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How to fade a song

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How to fade a song: Would you like to apply a gradient effect to some of your songs, so that you can use them as a ringtone? Would you like to fade in or fade out on the songs you’ve included in your personal movie, but just have no idea how to do it?

If this is the way things are, know that you are in the right place, at the right time: in fact, I will explain below how to fade a song quickly and easily, using the most famous audio and video manipulation programs.

So, without waiting any longer, make yourself comfortable and carefully read everything I have to explain to you on the subject: I am sure that, at the end of reading this guide, you will have acquired the skills necessary to achieve the goal you have set for yourself. Having said that, there is nothing left for me to do, except wish you good reading and have fun!

How to fade a song with Audacity

Fade a song with Audacity, one of the best free audio editors available for Windows, macOS and Linux, it’s really that simple! To get started, start the program and, using the menu File> Open…matter the passage on which you are interested in acting.

Now, click on the button with the del icon cursor located in the Audacity toolbar (or press the key F1 of the keyboard) and, according to your needs, select the part of the song on which you want to apply the fade effect: to fade the incoming song (audio that rises slowly), intervene on the left side of the track; to fade the outgoing song (audio that is slowly lowered), instead, intervene on its right side. However, to define the duration of the fade effect, you can help with the seconds indicator bar, located at the top.

Now, use the menu Effects to apply the shade you want most: the option Fade in it will cause the volume of the selected part to rise slowly, until it reaches that of the track; the option Fade outinstead, it will cause the volume of the chosen part to slowly decrease, until it reaches silence. To save the song, use the menu File> Export> Export As [formato].

If you are interested in learning more about how to use Audacity and have a much more complete overview of its features, read the in-depth guide I have dedicated to the program.

How to fade a song on Power Point

How to fade a song on Power Point

Apply the fade effect to songs inserted in slide shows PowerPoint, the popular presentation program included in Microsoft’s Office suite, is very easy. To start, stand on the slide which contains the song you are interested in, click on thespeaker – in order to access the card Reproduction – and use the text fields attached to the box Fade duration to define, respectively, the seconds of fading in (volume from 0 to normal) and out (volume from normal to 0).

If necessary, you can use the buttons located on the tab Reproduction for cut the audiodefine the reproduction rules and those of repetition. To listen to the edited song, click on the button Play attached to the play bar that appears on the current slide. To learn more about PowerPoint, take a look at the specific guide I have dedicated to the program.

For completeness of information, I would like to point out that PowerPoint Online and PowerPoint for smartphones and tablets do not allow you to directly edit the songs included in the presentations.

How to fade a song with Premiere

How to fade a song with Premiere

You are taking your first steps on Adobe Premiere, one of the leading video editing programs available on Windows and macOS, and would you like to learn how to fade in and out of the music tracks you intend to use in your movies? Let me tell you how.

First, locate the audio track of your interest in the project timeline and move the cursor all to leftif you are interested in applying the inbound gradient effect, or a right, if you intend to apply the effect on the output. Then, go to the tab Effects located at the top, expand the folder Audio transitions located in the right sidebar and repeat the same operation with the folder Crossfade.

At this point, find the fade effect that best suits your needs: constant power for a “cleaner” entry / cut, constant gain for a less pronounced fade effect, or exponential fade for a nuance whose effect resembles an up / down curve. Personally, I prefer the latter transition, but feel free to choose the one that best suits your project.

Now, you just have to “grab” with the mouse the chosen effect and drag it to the song in the timeline, at the beginning of it (for fading in) or at the end (for fading out). You can repeat this operation, if you wish, on all audio clips in the movie.

How to fade a song on Filmora

How to fade a song on Filmora

After reading my guide to programs for creating videos, your choice fell on the software Filmora by Wondershare: your personal video is almost ready and, after noticing that the “cut” of the song you have chosen is not to your liking, would you like to apply a gradient effect at the beginning or at the end of it?

Don’t worry, it’s super easy. First, locate the audio track in the timeline at the bottom (you can recognize it because it is identified by the icon of the musical note) and double-click on it to view the tab Audioin charge of manipulating the piece in question.

Finally, use the adjustment bars Fade in And Fade out to decide the duration of the gradient to apply and, when done, click on the button OKfor the changes to take effect.

How to fade a song on iMovie


Apply the gradient effect to a song used in a iMovie, the free video editor included “standard” on all Macs is easy. Select the audio track you want to fade in the program timeline by clicking on it, and then move the little ones circular cursors that appear at the ends of the track frame, to delineate the fade times.

How to fade a song on iMovie

If you are using iMovie from iPhone or iPadproceed like this: move the timeline of your project completely to the left or right, depending on the fade effect you want to apply, then tap on the audio clip and then on the voice Fade, which appears below. Finally, move the slider that is proposed to you to the right or left, until you get the desired effect.

How to fade a song with Garageband

How to fade a song with Garageband

To apply the fade effect to a song composed using GarageBandthe free audio editor available on all Macs, do this: first, go to the menu Track> Show Master Track (top), so you can see the main track of the song. Finally, to automatically fade out, use the menu Mix> Fade out And that’s it.

Alternatively, with GarageBand you can manually build the opening and closing fade effects: after activating the display of the master track, click on the graphic next to its name and choose the item Volume from the menu that is proposed to you.

This way, you should be able to see the volume control points: adjust them, raising or lowering them, to create the fade-in or fade-out effect and adjust both the length and the intensity.

How to fade a song with Garageband

On Garageband for iPhone and iPadInstead, you can easily apply the fade out only: in the view Trace or in the view Instrumenttap the button Settings located at the top right (the one in the shape ofgear) and move up ON the lever Fade out located in the menu that is proposed to you.

How to fade a song online

How to fade a song online

If you have no possibility to install programs on your computer and would like to know how to fade a song onlineusing only the browser, know that services such as TwistedWave.

In this case, it is a portal that allows you to apply a series of effects to songs of different formats, including fading in and out. The free version of the service allows you to work exclusively on tracks in mono and of a duration not exceeding 5 minutes. To bypass this limitation, you need to sign up and subscribe to one of the available paid plans, with prices starting at $ 5 / month.

Using TwistedWave online is really very simple: after connecting to the home page of the siteclick on the button Upload to file … and, using the panel that is proposed to you, select the song on which to intervene.

Now, click on the button OK to open the popup containing the service editor and, if applicable, press the button Cancel, to continue using the free version (which will convert the track to Mono format). At this point, using the mouse, select the part of the song on which to intervene (on the left to blend it in, on the right to blend it out) and use the menus Effect> Fade In and Effects> Fade Out to apply the desired effects.

When you’re done, click on the menu File> Download… and, using the screen that is proposed to you, choose the file format (File Format), the title of the song (title), the coding quality (encoding quality) and the bitrate. To convert and download the song to your computer, click on the button Download.