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How to encrypt a message

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How to encrypt a message: Unfortunately, the hangover relatives are not your exclusive, even your friends have nosy brothers, sisters and cousins ​​who take advantage of every good opportunity to read emails saved on your PC without permission. Unfortunately there is little to do, against such “obstacles” you have to adopt strong ways … have you ever thought about encrypted messages ?

I know, it sounds like a 007 movie thing, but in reality it’s not like that! There are several free online services, such as Encrypt Easy , which allow you to easily encrypt letters and messages so that they are viewable only by those who know the right password to “translate” them. What do you say? Would you like to find out how to encrypt a message using them? So you can finally communicate with your friends online without fear of strangers reading what you write.

If you want to find out how to encrypt a message quickly and easily without installing additional software on your PC, connect to the Encrypt Easy website and type the message you want to encrypt in the text field located under the entry Enter text which you would like to encrypt or decrypt . You can also format the text by inserting bold, italic, underlining and changing font sizes / colors.

Once the message is written, type the password you want to use to encrypt it in the Password and Confirm password fields and click on the Encrypt button located at the bottom of the page to complete the operation.

Now all you have to do is copy the code that appeared in the text field at the bottom of the page and send it to your friend instead of the original message. You can use email but also Facebook, Messenger and any other messaging service. The important thing is that the code is whole and that you also communicate to your friend the password necessary to decipher the text.

To decrypt a text with Encrypt Easy you must follow a procedure almost identical to that seen to encrypt a message , in fact just paste the text to be decrypted in the Enter text field which you would like to encrypt or decrypt , type the security password in the Password fields and Confirm password and click on the Decrypt button . Easier than that?