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How to email photos

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How to email photos: Until recently, the computer was a mysterious object to you. Fortunately, the situation has now changed. Recently, thanks to the help of relatives and friends knowledgeable in the field, you have managed to get closer to this world. But now, even if you are still not very good at handling mouse and keyboard, you have decided that you would like to impress everyone by sending a photo of your recent holidays via email.

It is certainly a great idea but would you like me to give you a hand to complete this “mission”? Of course, no problem. On the other hand, sending photos via email via your PC is a simple and immediate operation that I can explain to you in no time at all. You will only need a few minutes of free time and you can easily succeed in your intent, using one of the main Webmail services. In addition, I will explain how to proceed from smartphones and tablets or how to send large or compressed photos via email without losing their quality.

That’s exactly what you were looking for, am I right? So let’s not waste any more precious time and let’s get to work immediately! All you have to do is sit comfortably and pay close attention to all the information and tips I have prepared for you in the next chapters. Having said that, I just have to wish you a good read!


How to send photos via Webmail

All online e-mail services, such as Gmail , Outlook , Yahoo Mail and Virgilio Mail , allow you to send photos via email through your web panel. Generally speaking, in fact, the button that allows you to attach a photo is with a paperclip icon or an image icon .

Having made this brief and generic premise, however, let’s see in detail how to perform this operation in the main most popular e-mail services: Gmail and Outlook . You will find all the details to be able to achieve your goal of emailing photos in the following chapters.


If you have a Gmail email address , you can send a photo via email directly from the web panel of this Google service by reaching its official website . All you need to do is log in with your Google account credentials to view the Gmail home screen.

Now, press the Write button located at the top left to open the compiler window of a message. To attach a photo, press the button with the paperclip icon in the bottom toolbar to add the image to the message as a generic document. This is useful for avoiding both the preview of the image within the text, and the possibility that some compression is carried out that could reduce its quality.

By pressing the image icon , instead, you can attach a photo by importing it from your Google Photos cloud, from the local memory of your device or from a URL. Furthermore, using the buttons below, you can choose whether to add them in the body of the text by viewing the preview or simply attach them to the message. Once this is done, you just have to write the message in the appropriate field, type the subject and indicate the recipient . Then press the Send button to complete the sending of the e-mail message.

I remind you that on Gmail you can send attachments up to a maximum of 25MB . Once this threshold is exceeded, you will be prompted to send via a Google Drive attachment: the procedure is automatic and you do not have to do anything specific, except to consent to this request. If you don’t want to attach your photos via Google Drive, you have other possible solutions, which I’ll tell you about specifically in this chapter .



If you have a Microsoft account and use the Outlook email service , you can send photos via email from its web panel, reachable at this link . If you are not logged in yet, press the Login button located at the top and enter your Microsoft account credentials, so as to display the Outlook Webmail screen.

Once this is done, click on the New message button located at the top left to open the message composition. To send a photo, press on the paper clip icon that you find among the tools below: in the menu that is shown to you, choose whether to import it from the OneDrive cloud or from the device memory. In the latter case you must send photos that do not exceed a total of 20MB , the limit that can be overcome by using the first option instead.

By pressing instead on the image icon that you find in the toolbar, you can embed a photo directly into the message. In this case, the image will not be shared as an attachment and compressions may be made on its quality in order to optimize its sending.

When you are done, write the message in the appropriate field, indicate a subject and add the recipient . Finally, press the Send button that you find in the top bar, so you can send the message with the photos attached.

How to email photos from mobile

Do you want to send photos just taken with your mobile phone via email? In this case, you can rely on the email clients already present on your device, such as Gmail on Android or Mail on iPhone / iPad. Other apps are also available for sending emails, but in this tutorial I will focus on the apps already pre-installed on these terminals. You will find all the details below.

How to Email Photos from Android

How to Email Photos from Android

If you have an Android smartphone or tablet , you can easily email photos using this operating system’s default email client, namely Gmail . The app in question not only manages Google’s e-mail (precisely Gmail), but also other similar services, thanks to the IMAP protocol.

You should also know that Gmail is not just an Android app, it is also available on iPhone and iPad via the App Store . Unfortunately on Android devices without Google services it is not possible to use the Gmail app, but you can always rely on other email clients, which I told you about in this tutorial.

