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How to download Undertale

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How to download Undertale: All your friends are talking to you well about Undertale, the now famous role-playing game by Toby Fox created through GameMaker Studio, so you finally decided to try it too. On the other hand, 2D graphics don’t scare you and you read that critics have promoted the title with flying colors. The only problem is that, as you are not really a gaming and technology expert in general, you really cannot understand how to install the game on your PC or console.

Don’t worry: today is your lucky day! In the tutorial you are about to read, in fact, I will explain how to download Undertale guiding you step by step in the installation of the game both on computer (on Windows and macOS) and on console. I will not tell you about the mobile sphere, as the game does not yet exist in an official version for smartphones and tablets.

So, can you know what you’re still doing there impaled? Do you want to be able to save the Underground or not? Well, then read and practice the short instructions below. I assure you that, in a flash, you will be ready to discover the secrets of Undertale and have fun in its fantastic world. At this point, there is nothing else to do but wish you a good read and, above all, have fun!

Preliminary information

undertale trailer

Before going into the details of the procedure on how to download Undertale , I think you may be interested in having some more information on this role-playing game.

Well, Undertale was essentially made by a single person, or the independent American programmer Toby Fox . The latter took care of all aspects of the game, except for some design content (which he delegated to Temmie Chang). It is, therefore, a production with a very small budget, which however immediately managed to win the hearts of the players, even the Italian ones (although the title is officially available only in English).

Undertale was developed using Game Maker Studio , a tool accessible to everyone, often used for non-professional projects. Despite this, he became famous because of his narrative gimmicks, with the protagonist Fox who during the game very often breaks the fourth wall, communicating directly with the player and increasing the involvement of the latter.

As for the cost, the game is paid and is often available at a price of less than 10 euros. Having said that, let’s take action and see, together, how to download Undertale on the various platforms.

How to download Undertale on PC

Undertale was born as a title for PC, so let’s start from the latter and see, together, how to download the game on Windows .

Minimum requirements

Undertale Gameplay PC

Before proceeding with the installation of Undertale, it is good that you take into account the minimum and recommended requirements of the game, in order to compare them with the specifications of your PC and avoid unpleasant surprises. In any case, Undertale is a very “light” video game and therefore even dated configurations manage to hold it quite well. Here are the minimum requirements.

  • Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10;
  • RAM: 2GB;
  • Video card: 128MB;
  • Memory: 200MB of available space.

If, on the other hand, you want to take advantage of a better gaming experience, without any kind of slowdown or other type of problem, I advise you to comply with the requirements recommended by Toby Fox, which you find below.

  • Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 10;
  • Processor: 2GHz +;
  • RAM: 3GB;
  • Video card: 512MB;
  • Memory: 200MB of available space.

For more details related to the required technical specifications, I suggest you take a look at the official Undertale Steam page .

Install Steam on Windows

Download steam

Undertale can be purchased directly from Steam , one of the main digital video game stores for PC, of ​​course also available for free for Windows.

To download it, you just have to connect to the official Steam website and select the Install Steam item , located at the top right. Then you have to click on the green Install Steam button now , to start downloading the file.

Once the download is complete, open the SteamSetup.exe file and click on Yes first , then on Next . Then tick the box to accept the license agreement , press Next twice in succession and click the Install button . Perfect, now you just have to press the Finish button and wait for Steam to finish downloading some files necessary for the first start of its client.

Steam installation on Windows

Now you have to click on the item Log in to an existing account , if you already have a Steam account, or on the item Create a new account , to create a new account. In the latter case, I recommend that you follow my guide on how to create a Steam account .

After entering the email address and password of your Steam account and pressing on the Login item , you can download Undertale. For more information on how Steam works , I recommend you read my dedicated tutorial.

Download Undertale

Undertale Steam

After installing and configuring Steam, I would say that you are ready to download Undertale on your computer.

Select, therefore, the item Store in Steam and search for “undertale” in the search field located at the top right, then pressing Enter to view the results. In case you can’t find the game, I suggest you connect directly to the official Undertale page on Steam (accepting the opening of the client).

At this point, click on the Add to cart item , choose the Purchase for me option from the page that opens and select a payment method from PayPal , credit / prepaid card and Paysafecard from the Choose a payment method drop-down menu . To conclude, select the Continue item and confirm the purchase of the game by following the instructions on the screen.

