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How to Find Legendary Brawlers

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How to Find Legendary Brawlers: You are also playing Brawl Stars , the famous mobile game created by Supercell (the same developers as another very famous title: “Clash of Clans”), and you have come across some legendary characters that you have not quite understood how to unlock. Also, you would like to know more about how Brawlers are handled within the game. Well, don’t worry: if you want, I can give you a hand and clarify everything there is to know about the subject.

If you spend a few minutes of your free time, I can explain how to find legendary Brawlers by unlocking these characters both totally free of charge and through the microtransactions offered by the title of Supercell. In addition, I will explain the differences between the various characters and explain why getting a legendary Brawler can guarantee you an important competitive advantage over your opponents.

Courage: what are you waiting there impaled? Legendary Brawlers, like Spike, Corvo and Leon, are waiting for you with open arms and they can’t wait to help you on the battlefield! All you have to do is make yourself comfortable, read and put into practice the short instructions below. I assure you that, in the end, the legendary characters of Brawl Stars will be in your hands. At this point, there is nothing left for me to do, except to wish you happy reading and, above all, have fun!

Preliminary information

Leon Brawler legendary Brawl Stars

Before going into the details of how to find legendary brawlers , I think you might be interested in understanding why legendary brawlers are stronger than normal ones.

Well, you must know that each Brawler has unique statistics, which directly affect his “power” during the games. In particular, the features implemented by the game are Health , Attack and Super : the first obviously allows the Brawler to resist the blows of the enemies as much as possible, while the other two allow the character to cause damage to opponents.

Let’s take a concrete example: Colt , a common Brawler who is usually unlocked in the early stages of the game, initially has 2,800 Health points, 300 damage per base attack and 300 damage for the Super ability. The legendary Brawler Leon , on the other hand, starts from 3,200 Health points, 440 damage per basic attack hit and has the Super ability called Smoke, which allows him to become invisible for 7 seconds. In short, it seems clear to me that unlocking the legendary Brawlers can get you a good competitive advantage , not to mention that you will make a good impression with your friends!

I also remind you that the Brawlers can be upgraded through the star tokens , which can be obtained simply by playing the common games of Brawl Stars, and the energy points , which must instead be found inside the Brawl boxes or can be purchased through microtransactions. In short, a legendary Brawler can certainly become a “war machine” if properly strengthened, given that it already starts from a good foundation.

How to find legendary Brawlers on Brawl Stars

Spike Brawler Legendary Brawl Stars

The legendary Brawlers can be obtained either completely for free (therefore simply by playing Brawl Stars) or by spending real money, through microtransactions.

In fact, all the legendary characters of Brawl Stars can be found inside the brawl chests , which can be obtained both by playing and through microtransactions. However, legendary Brawlers are obviously more difficult to find than Mythical, Epic, Super Rare and Rare ones.

In case you do not know the degree of rarity of the character you want to unlock, press the BRAWLER icon on the main page of Brawl Stars and tap on its name : a screen will open where you will find, in the top left, a written indicating the degree of rarity of the character.

There is also a faster way to understand the rarity level of a Brawler: look at the background color on the character page. In fact, in the screen in question there is a subdivision of this type: yellow means legendary, red indicates a Mythical character, purple stands for Epic, blue indicates a Super Rare character, while green means Rare. If, on the other hand, the background is blue , it means that that character can be obtained through the path of the Brawl Stars trophies.

Mega Brawl Stars chest

The operation of the unlocking system for legendary characters is very simple: at the end of the various games, the user gets some tokens necessary to open the brawl chests. These are also obtained in case of defeat and it is therefore not very difficult to reach the sum required to open the brawl boxes. In short, you can unlock the legendary Brawlers simply by playing and winning as many games as possible, in order to obtain a greater number of rewards.

However, there is an easier way to get your hands on the legendary Brawlers: the microtransactions , which are used to quickly get the brawl speakers. To access the offers, just press the STORE item on the main page of the game: a screen will open containing the packages of the moment, which usually cost from 5 to 10 euros and include numerous brawl cases, gems and coins.

Unfortunately I can’t be more precise in the prices, as these depend on the offers put in place by the developers of Brawl Stars.

How to Find Legendary Brawlers for Free

Try Legendary Brawl Stars

After explaining what are the ways to unlock the legendary Brawlers, I proceed to give you some tips to unlock them quickly for free.

Well, as already mentioned above, the legendary Brawlers are to be found inside the brawl chests. Finding them is therefore a matter of luck. To increase the chances of finding them, in short, you need to get as many brawl boxes as possible quickly.

To do this, try to tap on the name of the character on the game’s home screen and consult the page THE WAY OF TROPHIES , where you will find indicated how much you are missing to unlock the various rewards, including precisely the brawl chests.

By analyzing the position of the brawl speakers well, you will be able to understand when you will unlock the next one and then manage your game sessions accordingly.

The Path of Brawl Stars Trophies

Let’s take a concrete example: if you are missing a few points when you unlock a brawl cash box, you may decide to play a quick game or to participate in an event to earn the small amount that separates you from the reward.

Usually, it is good to always attend events, as they allow you to receive brawl speakers more quickly. The events, however, are not always available: when they are organized by the developers, they appear in the bottom right corner, under PLAY .

To participate, simply press on the box that appears on the screen and select the icon of the event you want to participate in. If everything is ready, the event will start and you can play, otherwise you will be informed about how much time is left at the beginning.

Brawl Stars has different types of events: Arraffagemme (available immediately), Survival (unlocks with 30 trophies), Event of the day (requires 150 trophies), Events with tickets (requires 350 trophies) and Special events (unlocks with 800 trophies). I remind you that trophies can be obtained simply by playing, since they are provided every time the user wins a game on Brawl Stars.

Brawl Stars event

In addition to this, you can immediately try all the legendary Brawlers for free, by pressing the BRAWLER icon on the left in the main Brawl Stars screen, selecting the name of the Brawler and tapping on the TEST item .

In short, the legendary Brawlers are accessible even without spending money on the Supercell title. It’s up to you to choose the way to go, according to your needs.