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How to encrypt a file

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How to encrypt a file: Especially when sharing your computer with other family members, keeping your files away from prying eyes is really difficult. The only solution is to encrypt your data most important so that only those who know the right password to open them can see them, but many people, including you, desist from doing so because they believe that it is a very complicated operation. Nothing could be more false!

If you want to secure your files with a password, know that there are several free programs that allow you to do it in such a simple way that you will be amazed. Do you want an example? Drag’n’Crypt ULTRA, a free and no-install program that allows you to encrypt files and make them inaccessible to those who do not know the password simply by dragging the documents to be protected on its icon. Impossible? Then read here how to encrypt a file using it.

If you want to find out how to encrypt a file With this little free software, the first step you need to take is to connect to the Drag’n’Crypt ULTRA website and click on the item Drag’n’Crypt ULTRA 2.3.2 which is located in the center of the page to download the program to your PC.

When the download is complete, double-click on it to open the archive you just downloaded ( and extract its contents to any folder. Then start the program DCU.exeselect theItalian from the drop-down menu that appears and click on the button OK to bring up the Drag’n’Crypt ULTRA 2.3.2 icon in which you will have to drag the files to be encrypted.

Drag’n’Crypt ULTRA replaces encrypted files with files with the extension .dcu impossible to open without dragging them back to the program icon and knowing the decryption password. For encrypt a file with it, therefore, all you have to do is select the document to be encrypted with the mouse, hold down the left mouse button and drag the selected file into the Drag’n’Crypt ULTRA (the one with the gray lock and the yellow and red viewfinder). You can also select entire folders or multiple files at the same time.

In the window that opens, type the password you want to use to protect your data in the fields Key And Repeat and start the procedure to encrypt the selected files by clicking on the button Crypt. By default, Drag’n’Crypt ULTRA creates the encrypted version of the files without deleting the original one (which is no longer needed). To change this setting and automatically replace the original files with the encrypted ones, click on the item Secure file deletion Disabled (in order to make it become Activated) before starting data encryption.

To remove the protection from the encrypted data, all you have to do is start Drag’n’Crypt ULTRA and drag and drop files with extension .dcu on its icon. In the window that opens, type the password to unlock the files in the field Key and click on the button Decrypt to restore the original version of the file without protection. Easier than that?