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How to encrypt emails

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How to encrypt folders on Windows: You really like detective films in which FBI secret agents, all punctually dressed in black and equipped with super technological accessories are on the trail of dangerous criminals. When you watch these films, you are often fascinated by the ease in which agents exchange secret information using self-destructing emails after being opened, or even encrypted emails that can only be read by the real recipient.

Well, if that’s the way it is, that’s why you searched the Internet for information on how to encrypt emails know that dressing for a day as a TV hero like the ones mentioned above is not that difficult.

How do you say? Do you think I’m kidding you? Of course not, I wouldn’t allow myself mail. I want to challenge you: wear a rigorously black jacket, tie and pants and carefully follow the instructions that I will give you in this tutorial; you will see that in a very short time you will also be able to send encrypted emails. Happy reading and enjoy!

Lockbin (Web)

Among the web tools that I recommend to use to encrypt the email there is the service called LockBin which will allow you to encrypt emails in a simple and fast way even without having to create an account, even if free.

Lockbin is in fact usable through a special one website and will allow you to accomplish the goal you have set yourself without paying a penny and quickly.

Alternatively, if you wish to use it more completely, I recommend you register on the Internet site to send encrypted emails having the ability to add a recipient address book and always keep your email address in memory.

The services offered by Lockbin can also be purchased through some paid plans that have additional features. In any case, the purchase of Lockbin (in the form of a monthly subscription or a single billing) is not mandatory.

Having said that if you want to start using this web service, the first thing you need to do is connect to its official website and, if you don’t want to register, click on the menu item Send message that you can find located at the top. In this way you can view directly in the text field dedicated to the composition of the email,

As for the registration (which, although it is not mandatory, is strongly recommended), you will be asked to press the button Free Signup Start Lockbin that you will be able to see on the main screen I have indicated to you. In this case you will then have to press the button Get a Free Account to proceed with the registration of your account.

To use this service dedicated to sending encrypted emails all you have to do is fill in the text fields that you will see on the screen and indicate your email address in the field Your email. The text field Recipient Email instead, it is the one where you will have to type the recipient’s email while in the text field Subject you can also type the subject of your message.

The content of the message that will be encrypted through this service will be written in the lower text field. Keep in mind that you can also attach files to the message by pressing the button Choose file at the wording Attach file (s). You will then have to choose the file from your computer and attach it in the message.

Before sending emails by pressing the button Send Secure Message you will need to put a check mark in the box THE accept the Terms and Conditions of Use in order to accept the terms and conditions of the service.

If, on the other hand, you want to receive a warning message when the email is received, then you will also need to put a check mark next to the item Send a notification email to the recipient.

In the event that you encounter problems in sending the email, I recommend that you register for the service.

Also keep in mind that Lockbin can also be used through the application for Android, Java application for Windows / Mac / Linux and as an addon for the Outlook mail client.

ProtonMail (Web / Android / iOS)

Among the services that I propose in this tutorial of mine, and that you can use for the purpose of encrypting email, there is the ProtonMail website which is one of the best tools on the Web that will allow you to carry out the purpose you have set for yourself. absolutely Free.

This service is also available with additional paid features, the purchase of which is optional while registration is mandatory for use.

The main functionality of this tool allows you to send encrypted emails that are automatically encrypted by users who use this tool: ProtonMail it will ask to be used after registering a dedicated email address.

However, you can also use it to send an encrypted e-mail message to an external email address: this service should not be used to send email to other users of the service.

The e-mail message can also be sent to traditional email addresses as you can encrypt the message by setting a password. In order to read the received email, the recipient must therefore know it.

Having clarified this fundamental question, the first thing you need to do to use ProntMail is to log on to its official website and press the button. Get your encrypted email account.

After that you will have to select the wording Free and press the button Select Free Plan in order to be able to use this service without paying.

You will then be sent to a next screen in which you will be asked to continue by creating your own account and a dedicated email address with an email address. @ or @

You will therefore have to fill out the registration form in its entirety, which you will see on the screen, indicating your username, selecting the domain name you want to use from those mentioned, choosing a password and typing a recovery email to be used for the recovery of the account.

Once you have filled in all the text fields that you will see on the screen, you just have to press the button Create account.

Don’t forget to pass the captcha by pressing the button I’m not a robot and then on the button Complete the setup. Before using the email you will be asked to quickly configure your account by choosing the Visualized name and pressing the button Ends.

Once you have completed all the bureaucratic procedures you can start sending encrypted emails using this email service: then press the button Compose located in the upper left corner and start composing your email by typing the recipient’s email address in the text field TO, the subject of the message in the text field Subject and then typing the content of your message as the body of the text.

Before sending emails by pressing the button Submit you can take advantage of some very interesting features: press the button with the paperclip symbol to attach a file or multimedia element, press the button with the padlock symbol to encrypt your email by setting a password and finally press the button with the hourglass symbol if you want the message to self-destruct after a set period of time. In the last two cases you will have to confirm the options entered by pressing the button Tax.

I also find it very interesting to point out the possibility of using this service via mobile devices. You can in fact download the appropriate application from the Play Store of Android or from the App Store of iOS and use it in a very similar way for sending encrypted emails.

Sbwave Enkryptor (Web)

An alternative Free for sending encrypted emails is the site Internet Sbwave Enkryptor which provides a text field through which to type a personalized message and send it to an e-mail address.

This service is free and does not require any type of registration, it can be used directly from its official website in a simple, extremely immediate way, also thanks to a minimal user interface is reduced only to the essential elements.

On the other hand, however, it must be taken into account that the non-in service allows you to send attachments together with the content of the message and therefore has basic functionality.

If you want to use it, the first thing you need to do is to connect to his official website. You can immediately see all the text fields dedicated to the compilation of your e-mail message.

Via the text field To email: you will need to type the recipient’s email address in the text field Username you will have to indicate your name, in the text field Your email instead you will have to indicate your email address while in the text field Subject you will have to write the subject of the message.

Then you can write the message to be sent using the text field Message but before sending the message you will need to make sure there is a check mark next to the wording I have read and agree to all conditions so that the terms and conditions of the service have been accepted.

A fundamental step that you must not forget, if you want to send encrypted emails is the use of the text field Encryption Code through which you will have to choose and type a password that the recipient will have to use for decrypting the message.

At the end of all the operations you can send the message by pressing the button Encrypt & Send.

Infoencrypt (Web)

One of the Internet sites that I want to advise you to use as an alternative to those just proposed, should you encounter problems related to their functioning, is the website. Infoencrypt.

In this case it is not a real tool for sending e-mail messages but instead an excellent web tool for writing encrypted messages in an extremely simple and immediate way.

You can then write the message you want to encrypt using this service and then send the message through any traditional email service.

All you have to do to use it will be to connect to its official website and then type the text you want to encrypt in the box Text to encrypt (or encrypted code to decrypt).

At this point to encrypt the message you will have to choose a decryption password and enter it twice in a row in the text fields Password is Confirm password. After that you will have to press the button Encrypt to encrypt the message.

You will then be returned a wording containing the encrypted message so you can copy it and paste it in the text of the emails you want to send.

The person who received the encrypted message will have to paste it in the same text field you use, type in the password you may have provided and then press the button decrypt to view the decrypted message.