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How to find lost Bluetooth headphones

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How to find lost Bluetooth headphones: After using yours Bluetooth headphones, you usually put them in the special refill case. Well: you were convinced that you did the same last time too, but a little while ago, going to reopen the case, you realized that one or both earphones seem to have disappeared into thin air. The question is: where did they go? And now? How to find lost Bluetooth headphones?

As far as you know, they may be a few meters or miles from where you are right now. In any case, there is no need to worry: thanks to the solutions that I will provide you in this guide, you will be able to track your headphones regardless of their current distance. I only recommend that you start searching immediately, since the more time passes, the more the chances of finding them decrease (they could download and then switch off; at that point, you can at most go back to their last known position).

The indications I am about to give you apply to headphones from specific manufacturers, such as Apple and Samsung, but also more generally for all models of headphones that take advantage of the technology. Bluetooth. We will in fact review the official procedures of individual manufacturers but also some third-party apps. Happy reading and, above all, good research!

How to find Apple Bluetooth headphones

If you are a user Apple and you need help locating yours AirPods lost, you can use the app Where that you find already installed on iPhone and iPad and is accessible from any computer via dedicated portal.

If you have already configured Find mine [dispositivo] before losing the AirPods, you shouldn’t have any problems; otherwise, you will not be able to use Where to locate them. I’ll tell you about the alternative solutionsvalid even if your earphones were paired with a non-Apple device, such as an Android smartphone.

Where, after accessing your Apple ID, it shows you on a map the current position of all the devices on which you are logged in with your account, but also of the AirPods associated with these devices. The only thing you have to do, therefore, is to open the app Whereselect the panel from the bottom menu Devices and choose yours from the list AirPods.

Once the AirPods item is selected, the app will propose you a series of actions such as Make it ring And Finds. In reality, the location of the earphones should already be visible from the map and the list itself should show the address, the time of the last connection and the distance between you and the place where the earphones (or headphones are currently located) , in the case of AirPods Max).

I’m talking about “last connection time” because your AirPods may be turned off (flat) or out of range of the iPhone (for example). In that case, it will simply report thelast place where the AirPods have found themselves turned on and connected.

If, at the time you lost them, the earbuds were inside their charging case, you may come across the writing Location not found (unless a very short time has passed since the last use).

The actual search for the earbuds is made easier by one particular feature of the app Where: I’m talking about Make it ring, thanks to which you can make the AirPods play a sound that will help you locate them. All you need to do, after selecting the AirPods from the view Devicesis to press the appropriate button and confirm the choice to make the two earphones ring in the next screen.

A volume alert: If you’re looking for just one of your AirPods, while you’re wearing the other, for example, take it off immediately and put it back in the case. The sound, in fact, will be reproduced at a very high volume, which will increase further in the space of two minutes until you decide to stop it.

Another very useful function is Finds: by pressing the corresponding button, you will activate a radar that will guide you in the search for the AirPods, indicating how close you are to your earphones.

Find AirPods with iCloud

In the absence of an Apple device – therefore in the absence of the app Where – you can perform all the above steps directly from the website of iCloud. Just go to the site the e-mail of yours Apple IDenter the password associated and then click on the item at the top All devices.

Then select yours from the menu AirPods and you will have access to the map with their last available location. Also in this case it is possible to make the AirPods ring to identify them more easily: just click on the button Make it ring located to the left of the screen, making sure you don’t have either AirPods in your ears.

Where And iCloud they represent the only “official” and guaranteed solutions to locate your lost or stolen Apple headsets. For more information on this topic, feel free to check out my guide on how to track AirPods. For a specific study on how to find AirPods with Android, read the tutorial I dedicated to the topic instead.

How do you say? You have some Beats headphones (Apple-owned company) and would you like to know if you can use Find My again? The answer is yes, but only if you have compatible models, for example Beats Studio Buds, Beats Flex, Powerbeats, Powerbeats Pro And Pro only. Read more here.

How to find Samsung Bluetooth headphones

Samsung Galaxy Buds +

The Samsung Bluetooth headsetshow Galaxy Buds And Gear IconX they have been specially designed to be worn “on the go”, without annoying limitations caused by cables and connectors. This, however, could make them more difficult to find when you lose them; in order not to waste time in situations like this, I advise you to immediately use the function Find earphones of the app Galaxy Wearable. Activating it, in fact, you will be able to quickly trace their precise position: the earphones themselves will guide you in the search, emitting a alarm sound which will reach maximum volume within a few minutes (three in all).

The only drawback is that this feature is not useful if the distance between you and the earphones exceeds 10 meters. Furthermore, to transmit the signal from the smartphone to the earphones, the latter must be charged and connected to the app Galaxy Wearable. The transmitted signal is a infrared: Make sure there is no external interference, otherwise the audible alarm will not go off.

To proceed with the search for one or both Samsung headsets, open the app Galaxy Wearable on your smartphone and select the item Find personal earphones. Push the button Start on the next screen and – if all goes as planned – you should start to hear a progressively louder alarm sound for three minutes. Follow the direction of the sound to find your earphones; found? Well, at this point you can stop the search by tapping the button Stop.

How to find Bluetooth headphones: other methods

Huawei and Xiaomi Bluetooth headsets

To find your earphones from other brands such as Xiaomi, HUAWEI And Sonyor to find your Apple or Samsung earphones using an alternative method to the official one (which I have already told you about before), you can adopt one of the solutions proposed below.

Find my device

Find my device

Find my device is a Google service that allows you to remotely locate and manage Android devices, but also some models of earphones, those with the Fast Pair, which allows the smartphone to detect devices in proximity and to connect to them almost automatically from the first use. I’m talking specifically about earphones like the i Pixel Buds 2even if this system is potentially valid also for i OnePlus Buds ei realme Buds.

You can use it by connecting to dedicated site: log into your Google account and select the earphones from the list of available devices. From this view you can perform various actions, such as displaying their exact location on a map and even making them ring, as long as they are connected to your smartphone.

You can carry out these operations directly from Android smartphones and tablets by downloading the app Find my device and pressing the key Allow when you are asked for permission to access your device’s location.

Third party apps


There are also some third party apps that allow you to locate Bluetooth headsets. They work a little with all models of earphones and, in general, with all Bluetooth devices present in the range of action of the smartphone.

  • Wunderfind (Android/iOS) – this app promises to help you find your lost devices (earphones and headphones, but also smartwatches and fitness trackers) in seconds, after having intercepted them and establishing a “distance score” between your position and that of the earphones. The score varies according to your movements, increases – that is – or decreases based on how close you get to or move away from the object to be found. All you have to do, therefore, is to move around trying to increase the signal strength, which should stabilize between 80 and 100% once you reach the place where the object is. A one-time payment of € 4.99 is required to unlock other features, such as playing a sound to make it easier to find or receiving a notification when you are too far away from the device, a one-time payment of € 4.99 is required.
  • Find My Bluetooth Device (Android) – another app that emulates the operation of a radar, with a more or less high numerical value that signals how close you are to the searched device.
  • AirPod Tracker (iOS) – despite its name, AirPod Tracker works not only with AirPods, but with any Bluetooth device close enough to be detected. Select your earphones from the list and move in order to increase the score indicated on the screen. This score indicates the strength of the Bluetooth signal, the greater the shorter the distance between you and the object. When you are close enough, iPhone will make a sound to indicate that the earbuds are right there somewhere. To unlock all the features of this app, such as viewing the device on a map and unlimited scans, you can subscribe for a subscription at a cost of € 10.99 / month, € 5.49 / week or pay only once 29, 99 € and have access to these options forever.