google’s service to find your Android phone, there are some more complete tools. You will so find your android smartphone using some apps that I will show you. Are you ready to find out in detail how to find your android phone, in case you have lost it? All you need is five minutes of free time, trust me, it will be worth it. Enjoy the reading!

Android Device Management

For find your android mobile, you can use Google’s default location service, called Android Device Management. However, the service requires, in order to work, that there is necessarily the GPS active on your smartphone.

The next time you have to leave the house and you are afraid of losing your smartphone, first activate the geolocation on your smartphone. To do this, follow these steps, you will authorize the location of your Android device. This is essential, otherwise you will not be able to find your phone remotely.

Then go to the menu with the list of apps installed on your smartphone and press the icon of Settings (gray gear shape icon). In the screen that opens, select the item related to Geolocation and make sure it is moved to ON the lever relating to the localization functions (the lever is located at the top right).

When the operation is completed, go back to the menu with the list of apps installed on your smartphone and start the app Google settings (the gear icon with the letter “G” in the center). If you have an Android device updated to the latest version, return to the app instead Settings and touch the voice Google. Then select the item Safety from the screen that opens and activates the functions Locate this device remotely And Allow remote blocking and wipe moving up ON the relative levers.

Done? Optimal! At this point, if on returning home you realized that you have lost your smartphone, you can find your android remotely.

To do this, connect to the Android Device Manager website and log in with your Google account. Obviously it must be the same Google account that you configured on your phone (the one in the menu Settings> Accounts> Google of Android, or that you can add from the same screen).

Once you are logged in, wait a few seconds for the location of your Android phone to appear on the map. Once the detection is complete, you will have a few options available. In addition to knowing the current location of your phone, you can make your device ring, lock it or delete all data in its memory.

In the first case, to make your smartphone ring remotely, just click on the button Make it ring and the device will ring continuously for five minutes (or until someone presses the power button). In the event of theft, you will give the thief a distinctive warning sign of the fact, letting him know that you know about his potion and will be able to track him down.

If you want to delete the contents of your mobile instead, click on the button Cancel. The Android Device Manager tool will then delete all apps, photos, music and settings on your phone. Only some data on the microSD card may not be deleted. Be careful though; at the end of the operation, the remote location of the device will no longer be available. So consider this option as a last resort; you will have to say goodbye to your phone.

Android Lost

As an alternative to Android Device Manager, you can use an application to find your Android phone. One of those that I choose to show you is Android Lost; a free application to download on the Play Store and configure to be able to track your smartphone remotely.

To use Android Lost on your smartphone, first download the app from the Google Play Store, launch it and grant it administrator permissions. To do this, first press the button Request Administrator Rights and then on Activate. The most interesting feature of Android Lost is the fact that the application, in the Android menu, will present itself under a false name so as not to attract attention. The app will in fact be called Personal Notes and will have a Notepad icon.

The core features of Android Lost allow you to find your Android phone, lock it, format it, make it ring, take photos, record audio and even wake up GPS; all remotely. Also interesting is the fact that Android Lost allows you to remotely control your smartphone via SMS.

Ok, now let’s say that you have lost your Android phone and would like to find it again. If you have configured the app correctly, go to the website to activate the remote location functionality. You will need to authenticate with your Google account (the same one you have configured on the phone to be located). The next step is then to press on the item Sign In which is located at the top right to log in with your Google account; then click the button Allow to complete the authentication process.

At this point, to remotely locate your Android phone, simply select the tab Controls from the AndroidLost website: click the button Send location. Now wait a few seconds for the Google Maps map to load with the current position of your Android smartphone.

Want to know what other Android Lost features are? No problem, click on the tab Status (to activate / deactivate the various connections), Messages (activate / deactivate the functions of sending and receiving SMS remotely) or Security (you can lock / format your smartphone).

Can’t locate your smartphone because it’s not connected to the internet? Don’t worry, through a series of codes you can control and locate your smartphone. For more information, take a look at the help in the application.


As an alternative to Android Device Manager, you can use the app Cerberus, as it is an excellent service that allows you to trace an Android phone, especially in case of theft.

The Cerberus application is downloadable for free, but its use is limited to 7 day free trial. After that, the full version must be purchased at a cost of € 5 per year.

The most interesting feature of Cerberus is dedicated to smartphones with root permissions: in case of theft it is possible to activate the GPS remotely. The other features, available to everyone, include the ability to remotely locate the smartphone, format it, make it ring and activate commands via SMS.

It is also possible to take photos and record videos remotely, obtain information such as the list of calls made and received, the list of messages, as well as receive various other information, such as the Wi-Fi network to which it is connected. the smartphone.

If you are interested in this application and want to try it, immediately open the Play Store and download the trial version of Cerberus, by pressing the buttons Install And I accept. Then start the application, press the button Create a Cerberus account and create your free account to start using Cerberus. Registering an account will be essential to allow you to track down the Android phone and control it remotely.

Once you have completed the registration, follow the setup wizard to complete the connection of the smartphone to the application. Then press the buttons Enable device administrator And Activate to authorize Cerberus to control your smartphone (without this authorization the app cannot work). Also if you have a rooted phone, don’t hesitate: press the item Grant Superuser permission to unlock the Cerberus functions that require the device to be rooted (reactivation of the GPS and permanence of the anti-theft after Android reset).

At this point you have correctly configured Cerberus and you can locate / control your smartphone remotely.

For find your android phone, using Cerberus, connected to the website, click the button Login located at the top right to log in, using your Cerberus account.

Once logged in, wait a few seconds; you should see the location of your smartphone on a small one map of Google Maps. To control the device remotely, you can use the drop down menu located at the top left. Within the menu are the options to lock the device: you can set off an alarm, get location history, take photos, make videos and much more.

If you are unable to locate the phone remotely with Cerberus, remember that you can still control the device remotely with the SMS. For more information on this feature, consult the guide included in the application.

The other Cerberus features, which make the app very complete, are those visible in the app, under the voice Main configuration. Eg. placing the check mark next to the item Hide from application list, you can make the application invisible. The voices Lock Power menu And Lock status bar they will allow you to prevent the thief from turning off the phone or displaying the status bar from the lock screen; in case of theft, Cerberus is the most feature-packed Android app you can use.