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How to film the Xbox

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How to film the Xbox: You managed to unlock a very difficult achievement or find a secret object in a game for Xbox 360 and would you like to film your “deeds” and then share them online and help other people achieve the same goal? I assure you it’s not as complicated as you think.

By purchasing equipment worth a few tens of euros, you can be able to record your games on Xbox 360 directly on your PC in an extremely easy and fast way. Just connect everything correctly. To find out more, here how to film the Xbox in detail.

If you want advice on how to film the XboxI would tell you to start with one USB capture card. These are very compact and inexpensive devices that plug into the USB port of the PC and allow you to record everything that is played on the Xbox 360 (or any other video game console) in real time.

The most famous and used one is called EasyCap but you can find several by making one search on Amazon or other electronics stores, their price is around 20–40 euros. Now let’s see together how to use them playing on the TV and recording at the same time, this is what you need:

  • USB capture card
  • Cable supplied with the console with RCA output
  • Three RCA splitters
  • RCA cable (male to male)
  • A SCART socket with RCA input

The first step you need to take for filming the Xbox is to connect the cable supplied with the console to the latter and the three RCA splitter. Each of the three cables (red, yellow and white) must be connected to a different splitter (using one of the two available inputs).

Next, plug in the RCA cable (male to male) to the income of splitter left empty making sure to match the colors (yellow with yellow, white with white and red with red) and insert the output pins of the three splitters in theSCART RCA adapter.

Finally, connect theSCART adapter to the TV and the three plugs of the RCA cable remained free at USB capture card. Now all you have to do is install the driver of the capture card on the PC (using the CD provided in the sales package or downloading them from the Internet), the video capture software and connect the device to one of the USB computer sockets.

Before starting Xbox recording on your PC, please configure your capture software by setting as origin the capture card connected to the console and the recording quality DVD quality. I remind you that recordings cannot be made in HD as the resolution supported by cheap USB capture cards is relatively low, improve a bit by using S-Video cables instead of RCA ones but nothing exceptional. For more details you can search for demonstration videos by EasyCap on YouTube.

If you are not willing to spend money on filming the Xbox and you have a DVD recorder, you can try to record your gameplay videos by connecting the DVD Recorder to the TV via SCART or composite RCA socket (the red, yellow and white plugs) and the console to the DVD recorder using the cable supplied with the RCA outputs .

In this way, by tuning the TV to the channel of the DVD recorder and setting the recorder to the frequency of the Xbox 360 (ex. EXT1) you will be able to record what is played by the console in SD quality. If you want more information on this procedure, read the guide on how to film TV that I published some time ago.