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How to encode a text

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How to encode a text: Do you want to keep the content of the emails you exchange with your friends safe from prying eyes? Do you need to keep some sensitive information on your PC but don’t want anyone to read it without permission? What you need is a nice little program to encrypt the texts.

How about CTI Text Encryption ? It is a free program for Windows that works without requiring installations and allows you to encrypt any text with a combination of four different passwords. Interesting, right? Then don’t waste any more time and find out how to encode a text using it.

If you want to find out how to encode a text , the first step you need to take is to connect to the CTI Encryption website and click on the download button to download the program to your PC. Download is complete open, double clicking on it, the CTI Text Encryption 3.0.exe program you just downloaded and click on the Run button to display its main screen.

At this point, you can start to encrypt your texts in a really simple way. All you have to do is write or paste the text to be encoded, type the passwords you want to use to protect the document in the Key 1 , Key 2 , Key 3 and Key 4 fields (by clicking on the Use processor ID and Use Hard Disk S buttons / N you can use the processor ID of the PC and the serial number of the hard disk respectively as the third and fourth password) and click on the Encrypt button to encrypt everything. It is not necessary to enter all four passwords, one is enough.

After coding the text, copy it by clicking on the Copy button and paste it where you need it: in an e-mail message if you want to send a secret letter to someone, in a text file if you want to keep sensitive information on the PC, and so Street.

By default, CTI Encryption protects the text entered in the program behind asterisks. If you want to display the text in its original form, put the check mark next to the Show characters item on the right.

To decode texts encrypted with CTI Encryption, another very simple procedure must be followed. Just paste the text in encrypted form into the program using the Paset button , type the passwords necessary to “translate” it into the Key 1 , Key 2 , Key 3 and Key 4 fields and click on Decrypt .

CTI Encryption also has a second method for encoding a text which, however, works only in one sense, this means that it encrypts the texts but does not allow them to be deciphered automatically as is the case with the standard method just seen together. It is accessible from the program’s One way encryption tab but is recommended only for real communication encryption experts.