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How to download private videos from Facebook

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How to download private videos from Facebook: A friend of yours on Facebook posted the video of a birthday party you were together in: you would really like to download it, to be able to keep it in your personal multimedia gallery and watch it as many times as you want, but all your attempts to succeed have not given the desired result. Let me guess: you tried to go to a site that promises to download videos from Facebook but you got an error message that the movie in question is not public, right? Well, that’s quite normal.

Although you can normally see the video posted by your friend, it is not public, as it was almost certainly shared with the “Friends” privacy setting and not the “Everyone” privacy setting. This means that it is visible only to the friends of the user in question and is not accessible by all those services / apps that allow you to download only public content (i.e. visible to everyone) from Facebook.

How to solve then? How to download private videos from Facebook? Don’t worry, there are suitable solutions for this too, and I’m here today to tell you about them. Take five minutes of free time and keep reading: you will find some very valid ones listed below.

Preliminary information

Before going into the heart of the article and see in detail how to download private videos from facebook, let me provide you with some preliminary information that you absolutely must know before continuing to read the article.

First of all, I want to clarify that it is not possible to download private videos in the strictest sense of the term. To be clear, the videos that Facebook users have shared with the privacy option “Only me” they are not viewable and therefore cannot be downloaded.

As for the videos posted normally with the privacy option “Friends” and for public videos (with privacy setting “All”), there are no problems. In the first case, of course, you must be friends with the user who posted the video on Facebook, to be able to download it.

Also, I remind you that it is not possible to share videos posted by other users on the Internet, unless they expressly grant permission to do so. I take no responsibility for the potential misuse you may make of the information in this guide. Clear? Well then let’s proceed!

How to download private videos from Facebook online

Are you going to download private videos from Facebook online? Then you can rely on the service, which allows you to download private videos from Facebook relatively easily. I point out, however, that from the tests I did it does not allow you to download the videos in the stories, but only those of the feed that have “Friends” as a privacy option. Works with all major browsers (except Safari on Mac).

To use this, go to this web page enter the address of the video you want to download from Facebook in the first one text box located at the top and click on the button Get Video placed under it. Haven’t copied the link of the video you want to download yet? No problem: I’ll explain how to do it.

First, log into Facebook on his main page, locate the video of your interest, click on its preview, so that it opens in full screen, then click the button (…) located at the top right and select the item Copy link from the opened menu.

At this point, go to the page that I linked to you earlier and paste the link in the text field at the top. Next, click on the button Get Video.

Once this is done, click on the button Copy Text located under the second text field, open a new tab in the browser, press the keys Ctrl + V (on Windows) or cmd + v (on macOS) to paste the previously copied text and press Enter on the keyboard.

Now, copy all the HTML code present on the opened web page: to do this, select it entirely (by clicking anywhere and pressing Ctrl + A on Windows or cmd + a on macOS) and copy it (by pressing Ctrl + C on Windows or cmd + c on macOS). Once this is done, go back to the page, paste the HTML code you copied just now in the third text field, click on the button Download placed under the text field in question and, on the page that opens, press the green button Download HD 1 Video.

In the new web page that has opened, right click on thepreview of the movie, select the item Save video in the opened menu, wait for the video download to complete and that’s it. You will find the movie in the folder Download computer (if you have not changed the default browser settings).

How to download private videos from Facebook with Android

Mozilla Firefox

The best way to download private videos from Facebook with Android is to use the browser Mozilla Firefox, which you can download from Play Store and also from alternative stores. It allows you to download both public and private videos (which have “Friends” as a privacy option). After installing it, all that needs to be done to use it for the purpose in question is to log in to Facebook, press and hold on the video to download and agree to download it locally. That’s all!

Start, therefore, Mozilla Firefox on your device, go to and log in to your account by filling in the text fields Mobile number or e-mail address And Password with your data and tapping the button Log in. Next, find the video of your interest – it can be either a video in the feed or a story.

Once the video is located, tap on the button Play, to play it (if necessary), keep your finger pressed on it and tap on the wording Save files to device, so as to start the download (if this is the first time you use Firefox for this purpose, grant the app permission to access the files on the device, to complete the operation).

At the end of the download, you can open the video by pressing the button You open present in the box Download completed, which appeared below and that’s it. Alternatively, you can open and view the video by going to the Download (via any file manager) and pressing the video name downloaded or on his own preview.

How to download private videos from Facebook with iPhone

Save Facebook videos to iPhone

Mozilla Firefox is also available for Apple devices, but in this case it does not allow you to download videos from Facebook. So how can you manage to download private videos from Facebook with iPhone (and eventually iPad)? Simple: using other apps useful for the purpose!

One of the best in the category is Total Files, which offers the ability to “capture” videos and other multimedia content on Web pages, including Facebook videos with the “Friends” privacy option. Basically it is free, but by purchasing its full version, which costs € 5.49, you can take advantage of some extra functions and remove the advertising that characterizes its free version.

Since Total Files is a browser that, unlike Firefox, is developed by lesser-known developers, take into account potential risks to your privacy if you decide to use it (since you will have to log into your Facebook account).

After installing Total Files fromApp Store, then start the app, scroll through the information sheets that illustrate its operation, by pressing the button from time to time (>), and tap on the item Close. Then press on the symbol of globe located at the bottom right, to access the integrated browser, visit and log in to your account by filling in the fields Mobile number or e-mail address And Password.

Once this is done, locate the video you want to download locally (it can be both a video in the feed and a story content), start playing it (if this does not happen automatically) and, when the message appears on the screen Do you want to download this content?, press the button (✓), in order to start the download.

In the opened box, specify the name you want to assign to the movie in the field File name, select the destination folder through the appropriate menu and, to conclude, tap on the item end (top right).

By doing so, the download of the video will be started and, once it has finished, you can view the video obtained by going to the position where you have decided to save it, which you can reach by pressing the icon of the folder (lower left). From there, you can also share the file to other apps and services, using the appropriate sharing function. Easier than that ?!