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How to fight spam

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How to fight spam: Have you found yourself inundated with unwanted emails that are literally clogging up your inbox lately? Would you like to remedy this unfortunate situation but don’t have the faintest idea how to fight spam ? Don’t worry, because you’ve come to the right place at the right time!

Completely clearing spam is a dream destined to remain so: some unwanted email always filters into the inbox. However, if you follow my directions you will see that the situation will improve significantly compared to now. In the next paragraphs, in fact, I will give you some “tips” that without a shadow of a doubt will be of great help to you in fighting the spam phenomenon.

At the end of the reading, you will be surprised at how relatively “simple” it can be to block spam messages or, in any case, try to reduce the number of those received by paying due attention to a few simple tricks. If you are still interested in learning more about the subject, make yourself comfortable, take all the time you need to read the advice contained in the next lines and, more importantly, put them into practice as soon as possible. Happy reading and good luck for your zero spam inbox!


Don’t give your email to anyone

If you want to fight spam and avoid receiving unwanted e-mails, first of all don’t give your e-mail address to anyone : this is the first step you need to take to avoid being flooded with spam messages.

Think about it: would you give your mobile number to the first person who happens to be, with the risk of being disturbed at any time of day or night? So tell me why you should indiscriminately distribute your e-mail address ?! Of course, this advice is not limited only to providing your e-mail to strangers, but also (indeed, above all!) To those Web portals of dubious reliability that require you to type it in your registration form.

In these circumstances, if you are asked to provide your e-mail address to proceed with the registration, the services with which you can create ” disposable e-mails ” may be useful, such as Tempinbox , Mailinator and the function ad hoc offered to Apple users with iCloud + (I will also talk about it later in detail). For more information on how to create temporary emails, you can also check out my guide on the subject.

Make your email address undetectable

How to fight spam

Another thing you can do to combat spam is to make your email address undetectable . The so -called spammers (i.e. those who send unwanted e-mails to other users), in fact, use programs, called in jargon spam bots , which scan the network in search of e-mail addresses to which to send unwanted messages.

How do these programs “understand” if a sequence of characters matches an e-mail address or not? Simple, spam bots have been “trained” to the point that they are able to recognize e-mail addresses, which are easily identifiable since they are composed of the at sign @ and at least a period (.) .

To “fool” the automated programs used by spammers, when you write your email address on your website or in your LinkedIn profile summary, you can replace the at sign and period with text, as shown in the following example. Obviously, users who want to send you an e-mail will then have to replace the text with the relative symbols. will become surname [at] example [dot] en
Please, avoid replacing the at sign with the classic AT , (at) , AT , and the dot symbol with DOT , (dot) or DOT , since spam bots may be able to read them correctly and still be able to send you unwanted messages. To deceive the automatic programs used by spammers you could also add a string after the indicated e-mail address (eg “. DELETE ME ).

One of the limitations of spam bots is their inability to read image text. Therefore you can make your email address undetectable simply by creating an image that contains it. You can do this with any graphics program (even simple Paint) or online photo editing service. Instead, I do not recommend third-party sites dedicated to the purpose, as they could – paradoxically – in turn “steal” your email address and use it to send you spam messages!

Unsubscribe from newsletters

How to fight spam

Are you receiving numerous advertising emails from a particular web portal? Well, in that case you may be able to block spam simply by unsubscribing from the newsletter you subscribed to.

To do this, all you have to do is open the message that was sent to you, scroll the page where you view it until you reach the bottom of it, then click on the Unsubscribe or Unsubscribe button and eventually follow the instructions that appear on the screen. to complete the procedure for removing from the list.

Create filters


Creating filters can also be a good way to fight spam. Many Webmail services and many mail clients, in fact, offer valid solutions to eliminate and / or block all those messages that meet the criteria you set and which therefore act as a filter towards the latter.

Thanks to the filters in question you can reject, for example, all messages from a specific sender, all those coming from a specific mail domain and even all those that contain certain terms in the subject, in the message or in the sender’s address.

If you want more details on how to set these filters, please read the insights in which I explain in detail how to activate them on Gmail , Outlook , iCloud , Yahoo Mail , Virgilio Mail , Libero Mail and TIM Mail . I am sure that, thanks to the “rules” that you will set up on your inbox, you will significantly reduce the number of unwanted messages that are sent to you.

Report spam to your provider

How to fight spam

Do you want to know how to eliminate spam from the email , as you have already been a victim of this phenomenon? Well, one thing you can do, if your provider allows it, is to report all spam messages before deleting them: this way you will avoid that in the future you can receive new e-mails from the address that “targeted” you. . The steps required to report a message as spam may vary from provider to provider.

Usually, to report a message as spam, simply select the unwanted message and then click on the appropriate option that allows you to mark it as spam (eg Report spam or Report unwanted ).

