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How to enter the PEC of Aruba

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How to enter the PEC of Aruba: Among the many services that offer the opening of a certified mailbox, you have decided to opt for Aruba , subscribing to one of its plans dedicated to PEC. After completing the purchase and receiving the notice relating to the activation of the mailbox, you must start using the latter to communicate with colleagues, professionals and bodies of the Public Administration.

How do you say? This is the case but are you desperate because, not having great familiarity with technology, you don’t know how to enter the PEC of Aruba ? Don’t worry, because I’m here to help you. In fact, in this guide of mine, I will show you how to perform this operation to start using the PEC, by accessing it from its Webmail panel, from its official app or from any e-mail client. Furthermore, I will explain how to access the PEC management panel to make some changes to its configuration.

You can’t wait to get started, aren’t you? So let’s not waste any more time chatting and let’s get started right away! Courage: sit comfortably, carefully read all the tips I have prepared for you in this guide and put them into practice. Are you ready to get started? Yup? Very well! At this point, all I have to do is wish you a good reading and, above all, a good job!


Enter the PEC box from webmail

The procedure for  entering the Aruba PEC account via a web browser is very simple: all you have to do is reach this link to open the PEC access panel . After opening the link I provided, type your complete PEC address (for example ) in the PEC address field and enter the password associated with it, in the field below. You can decide to put a check mark in the Stay logged in box  to avoid typing your PEC login credentials each time in the same browser.

Now, choose whether to activate the Complete checkbox or Try the new webmail in beta , in case you want to access the classic interface or the one under development, however, susceptible to some bugs. At this point, press the Login button to log in to the PEC.

Once logged in, you will find yourself in the main screen of the Aruba PEC Webmail. At this point you can view different boxes that inform you, for example, about new messages arriving, the expiration of the mailbox and the space used up to now. In the left sidebar, then, you can view different tabs to access some features of the PEC box.

The Messages section  allows you to access the folders where certified e-mail messages are sorted: in the Inbox you will find all the messages received, in Drafts those not yet sent, in Spam those unwanted, in Sent mail those already sent to the recipients and in Trash the messages you deleted.

Through the Contacts tab you can access the different addresses you have saved in the address book of your e-mail box, while the Calendar tab allows you to schedule events or reminders to schedule. In the Options tab , on the other hand, you can change some configuration parameters of the PEC, such as the display name, signature or the way in which messages are displayed in the interface.

Are you having trouble accessing your certified e-mail box? Check if you typed the password correctly or, if so, you can reset it by following the procedure I indicated in this chapter of the tutorial .

Enter the PEC box via the app

You can also access Aruba certified e-mail via the free official Aruba PEC Mobile app , available for Android and iOS . The advantage of using this app is that there is no need to enter any IMAP or POP3 parameters (which I will tell you about in the next chapter ), as everything is already preconfigured.

If you are interested in using the application, reach the links I provided and, on Android , tap the Install button and then click Open . On iOS , on the other hand, presses on Get and, finally, on Open  (you may be asked to verify your identity using Face ID, Touch ID or entering the Apple ID password).

After starting the app, press the Accept button to access the Aruba PEC login screen. At this point, enter the address  and the password associated with it, using the appropriate text boxes, and press the Login button to access your certified mailbox.

Now, by pressing the icon with the pencil symbol located at the  bottom  , you can compose a new message . of the basket.

Can’t access the PEC? You probably didn’t type your password correctly or you can’t remember it anymore. In this regard, I recommend that you read the information I indicated in this chapter of the guide .

Enter the PEC box via e-mail client

To access the Aruba PEC account, you can also use e-mail clients, both for computers and for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

Before indicating which software and applications you can use to access the PEC, you must have the information on the IMAP or POP3 data to be used in the configuration of the PEC account on the e-mail client.

As I already told you, you can access through two protocols: IMAP and POP3 . The first is the one I recommend you use, as it allows you to access certified e-mail from any device, synchronizing incoming and outgoing messages. The POP3 protocol, on the other hand, requires the use of e-mail only from one location, as the messages are downloaded to the device, unless you activate the option to keep a copy of the messages on the server.

Having made these necessary premises, below I will indicate the data for the configuration of the Aruba PEC both in IMAP and POP3.