Returning to the core of the matter, to send a photo via the Gmail app, you must first set up an account on it. If you have associated a Google account with your Android device, you do not have to do anything, while if you want to associate an email account other than Gmail, you will have to add it in the app: I have talked about it in detail in this tutorial dedicated to the subject.

Once this is done, start the Gmail app and press the Write button . At this point, tap on the paperclip icon at the top and select the Attach file item , to add a photo present on your Android device as an attachment (the size limit is 25MB ), otherwise press the Insert from Google Drive item , to attach an image without size constraint.

Once this is done, fill in the recipient , subject and message fields and press on the airplane icon at the top to confirm the sending of the e-mail message.

How to email photos with iPhone

How to email photos with iPhone

If you have an iPhone or iPad , you can easily send a photo via email thanks to the default Mail email client available on Apple devices.

In a similar way to what we’ve already seen for the Gmail app on Android , you first need to make sure an email account is associated with it. If you’ve already associated an Apple ID with your device, you can immediately move on to composing a message. Alternatively, if your goal is to send an email with another email service, you must first set it up in the Mail app: I told you about it in detail in this tutorial of mine.

Now, to send a photo via email, after starting the Mail app , click on the icon with a pencil at the bottom right, fill in all the required fields ( recipient , subject and message ) and tap on the icon > found on the top bar of the keyboard. At this point, choose whether to upload photos from the iOS / iPadOS Camera Roll (the images icon ), take a photo on the spot (the camera icon ) or attach the photo as a document (the sheet icon ).

When you are sure that you have filled in all the fields and added all the photos you want, press the up arrow key . I remind you that the size limit for attachments is 20MB . You can overcome this limit by using Mail Drop, Apple’s service for temporarily sending large attachments (up to 5GB ).

How to send WhatsApp photos via email

How to send WhatsApp photos via email

Have you received a photo via WhatsApp and would like to forward it by email? Nothing simpler! All you have to do is open the WhatsApp app on your Android or iOS device and access the conversation where the image is present.

At this point, tap on it in order to view it. You just have to press on the icon (…) at the top and choose the Share item (on Android) or press directly on the share icon at the bottom (on iPhone) and choose the e-mail app to attach it to a new message .

Now, all you have to do is follow the same instructions I gave you in the chapter dedicated to Android or the one on the iPhone , to add any other photos or proceed directly to sending the message via email.

If you want to learn more about this topic, I recommend reading my article on how to send photos from WhatsApp to email, in which I explained in detail how to proceed both on smartphones and tablets and on PCs, even considering the forwarding of multiple photos at the same time.

How to email photos without losing quality


You should know that in general the sending of photos via email does not involve the loss of quality if they are inserted into the message as a generic attachment. In fact, in this way, the photos are considered as documents, without any compression on their image quality (if provided for in your e-mail service).

In this regard, I have already talked to you about this possibility in the previous chapters dedicated to Gmail and Outlook services, but you can still learn more about the subject by consulting my guide on how to send photos without losing quality, in which I explained how to proceed in most part of the services and e-mail client.

How to send compressed photos via email

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If you need to send several photos via email but you don’t want the recipient to have to download them one by one, you can decide to add them to a compressed archive . In general, it is not necessary to perform this operation if the recipient is an Outlook or Gmail user, as the functionality of downloading all attachments as archive is available in these e-mail services.

If you still want to compress all the photos in an archive (even perhaps to reduce their size), I suggest you follow the instructions I gave you in my tutorial on how to zip a folder, in which I explained how to proceed both from a PC and from smartphones and tablets to create a compressed archive with one or more photos.

How to send lots of photos via email

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Your goal is to send a lot of photos by email but it is not possible for you due to the limitations on the size of the attachments? Don’t worry, you have several solutions to succeed in your intent.

You should know that to send heavy photos via email you can use the cloud functionality integrated in the most famous email services, such as Google Drive for Gmail, OneDrive for Outlook or Mail Drop for Apple Mail. When you attach one or more photos that exceed the size limit imposed, you are given the opportunity, through the appropriate box, to proceed with sending via the connected cloud service (I told you about it in this chapter ).

In addition, if you want to send large email photos , you can also opt for third-party cloud services, such as Dropbox or MEGA, by attaching the share link to the folder containing the photos in the text of the message. Alternatively, you can use large file sending services, such as WeTransfer , SendGB or SwissTransfer – I told you about them in detail in my tutorial on how to send large files via email.