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How to find an email address

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How to find an email address: Given the spread of social networks and the ever-increasing number of instant messaging applications, we have perhaps lost sight of the use of other equally valid communication tools, such as e-mail. In the face of this thought of mine, let’s now put the case that you have to send an official communication to a person you do not know, of which you have only been given name, surname and email address. Distractedly, however, you have lost the document on which you marked your e-mail address and therefore you find yourself in difficulty because you have the extreme need to contact this person but, since he is not your friend or acquaintance, you do not have the ability to contact him in a different way. How, then, to succeed in your intent to contact him via email, if you no longer remember his address?

Today’s tutorial will be dedicated to solving this problem of yours: I will explain in detail what are the possibilities in your possession for find the email address of a person. Before you can get it wrong, know that the methods he describes to you in the next few lines are absolutely legal. In fact, you must know that the privacy of the users of the main e-mail and Webmail clients is always protected; this means that there is no official tool dedicated to finding an email address by typing a person’s name and surname. However, this does not mean that, with a little luck, with a little logic and with the help of some Web resource, you won’t be able to find a person’s email address (or at least try).

Besides being of interest to you, does this question also intrigue you a lot? Well then know that you have just come across the right tutorial. Take a few minutes of free time and stick to the tips and instructions that I will give you in this guide of mine. Are you ready to get started? Yup? Very well! I wish you a good read as usual and I also wish you good luck!

Use the logic of combinations

The first method I want to show you to help you find an email address is based onuse the logic of combinations to try to guess a person’s email address. Clearly, the combinations to be used must take into account the possibilities for registering an email address with the most common Webmail services, such as Gmail And Outlook.


For create a Gmail email address, you can use a combination of letters, numbers And points. Here are some of the possible combinations that might help you find a person’s email address.

But keep in mind that, when registering an email address, you can also choose to use a nickname, and not necessarily your name and / or surname. Just to give some examples: or


If the email address you are trying to trace was created through the Microsoft’s Webmail service, things could get complicated. At the present time, in fact, the email addresses that can be created have the extension,, and, in the past, it was possible to register an address also with the extension or

Additionally, characters such as (), (_) and the (.); you can therefore understand that, in this specific case, it is more difficult to guess an email address using the logic of combinations. Just to give some examples, the following cases could occur. or (or .it) (or .it) (or .it) (or .it) (or .it) (or .it)

surname-name@hotmail.c0m (or .it) (or .it) or (or .com) (or .com)

surname name@it (or .com)

name surname@it (or .com)

first (or .com)

last name@ (or .com)

surname name@ (or .com)

name surname@ (or .com)

When trying to form the possible combinations, don’t forget that you can also register an e-mail address using your own year or date of birth or a nickname.

For example: (or @, @, @, @ @

Other providers

Gmail and Outlook are just two of the most popular Webmail services; I therefore recommend that you try to guess the email address, using extensions from other popular services such as @ or @

So try to use combinations such as: (or .com) (or .com) (or .com) (or .com) (or .com)

Services to find an email address

Email Finder

As you can understand, finding a person’s email address using purely combination logic isn’t that simple at all. It’s really hard to guess a person’s exact email address at the first try, especially if you don’t know them. For this reason, it may be helpful to contact gods services fit for purpose.

One of the best on the square is, which allows you to search for people and email addresses in a rather simple way: you indicate the name of the person you want to search for and a company or site that has to do with it and start the search. The free version of allows you to search only 3 email addresses per month (for unregistered users) and up to 5o (for registered users). To break down these limits, you need to subscribe to one of the subscription plans available, starting from 49 euros / month.

To use it, go to This Page by, write name and surname of the person you are interested in in the first text field and write in the text field after the symbol @ the name of the company or of website associated with the user in question (perhaps by helping you with the suggestions that appear while typing).

Then start the search by clicking on the button depicting the magnifying glass and, if the service finds any feedback on an email address associated with the person you are looking for, you will see it immediately under the form you used just now.

Check the email address

After identifying the “papabile” email address that could belong to the person of your interest, I suggest you carry out the verificationso that you know if it is actually an existing address or not.

Among the web tools that you can use to verify an email address that you found using the logic of combinations or the service I told you about in the previous lines, there is the website This is an easy-to-use web service that allows you to verify the correctness of an email address and can help you find out if the address you are trying to guess exists or not.

To use this, open the browser you usually use to browse the Internet (for example Google Chrome or Safari) and connected to the home page of the website in question. From its main page, then click on the button Check online now and, on the next screen, locate the text field used for the search.

In the text field Enter the email address to verify heretype in the email address you remember or tried to find earlier and press the button Enter on your computer keyboard to start the search.

In case the result is positive, you will be shown the thing inside a green color box. You will find the indication The email [indirizzo email cercato] it’s valid which will confirm the actual existence and status of the email address indicated by you. This means that the email address exists and you may have guessed right. However, keep in mind that there may be a margin for error in case of homonymy, which means that the email address exists, but it could belong to someone else.

In the event that the result of the verification is negative, however, the result will be indicated with a red color box and indication The email [indirizzo email cercato] It is not valid.

What I advise you to do, in case of a valid email, is to contact the person via the identified email address. Obviously in the body of the text specify your personal details, specify that you may have sent an email by mistake (writing to the wrong recipient) and wait for a possible reply.