Full Name : Your name or certified mail address

Account name : the certified email address (e.g. or others with domain @, @, @, @, @, @pecditta. com)

Password : the password assigned to the PEC box

Use SSL : Activate

Authentication : Password

Protocol Type : IMAP

Host of the incoming mail server (IMAP) :

Incoming mail server (IMAP) port : 993

Outgoing mail server (SMTP) host:

Outgoing mail server (SMTP) port : 465


Full Name : Your name or certified mail address

Account name : the certified email address (e.g. or others with domain @, @, @, @, @, @pecditta. com)

Password : the password assigned to the PEC box

Use SSL : Activate

Authentication : Password

Protocol Type : POP3

Host of the incoming mail server (POP3) :

Incoming mail server port (POP3) : 995

Outgoing mail server (SMTP) host:

Outgoing mail server (SMTP) port : 465

If, on the other hand, you have certified the domain of the website to have the PEC on the domain , you must use the same data that I have indicated in the lines above, taking care, however, to indicate as the account name or PEC address what you have purchased (for example ). In case you want to learn more about this topic, I refer you to the dedicated web page in the Aruba Guides section .

After identifying the protocol with which you want to connect to the Aruba PEC, it’s time to download an e-mail client . If you have a computer, I recommend using Microsoft Outlook or Thunderbird software , both available for Windows and macOS, or MacOS Mail . If, on the other hand, you need an app to access certified e-mail, you can think of using Spark for iOS or Gmail and Outlook , both available on both Android and iOS. In this regard, I recommend that you read my guides on programs for e-mail or programs for e-mail.

If you want to know how to configure an Aruba PEC in an e-mail client, I suggest you consult my guide on how to configure the Aruba PEC.

Having trouble logging in? In this case, you probably didn’t type the IMAP or POP3 information I mentioned above correctly or you forgot your password. In the latter case, I advise you to read the advice I indicated in this chapter of the tutorial , for its recovery.

Enter the PEC management panel

Aruba provides a panel for managing the certified e-mail inbox. To access this area, reach this link and log in by typing your PEC address and the password associated with it.

In the screen that will be shown to you, you will be able to view various information relating to the holder of the PEC account and on the renewal status of the service. Using the appropriate buttons on the screen, you can change the information or extend the subscription deadline.

In the left sidebar, by selecting the Mailbox item , you can change the behavior of the mailbox, forcing the acceptance of only PEC messages in the inbox or of any address, even non-certified.

You can also set up reception filters for sorting mail in the different folders ( Message rules ) or enable notifications on another email address if messages are received in the inbox ( Mail notification ).

In addition, there is a section for verifying the accesses performed ( Accesses ) or the possibility of communicating one’s address to the Register of Companies through the Infocamere service , for companies established in corporate or individual form ( Communicate box to the Business Register ).

Retrieve the PEC access password

If you have problems accessing the PEC mailbox, because you have forgotten your password, in the Aruba PEC access panel , click on the word Recover password . Alternatively, click on this link to access the password reset section.

If you are using the Aruba PEC app (which I told you about in this chapter ), you must access the main login screen and tap on the word Forgotten password .

At this point, in the screen that is shown to you, just enter the PEC address and the tax code (or VAT number ) of the account holder in the appropriate text fields. After doing this, click on the Continue button , and a reset link will be sent to the email box associated with your Aruba account.

After you have received the email, click on the link contained in it and type the new password you wish to use for the Aruba PEC in the appropriate text box. Enter it again in the field below and press Save new password to confirm the change made.

If, on the other hand, you want to reset the password of a PEC mailbox on a domain , the above procedure is no longer valid. What you need to do is reach the PEC management panel via this link and log in with the credentials of your Postmaster PEC account .

In the left sidebar, select the Search boxes tab and type the name of the PEC address you want to reset the password to, using the Search for box text field . At this point, press the Search button to show you the results.

After you have identified the box on which you want to reset the password, click on the word Change password , which you find next to it. Then fill in the New password and Confirm new password text boxes , entering a new one. Then press the Change password button to confirm.

If you’ve also lost your PEC Postmaster account password, don’t despair. Access the Domain Management Panel , via this link , and select the Mail Services section , in the left sidebar.

At this point, click on Change Postmaster PEC password and type a new one using the text boxes you see on the screen. Then click on Confirm , to make the changes to change the password, and that’s it!