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How to draw on Illustrator

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How to draw on Illustrator: You’re trying to learn the basic drawing functions on Illustrator but, despite the numerous attempts, you have not managed to reach your goal? Do you have many vector graphics ideas to create with the famous Adobe software but you don’t know where to start? Don’t worry: if you are looking for a guide that explains you how to draw on Illustratorknow that you have come to the right place!

Illustrator is one of the best vector drawing software out there and lets you do just what you need to do, but even more: flat art, stylized drawings, illustrations, vector sketches, banner ads, and more. In this new tutorial I will show you what are the main tools provided by the software and how to use them.

So take five minutes of free time and find out how to proceed both on PC and on Android and iOS / iPadOS mobile devices. In this way you can start drawing in all simplicity and autonomy. All that remains for me is to wish you a good reading and a good time!

How to draw on Illustrator for PC

Drawing with Illustrator is really very simple, it only takes a little time to familiarize yourself with the graphical interface and learn where all the drawing, selection and interaction tools are located. If you have vector drawing in your blood, then you will see that once you have learned the advice I will give you in the following paragraphs, you will not be able to do without using this program. So, let’s not waste any more time and see how to draw on Illustrator for PC

If you are already equipped with Adobe Illustrator, then you are ready to start this new experience. If, on the other hand, this is a first approach to Adobe’s software, you can download the full version, granted in free trial for 7 days (after which it requires a subscription, starting from 24.39 euros / month), from the official website. To learn more, I suggest you read my article on how to download Illustrator for free.

When you’re ready, launch Illustrator for Windows or macOS and create a new document via the menu File> New, top left. Then select the box Web-Large (1920 x 1080 px) and click the blue button Createto bring your drawing project to life.

Now you can start having fun! One of the simplest tools to start drawing on Illustrator is undoubtedly it Brush tool (can also be recalled with the key B. keyboard), you can find it in the toolbar on the left side of the screen.

brush on illustrator

Now all you have to do is hold down the left click and drag the mouse to create a shape on the artboard. If you make a small mistake, press the keys at the same time ctrl + z to undo the last operation done, if you want to delete only a portion of the drawing you can use it Eraser toolin the toolbar.

Of course, if you have a graphics tablet or a touch screen, you can also use the latter as an input method for your drawings and make the stroke even more precise than you could with the “classic” mouse.

You must know which ones you designed are vector traces and you can manipulate them (stretch them, skew them, distort them) by selecting it Selection tool (or key V. on the keyboard) at the top of the toolbar. If you click on one of your brush strokes you will immediately notice that gods will appear control points: try to drag one and you will immediately see the effect.

Even after drawing, you always have time to change the thickness of the path, the color and the type of the brush. To change the look of your design you can interact with the Properties bar located at the top of the screen, from which you can alter: fill color And path color, path thickness in px (pixels), brush outline And path opacity. Convenient, right?

How to draw a line on illustrator

how to draw a line on illustrator

If you need to draw well-defined shapes on Illustrator, know that there are special tools for creating primitive shapes, such as a polygon, a circle or a line. If you want to learn how to draw a line on illustratorin this chapter I will explain how to proceed.

After launching Illustrator and creating a new document of any size and color, find and select it Line Segment Tool, located in the toolbar on the left side of the program window. From the property bar located at the top of the screen, decide it thickness of the line, by changing the number of pixels in the box Trace:. Then go to a point on the artboard and hold down the left click; then move the mouse slightly and release the click to see your new line.

The same result can be achieved by using the Pen tool (or key P. on the keyboard). Even though the pen is designed for creating multi-paths, you can first click anywhere on the artboard and a second click somewhere far away to establish the end of the line. Now press the button V. on the keyboard to interrupt the multi-path and get a perfect line.

Done! You just drew a line in two different ways but that’s not all. Know that the line is a common vector path, so you can edit and manipulate it through the property bar always located at the top of Illustrator.

How to draw a triangle on illustrator

how to draw a triangle on illustrator

Among the tools for drawing primitive shapes in illustrator is missing that of the triangle. But don’t worry if you want to know how to draw a triangle on illustratorknow that there are several ways to do this, and in this chapter I will walk you through them one by one.

The fastest and easiest way to draw a triangle in illustrator is to use it Shaper tool. To select this tool, right click on the Pencil tool and, from the context menu, click on Shaper tool. Now draw a freehand triangle in the center of the artboard, don’t worry if it’s not accurate, just do it in speed. As soon as you lift your finger from the mouse you will see that the tool will correct irregularities by itself, returning an equilateral triangle.

If you want to be more precise from the start, right-click on the Rectangle toollocated in the toolbar, and choose it Polygon tool from the context menu. Then place the mouse cursor in the center of the artboard and hold down the left click until you draw a polygon of the size you prefer. Now, at the top of the screen, click on the option Form located on the property bar and, finally, move the cursor to the left # Polygon side count until you get the triangle.

Polygon shape on illustrator

The less accurate way to draw a triangle instead is to use it Pen tool (or key P. on the keyboard). All you have to do is click on three different points on the artboard to create a muti-path consisting of two lines. The fourth click you have to do it on the first point created, so as to dock / close the path and get an irregular triangle. With this method you can very easily create scalene triangles.

To create a scalene right triangle, select it Rectangle tool (or key M. on the keyboard), then draw a rectangle in the size you prefer. Now select it Pen tool and pause the mouse cursor over any of the 4 corners of the rectangle. You will notice the appearance of the symbol (minus) and the wording anchorthen click to remove a corner and finally get a scalene right triangle.

How to draw an arrow in Illustrator

how to draw arrows on illustrator

Among the vector drawing tools of Illustrator, the tool for drawing arrows could not be missing. If you are thinking about the fact that you cannot find it in any of the toolbars, you are right, it is not easily accessible: in this regard, I wrote this chapter in which I explain in detail how to draw an arrow on illustrator.

First you need to draw a line in one of your favorite ways: you can use the previous chapter. Then click on the menu Window> Track (above) to open the track tools tab. At the bottom of the tab you can see two drop-down menus next to the item Arrowsthe latter determine the type of tip and of queue of an arrow.

You can choose at will the options you prefer from the two drop-down menus and, once the tip and tail have been established, you will see that they will change appearance and properties according to those you decide for the original line. So they become in effect an integral part of the line to simplify customization.

How to draw a logo in Illustrator


After learning the basics of drawing in Illustrator you may be wondering how to create something more complex and specific, how to draw a logo in Illustrator. Good! The method is simpler than it sounds as by combining text and shapes you can get small results to edit and complete.

To design a logo, in addition to the knowledge of the basic tools of Illustrator, you need to have a little inventiveness. If you don’t know what to draw I suggest you look at some examples online, you will surely find the inspiration you are looking for. With the details I gave you in the previous chaptersyou could try to compose a logo with Illustrator’s simpler tools, namely (polygons, lines, hand paths and colors).

However, if you want to learn more, I invite you to read my detailed guide where you will find all the information on how to draw a logo in Illustrator.

How to draw on Illustrator for smartphones and tablets

How to draw

If you like to unleash creativity even while you are on the move and are looking for a guide on how to draw on Illustrator for smartphones and tabletsin this chapter you will find some suggestions that are right for you.

Among the mobile apps you can find Illustrator for iPad which is a full version of Illustrator very similar to the one for desktop PCs, but developed solely for Apple iPad and can be used through a paid subscription with monthly or annual plans (the first month of trial is free). In this case, the procedure for introducing you to vector drawing is identical to that described in previous chapters of the guide.