Steam payment

Once the purchase is complete, you can access Undertale by selecting the Library item in Steam (above). Now, to download Toby Fox’s title and play it, select his title from the left sidebar and click first on the Install button and then on Next .

After the download is complete, you can play Undertale. For more details, I recommend you check out my guide on how to buy content on Steam .

How to download Undertale on Mac

Undertale is also available on macOS . If you have a Mac and want to find out how to download and install the game, you just have to follow the directions below.

Minimum requirements

Undertale Mac gameplay

Undertale is a title that does not require a lot of computational resources and therefore can easily run even on rather dated devices. However, it is always good to take a look at the minimum and recommended requirements before purchasing, in order to avoid unpleasant inconveniences. Here are the minimum requirements to install Undertale on Mac.

  • Operating system: macOS;
  • RAM: 2GB;
  • Memory: 200MB of available space.

However, Toby Fox recommends meeting the requirements below to get the best gaming experience from Undertale.

  • Operating system: macOS;
  • RAM: 4GB;
  • Memory: 200MB of available space.

In short, even older Apple computers manage to run Undertale well, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Install Steam on Mac

Install Steam Mac

To install Undertale on Mac, you need to go through Steam , which is the most famous digital computer video game store.

To download and install Steam on Mac, you just have to connect to the official website of the store and click first on the item Install Steam , present at the top right, and then on that Install Steam now , in order to download the client for macOS.

When the download is complete, double-click on the steam.dmg file you just downloaded and select the Agree item in the window that appears on the screen. Then drag the Steam icon into the Applications folder and start the client, confirming it by pressing the Open button .

Perfect: now you just have to wait for the download of the latest files and then you can log in with your account, entering the email address and password of your profile and pressing on the item Login . If you don’t have a Steam account, I recommend you check out my tutorial on how to create a Steam account .

Download Undertale

Download Undertale Mac

Once you’ve successfully configured Steam on your Mac, you’re ready to install Undertale.

To do this, you simply have to follow the same instructions that I indicated in the chapter on how to download Undertale on PC , since the Steam program is the same for the two platforms and therefore the procedure is identical.

How to download Undertale on console

PlayStation Store

How do you say? Would you like to download Undertale on console ? Don’t worry: Toby Fox’s RPG is also available on PlayStation 4 , PlayStation Vita and Nintendo Switch .

Each console has a specific procedure for downloading games, but the steps to be taken are quite similar for all platforms. In general, you only need to connect the console to the Internet (via Wi-Fi network or Ethernet cable, depending on your needs), set up an account linked to that console (PlayStation Network for PS4 or PS Vita and Nintendo account for Switch), access the relevant digital store and purchase Undertale, entering the data of a valid payment method (credit / prepaid card or PayPal). Once this is done, you can start downloading the game and have fun in the underground. I remind you that the games downloaded digitally remain connected to the user’s account.

To better explain how to download Undertale on console, I will give a practical example by examining the procedure for PlayStation 4 . If you have a PS4 (be it first generation, Slim or Pro), you can download Undertale by following these steps.

Undertale PS4

The first thing to do is to connect the PS4 to the Internet via an Ethernet cable or wireless network. In the first case, you just have to connect the console to the router via an Ethernet cable and you’re done. In the second, it is necessary, instead of going to the upper toolbar and pressing the X button on the controller on the Settings icon (the toolbox). After that, you have to go to the path Network> Set up Internet connection> Use Wi-Fi> Typical , select the Wi-Fi network to which to connect the PlayStation 4 and enter the relevant access key .

At this point, you need to sign in to the PlayStation Network . If you don’t have a PSN account yet, you can create it by going to Settings> PlayStation Network / Account Management and selecting first the item Log in to PlayStation Network and then the New user of PlayStation Network? Create an account . After that you have to follow the instructions on the screen, as explained in my tutorial on how to access the PlayStation Network .

When the operation is complete, go back to the PlayStation home menu and press the X button on the pad on the PlayStation Store icon (the shopping bag). At this point, select the magnifying glass icon at the top and search for “undertale” .

Then select the game icon (the white word “Undertale” on a black background) from the search results and press the X button on the controller first on the item Add to cart and then on Proceed to payment , to complete the purchase by entering the data of a valid payment method (credit / prepaid card or PayPal account). For more details, I invite you to take a look at my tutorial on how to pay on the PlayStation Store .