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How to enter an Instagram profile without being discovered

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How to enter an Instagram profile without being discovered: You are a particularly jealous person, you are afraid that your partner will cheat on you and you would like to “peek” into his conversations Instagram to find compromising evidence? Would you like to check your child’s Instagram profile, because you are afraid that he may interact with malicious people, but this turns out to be “private” and would you like a hand to solve the problem?

Look, on the one hand I understand your motivations and your wanting to discover how to enter an Instagram profile without being discovered, but know that this is a very not very commendable action: accessing another person’s social profile secretly represents a violation of his privacy and, therefore, potentially also a crime punishable by law. That said, know that I can somehow help you.

Obviously, since it is absolutely not my intention to encourage incorrect behavior, I will only give you some “tips” on how to use the official Instagram tools to steal information that may not be immediately accessible on the profiles of the people of your interest, but no more. In short, if you want I can help you reach your goal, but within certain limits and without actually violating the profiles of others. Clear? Well, then let’s get started.

Enter the Instagram profile of a person you know

If, after the necessary premises on the potential privacy violations related toenter an Instagram profile without being discoveredyou still intend to continue, here’s what you need to do.

Well, the best way to enter an Instagram profile without arousing particular suspicions is to access the profile to “spy on” using the relevant login data, which you must of course know. And even in this case, it is obviously an operation to be considered at the limits of legality (as well as morally incorrect).

That said, to access the Instagram with the data of the person of your interest, download the official app of the photographic social network for Android (from the Play Store or from alternative stores) or on iOS (fromApp Store); alternatively, if you prefer to act as a PC, connect to the Instagram official site. Then type, in the text fields that are shown to you, the login data of the person you are interested in and press the button Log into log in to your profile.

At this point the game could be done, but keep in mind that this operation can be subject to several limitations: for example, if the account owner has activated the two-factor verification via SMS or via an authentication app, you could not be able to access your account, as the login must be authorized by the security code provided by the two-step verification. Furthermore, the receipt of the access code by the legitimate owner of the account will certainly make the latter suspicious.

The only way to bypass two-factor verification is to log into the user’s account via an already recognized device, such as their smartphone or computer.

In the event that you are able to access the profile of your interest, in order not to leave traces of your “visit”, log out from it and delete your access activity through the settings of the social network app.

To do so, click onlittle man icon or on profile thumbnail located in the bottom menu of the social network, then tap the ☰ button that you can find in the upper right corner. Now, in the menu that is shown to you, click on the items Settings> Security> Login Activity.

At this point, identify the access marked by the wording Active nowtap on the icon (…) and in the menu that is shown to you, click on the button Go out. By doing so, you will log out of the account and there will no longer be a trace of the session previously performed, in the event that the owner of the account subsequently goes to verify the access activities from this same screen.

Enter a private Instagram profile without being discovered

Enter a private Instagram profile without being discovered

In case you were wondering, entering a private Instagram profile without following it is impossible, also because it would constitute a violation of privacy not just. Consequently, the only thing you can do to see the posts and stories published by a private Instagram account without revealing your identity, is to follow the account in question with another profile.

Therefore, create a new account and add it to the app Instagram. To do this, first press the ☰ icon that you can find in the top right corner of your Instagram profile screen.

Then, in the menu that is shown to you, tap on the item Settings and presses on the words Add or change account> Add account> Create new account (on Android) or Add account> Create new account (on iOS). Proceed, then, to re-register on Instagram, by typing the username you want and then pressing the button Forward.

By doing so, the account will be added to the social network app: to switch from one profile to another, double tap on thelittle man icon or on profile thumbnail located in the lower right corner. At this point, it identifies, through the search engine of the social network (themagnifying glass icon), the private account you want to follow and, after going to his profile, press the button followto forward the follow request.

In the event that this is approved, you will receive a notification and, from now on, you will be able to see all the content posted by the user you followed without revealing your true identity.

Visit an Instagram profile without being discovered

Stories Down

If your intent is to visit an Instagram profile without being discoveredyou will be happy to know that doing this is easier than expected.

In fact, you must know that visiting a user’s profile on Instagram without interacting is completely anonymous: if, in fact, you do not like the posts he publishes, the user in question will never know that you have visited his profile.

A different speech, however, must be made regarding the stories: even if you do not interact with the latter, viewing only is not protected from anonymity, since the account owner can know at any time the names of the people who have seen his stories.

However, it is possible to circumvent this functionality of the social network by using services or apps that allow see the stories on Instagram anonymously: I refer, for example, to websites such as InstaStories And StoriesDown or to apps like Save storiesAnd (try to see if there is something similar on some alternative store, in case you have a device without Google services) or iStory for Instagram for iOS / iPadOS.

In these specific cases, just type the username of the person of interest to see the stories in a completely anonymous way. For more information about it, refer to my tutorial where I tell you about how to see Instagram without an account.