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How to fax over the Internet for free

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How to fax over the Internet for free: You have to send a very important fax by today but there are none in the area that offer this type of service and you are practically desperate because you do not know how to do it. In recent days, however, a friend had told you about the possibility of send faxes over the Internet for free and so you rushed to the web looking for a solution to your problem.

In an attempt to find information about it, you ended up here, on this article of mine, and now you’d like to know firstly if it is feasible and secondly how to do to succeed in this “enterprise”. That’s the way it is, right? So I’ll answer your question straight away… yes, your friend was right, it is possible to send faxes over the Internet by contacting some special services useful for this purpose. You can send faxes in comfort and without necessarily having to put your hand to your wallet.

What would you say, then, to put the gossip aside and immediately move on to the heart of the matter? Yup? Great! Take a few free minutes all for yourself and concentrate on reading this tutorial of mine dedicated entirely to the subject. I sincerely hope that, in the end, you will feel very happy and satisfied with what you have learned. Enjoy the reading!

How to send a fax over the Internet for free

Let’s see right away how to send a fax over the Internet for free. As I told you in the opening lines of the post, the services that allow you to perform this operation – such as those I am about to tell you about – are not 100% free. Some of them are characterized by limits on the number of faxes that can be sent each month; others, on the other hand, can be used for free without limits, but only for rather short trial periods.

In both cases, however, it is necessary to take out a subscription to access the fax sending function, to be canceled before the end of the test. For more details, read on: everything is explained below.


One service I recommend you try is HelloFax. If you have never heard of it, this is a site that allows you to send files via fax for free, as long as they are made up of a maximum number of 5 pages, otherwise you have to sign up for a subscription starting from $ 9.99 / month (which allows you to send faxes with files of 300 pages or more, according to the subscription), as well as receive them. Please note that faxes sent with HelloFax are delivered in a few hours and are not marked with promotional messages.

To use the service, go to his main pageindicate your address e-mail in the appropriate text field and click on the button Create an account; otherwise, if you prefer, register with your account Googlepressing the appropriate button and then following the instructions you see on the screen.

A message will be sent to the email address indicated above: click on the link contained in it and write the password with which to protect the HelloFax account, using the form on the opened web page. Next, click the buttons Go on And No, thanks, I’m fine.

Then click on the wording Send a fax located in the upper left corner and press the button Send a fax located in the center. Then click on the button Upload file and select the file you want to forward or, if you prefer, drag it near the writing Drag and drop files here.

After uploading the file to fax, click the button Forward located at the top right, add i signatories of the fax using the appropriate form that appears on the screen (you will need to indicate the names and e-mail addresses of the latter) and click on the button Forward, which is always located at the top right. If you are the only person to sign the fax, please click on the link instead I am the only signatory.

Once this is done, personalize the fax by adding (if you want) a signature or your initials; otherwise jump this step by clicking on the appropriate button at the top right; then provide the recipient’s fax number or email address in the field under the heading Fax number or email address and click the button first Send document and on the button Send with HelloSign, to send the document. Simple, right?



Also MyFax is a useful service for sending faxes over the Internet. It is free for 30 days and, during this period, allows you to forward up to 2 faxes per day. At the end of the trial, to continue using it, a subscription is required starting from 13 euros / month. Sent faxes are delivered to recipients within a few hours and without the addition of promotional messages.

To use MyFax, go to his home pageclick the button Start your free trial and select the item Italy in the drop-down menu In which country do you want a fax number?. Then select the city of your interest using the menu next to the wording Choose a city and click on the orange button Go onto continue.

Now, specify first name And email address in the text fields you see on the screen and indicate the information relating to yours credit card: Please note that you will not be charged if you deactivate the automatic renewal of your subscription before the trial expires. Then provide your data billing address and yours telephone number and click the button Activate placed at the bottom.

Once these steps have been completed, follow the instructions that are sent to you via email to the address you specified during registration: you will be asked to send documents to verify your identity. If you don’t do this within 10 days, the created account will be closed. Once verified, you will be ready to send faxes with MyFax.

To use the platform, go to his platform login page and, after providing your login details, click the button Login. Once logged in, click on the button Send fax and fill out the form that is proposed to you specifying the telephone number of the fax recipient in the first box and i sender data in the second box. Then attach the file to be sent by clicking on the button Choose file and selecting the document of your interest (which must not have more than 10 pages). Finally, click the button Send fax located at the bottom right and forwards the fax.

If you want to delete your MyFax account before the free trial expires (to avoid being charged), click the button Update account placed on the home page of your account, click on the button Billingclick the link Cancel My Accountand follow the instructions you see on the screen to complete the procedure.



Faxapp it is an excellent service that can be tested for free for 10 days by subscribing to one of the available subscriptions, starting from 3.75 euros / month (no charges are made if you cancel the subscription before the end of the trial). As in the case of the platforms mentioned in the previous paragraphs, also in this case the files sent are delivered within a few hours, but a promotional message is applied at the end.

To use the Faxapp trial, go to his home pageclick on the button Try it 10 days for free located at the top right and fill out the form displayed on the screen, specifying theemail address with which you wish to complete the registration, the usernamethe password and the Area code you wish to obtain for your virtual fax in the appropriate fields. Finally, also provide your personal data (first name, last name, addressetc.) and click the button Go onto move forward.

Within a few moments you will be sent a message to the email address with which you have decided to register: click on link which is contained within it, so as to proceed with the verification of the account, and provide your credentials in the new page opened. Then log in by clicking on the button Log in.

Once logged in, click on the link Send a fax located on the right, click the button Choose file to select the document to be faxed and, after entering the fax number of the recipient in the appropriate text field, click on the button Send fax to forward the document. The game is done!