If you want more details about it, read the tutorials where I explain how to block unwanted emails and how to block emails from an address: there you will find some information that will be of great help.

If you continue to receive a large number of unsolicited e-mails, please also try to contact your provider to request resolution of this problem.

Other useful tips for fighting spam

How to search PEC

In addition to the aforementioned tips, you can also take a few other solutions to avoid being bothered by spammers. Below you can find other tips that should come in handy.

  • Don’t reply to spam messages – asking the spammer not to email you again is not only useless, it is even counterproductive. The spammer, in fact, will understand that your e-mail address is active and could increase the spamming activity against you.
  • Do not click on suspicious links in spam – if you do not pay attention to this, you could fall victim to a phishing attempt .
  • Do not save your e-mail address in the browser – many browsers allow you to save some personal data (name, surname, address, contact details, etc.) so that you do not have to type them every time you need to do so. As convenient as this feature may seem, I suggest you do not use it: some websites created by spammers exploit the vulnerabilities of Web browsing programs and are able to capture personal information saved in the latter’s databases. By visiting one of these sites, you would end up being swamped with spam messages!
  • Use a fairly long username – some spammers use certain programs, actual email address generators , to send spam messages to users who own these addresses. By using a username that is long enough , meaning at least 8-10 characters , you will greatly reduce this danger.
  • Some users use Javascript to block unwanted messages from being received. However, think carefully before adopting this solution: some users have disabled Javascript (perhaps for security reasons) and therefore may have difficulty communicating with you via e-mail. Understood?

How to get rid of spam from your mobile

How to fight spam

Would you like to eliminate spam from your mobile ? Well, the advice I’ve given you so far serves that too. However, if you are wondering if there is any other specific device for smartphones, perhaps because in addition to emails you also want to block SMS and spam messages, know that you can do this too.

To block unwanted SMS on Android , open the Messages app on your device (eg Google Messages ), locate the message from the spammer, tap the three dots symbol (top right), select the Details item and then tap on Block and report spam . You just have to check the Report as spam box , press OK and that’s it.

Furthermore, if you use Google Messages, you can preventively block the receipt of spam SMS. To do this, touch the symbol of the three vertical dots, go to Settings> Antispam protection and activate the antispam protection by moving the lever of the appropriate switch displayed on the screen to ON . More info here.

Block unwanted Android messages

On the iPhone , however, to block unwanted SMS (as well as calls and e-mails from the “offending” contact, open the iOS Settings app and go to Messages> Blocked contacts> Add and select the contact you want to block.

If you are bothered by a number that sends you spam SMS and that you have not saved in the address book, open the Messages app , tap on the preview of the last message received from the spammer and press on its number . Then tap the Info button and then the word Block contact , so as not to be bothered by the number in question. More info here.

How to fight spam

On iPhone, you can also take advantage of the Hide my email function , available for users who have an active iCloud + subscription. iCloud +, in case you don’t know, is the paid version of iCloud, which includes some Premium features like the one just mentioned, as well as Private Relay, Secure Video, etc. ( more info here ).

How is it used for the purpose in question? There are various possibilities. One, for example, is the one that allows you to do this when composing a new message with Apple Mail : to hide your address, just tap on the From: field and select Hide my e-mail .

When you fill out an online form via Safari , however, the option Hide my e-mail is offered to you by the browser in order to avoid spam: just consent to its use to take advantage of it. For more information about the use of the function in question, also consult the Apple website at this page and at this other page .

Fighting spam

Do you happen to receive spam messages through instant messaging apps , such as WhatsApp , Messenger and Telegram ? Know that even in this case it is possible to block users who send them to you by using their special functions to be activated in these cases. If you want to deepen this aspect too, take a look at my guide on the subject.

As for spam calls , I recommend that you take a look at my guide on how to block call center calls to understand how to defend yourself from annoying phone calls.

How to get rid of spam on Instagram

How to fight spam

I conclude the article by explaining how to eliminate spam on Instagram . If you are sent direct messages that annoy you, know that you can take advantage of some ad hoc tools made available by the photographic social network to solve the situation.

To block a user who has contacted you privately, the first thing you need to do is log into your Instagram account, press the airplane icon on the main screen of the app and open the chat of your interest.

Then press on the name of the spammer , tap on the word Block , select the Block [name] option and the new accounts he could create and confirm the operation by pressing the Block button . If you change your mind, you can go to the position in question and tap the word Unblock to unblock the person you blocked. More info here.

To prevent people you don’t follow from contacting you on Instagram via private messages, you can activate a special setting useful for this purpose. To do this, go to your profile , press the (≡) button ( top right) and then tap the Settings> Privacy> Limitations , press the Continue and Activate buttons , so as to limit unwanted comments and messages from accounts that do not follow you (and possibly recent followers , taking care in the latter case to specify after how long to remove the limitation). Useful, right?