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How to edit photos for free

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How to edit photos for free: You love so much edit photos to the PC that you often want to do at a friend’s house or in the office, but where you don’t have all your precious software equipment with you? Ok, don’t tell anyone but I have something here that’s right for you.

You must know that on the Internet there are many sites that allow you to edit photos online for free in Italian with special effects without the need to install any program on the PC. They won’t be as complete as your favorite photo editing software, but they really do have tons of features and are super easy to use. Try the ones I’m about to recommend if you don’t believe them.

The first site for edit photos online for free in Italian with special effects And Picnik, which comes with an essential but very easy to use interface. To edit a photo with Picnik, connected to the main page of the service and click on the button Upload a photo (on the left) to select the image to operate on from your PC.

After a short upload, the editor will open to edit the photo. Then use the buttons above the photo to adjust the properties of the image (the Auto-fix automatically corrects the parameters of the photo), the card Create to apply frames, texts and special effects to the latter and, when you are satisfied with the result, save the image on the PC by first clicking on the tab Save and then on the button Save photos.

If your true passion is photomontages, you can only jump on PicJoke. On this great site for edit photos online for free in Italian with special effects, you will find many photomontages of all kinds ready to use: all you have to do is choose your favorite! To create a photomontage with PicJokeconnected to the main page of the site, browse the photomontages available using the list of dates located on the left, and click on the preview of the special effect you want to apply to your photo.

On the page that opens, click on the button first Browse to select your photo to include in the montage and then on Create your image to start creating it. After a few moments, a page with your photomontage will be displayed. To save it on your PC click on the icon in the shape of floppy diskto share it with friends on Facebook click on the button share with the site icon.

Scrapee is a portal that provides access to many different functions for edit photos online for free in Italian with special effects. By connecting to its home page, you will be able to find options to create collages, photos, photomontages, animated gifs, postcards, crop photos, resize images, add frames or writings to photos and much more.

To edit your images with Scrapeethen click on the name of the function that interests you most (eg. Photomontages) and, on the page that opens, first click on Browse and then on Upload to select the photo to retouch. Follow the guided procedure (in Italian) that is proposed to you and in a few moments you will get the desired result.