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How to find a person on Skype

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How to find a person on Skype: A colleague asked you to be contacted on Skype but, just before the appointment you were given, you realized that you have lost his identifier. You could contact him on another channel and ask him for the information you have lost, but in all honesty you would like to avoid a bad impression and therefore you are looking for a way to get by on your own. That’s the way it is, right?

In this case, let me explain one thing immediately: the Skype name (which is a sort of identification code of individual users on the famous Microsoft home service) is just one of the various ways that allows you to find a user’s account. If you want, then, I can explain how to find a person on skype even if you do not have this data at your disposal.

In fact, I will show you how to search for a user on Skype using other data that are in your possession. You can act both from a computer and from a smartphone and tablet, and the procedure is very simple in both cases. I would say, therefore, to put aside the chatter and take action. I wish you a good read and I wish you good luck in your research!

How to find a person on Skype: computer

The first step to find a person on Skype from computer is to use the search function integrated in the official Skype client for Windows and macOS.

Once you have accessed the program, click on the search bar located at the top left, the one marked by the wording People, groups and messagesand click on the entry People. Now choose how to proceed.

The first search method is to type the Skype name of the searched user which, as I mentioned previously, is an identification code that is automatically assigned by Skype to each individual account.

Once you have found the user you are looking for in this way, click on his first name in the list on the left (make sure this is the person you want to contact by checking theirs profile pictureif present) and, from here, press the button Say hello, on the right, to send a contact request. That’s all!

To view the your Skype Name just click on the icon located at the top left, next to the usernameand click on the item Settings. The Skype name is shown on the tab Account and profilenext to the item Skype name.

If you do not know a user’s Skype Name, you can also search for the latter using theemail address associated with your account. Just go back to the entry search field People I mentioned earlier and type theemail address in question. Once you have tracked down the user you are looking for, just click on theirs to add them to your contacts first name and press the button Say helloas I indicated above.

Don’t even know the email address of the person you want to contact? In this case, no problem in the blue search field of the entry Peopleyou can type the telephone number that the user may have linked to their Skype profile.

Finally, if you are unaware of the data I have talked about so far, you can give it a last try by typing the first name and the last name of the person you are looking for in the blue search field I mentioned earlier. Skype users can also make their own public geographic locationtherefore, to make your search more specific, you could also type the person’s first and last name followed by the city ​​name where this resides.

If you are not lucky in this way, you can always send an invitation to use Skype directly from the client of the program. To do this, just press on the item Contacts in the client itself and, from here, press the button New contact.

At this point, press on the item Invite to use Skype. You can, therefore, decide to send a link to immediately start a conversation in the Web version of the program by pressing on the voice Copy to clipboardor, you can email the same link (Outlook) by clicking on the entry Send email.

In case you don’t know, I inform you that Skype is also available in only one web version, accessible from a browser. This “light” version of the service, called Skype Onlineis available from 2020 and, to use it, you just need to connect to This Page (for now, only Chrome and Edge browsers are supported).

Once you have opened the Skype Online page, just click on the item Log in at the top right and log in with your Skype profile (look here if you don’t have to remember your login details).

At this point, to search for a user on this version of Skype you can safely follow the instructions I gave you in the course of this chapter you are reading. The operation of Skype Online, in fact, is totally similar to that of the desktop client.

How to find a person on Skype: smartphones and tablets

Skype app

You would like to know how to find a person on skype using the app for smartphone And Tabletavailable for Android (also on alternative stores, for devices without Google services) e iOS/iPadOS? I’ll answer you right away, the operation is very similar to the one I showed you in the case of client on PC. Once you have started the Skype app, tap on the symbol of magnifying glass located at the top right (you can find it in each of the three tabs of the application).

The search menu will open: in the latter you can type the Skype name, that is the identification code that Skype automatically assigns to each user. Once you have found the account of the person you are looking for (also check their profile pictureif present) just press on his first name and, from here, tap the button Say helloto add it to your contact list on the app.

If you want to view the your usernamepress on yours profile picture located at the top of the board Chatthen, tap on the item Skype profile: the code will be displayed next to the item Skype name.

If you don’t know the Skype Name of the user you want to contact, you can also type theemail address or the telephone number associated with the account in the search field of the icon magnifying glass that I mentioned earlier.

Finally, I inform you that on Skype you can also search for a person by typing theirs first name And last name in the appropriate search bar. Also, if you know the city of residence of the user in question, you can type his name and surname followed by the name of the city (if the position has been made public). Finally, you also have the possibility to find new Skype contacts by synchronizing those present in yours phonebook.

To do this, simply press on the item Contacts located at the bottom right of the main page of the application. After that, tap on the item My contactsand press on the wording Find your contacts on Skype through address book synchronization placed at the top. From here, finally press on the item Synchronize contacts and give the app permission to access the address book by pressing the button Allow.

Finally, if the person you are looking for is not on Skype, you can directly invite them to start a conversation with you via the browser version of the app. To do this, press again on the item Contacts and then tap on the icon Shape with the symbol +.

At this point, press on the item Invite to use Skype and choose one of the sharing options available by pressing on the appropriate items (copy the link to the clipboard, share it via QR code, SMS, email and so on). Easy, right?