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How to download Play Store app

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You have recently bought your first Android device and you are not particularly expert in IT and new technologies which is why you have decided to rely on my tips to be able to understand how to best customize, based on what are yours needs or preferences, the smartphone or tablet in question. To be more specific, what you would like to be able to understand is how to download apps from the Play Store .

How do you say? Things are exactly like this and would you like to know if I can actually help you or not what to do? Of course yes, God forbid. Give me a few minutes of your precious time and I will illustrate, in a simple but at the same time detailed way, all the various steps that must be taken in this case. The operation, I anticipate it immediately, is definitely much simpler than you might think. No special technical skills are required, anyone can do it.

Then? How about finally putting the gossip aside, getting to the heart of the matter and proceeding with the download of all the apps of your interest? Yup? Great. So get yourself comfortable, grab your device and follow, step by step, all the information you find below. In the end, you will see, you will be able to tell yourself very happy and satisfied with what you have learned. Have fun!

Note: To carry out all the operations listed below, it is essential that the device you use is connected to the Internet, preferably via Wi-Fi (but you can also use the data connection if necessary, taking into account any excess consumption and related costs that you could having to support). If you don’t know how to connect your device to the Internet, you can read my article on how to connect to the Internet to find out how to do it.

Preliminary operations

Before showing you how to download apps from the Play Store, it seems only right to tell you how to create and / or associate a Google account with your device. It is in fact a practically essential step to be able to access the Play Store and download the apps, without you will never be able to perform these steps. Below you will find all the information on what to do.

Create the Google account

If you do not already have a Google account (otherwise go directly to reading the next step) you can immediately create one by grabbing your device, unlocking it, accessing the screen where all the apps are grouped, pressing the Settings icon  (the one with the gear ), scrolling the menu until you reach the Account section and pressing the Add account button  .

At this point, select the Google logo  , press the New button and fill out the form that is proposed by typing first name and surname, then the username you want to use to access the account (which will also be your Gmail address) and to conclude the password you want to associate with.

Therefore, choose whether to provide a secondary email address or a mobile number to be used in case of loss of access data or whether to go directly to the next step and then continue further (also omit any invitation to receive news on Google Play offers) and stop on the Accept button  to complete your registration with Google

For more details about the steps above and to find out how to create a Google account from a computer instead of a smartphone or tablet, you can follow the instructions I gave you in my guide dedicated to how to create a Google account.

Set up your Google account

How to access Google

Now that you have created your account (or in any case if you already had a Google account), you need to configure it on your Android device. If you have created the account directly from the device you are using, you do not need to do anything else as by proceeding as indicated in the previous step, the configuration procedure has also been completed.

If, on the other hand, you already had a Google account or you created it from a different device, to configure it on your Android you must unlock the smartphone or tablet in your possession, access the screen where all the apps are grouped, tap on the icon of  Settings  (the one with the gear ), scroll through the menu that is shown to you until you reach the Accounts section   and select the Add account item  .

In the screen that you will later see appear, tap on the word Google , press the button with the  word  Existing  and follow the guided procedure that is proposed to you on the device display.

Go to the Play Store

How to download Play Store app

Once you have completed the preliminary steps above you are finally ready (or almost) to take the real action and find out how to access the Play Store. First of all, access the device screen where all the apps are grouped and press the icon with the white bag with the colored triangle in the center , that of the Play Store , precisely.

Once this is done, you will find yourself in the main screen of the store, the  For you , through which you can consult the complete list of applications and games in the foreground recommended for you, based on your interests and your device.

To view more content, presses on the items located at the top of the screen:  Rankings allows you to view the most voted applications and organized in classics, Categories allows you to view all the various categories available in which the apps and games are organized and Don’t Miss lets you view featured content right now.

Then there is the section called Family , through which you can consult the list of apps and games designed for the whole family, both for the smallest and largest components, and the  In Preview , through which you can view the ‘list of applications that have not yet been published on the store (but which will be soon).

If, on the other hand, you want to view only the games available on the store, press the Games item attached to the green bar at the top and you can view them all. Using the additional items that you will see appear at the top of the display, you can also view the relative rankings, games with Premium content, the various categories available for the same and games for the whole family.

If you need, you can also carry out a direct search by typing the name of the app or game of your interest in the appropriate bar at the top. As you enter your search terms you will see relevant suggestions appear that you can select. Alternatively, after typing your keyword, press the button with the magnifying glass attached to the on-screen keyboard to consult the list of all related content available.

In addition to mobile, I would like to point out that the Play Store is also accessible from a computer (or rather from the Web) using any browser (eg Chrome ). The operation and arrangement of the various sections is good or bad the same as the variant for smartphones.

Download and install apps

How to download Play Store app

Once you have identified the application to download, to download it on your device, press its icon and then step on the Install button attached to the relevant screen and then on the Accept button  , so as to accept its terms of use and download it to your device.

At the end of the installation, the application will appear in the list of applications installed in the system and can be used at any time, even immediately by pressing the Open button that appears in the Play Store screen to replace the Accept one .

And if what you intend to download is a paid application, before downloading you will need to associate a credit card or a prepaid card to your Google account. The procedure is quite quick and only needs to be done once, the first time. The cost of the apps will be deducted from the credit associated with the payment method chosen automatically.

To associate a payment method to your account, all you have to do is press the button with the price that is shown to you next to the paid app to download, in place of the Install one , and follow the on-screen wizard that you is proposed. The following times, as anticipated, you will only have to press the button with the price and confirm the choice made.

If, on the other hand, you are interested in understanding how to view the complete list of applications that you have already installed on your device, stop on the Menu button  (the one with the three horizontal lines ) located in the upper left part of the search bar on the Play Store screen. and then press on the item My apps and my games in the menu that opened sideways. 

You will therefore be shown a new screen with, in fact, the complete list of applications and games that you have downloaded on your device. The apps are all organized into three different sections: the  Updates section  relating to the apps that need to be updated, the  Installed section which shows the complete list of applications on your device and the  Collection section which  includes the log of all the applications previously present on your device. and then removed.

Finally, I would like to point out that all the above operations can also be performed from a computer, always by accessing the Web version of the Play Store as indicated in the previous step. In this case, to carry out the remote installation and purchase operations, it is essential that you have logged into your Google account from the browser.

Alternative stores

Did you know that in addition to being able to download apps from the Google Play Store, there are alternative stores that you can use to download apps and games legally? No? Well, even in this case I can take care of “enlightening” you on the matter.

Unlike other mobile platforms (iOS and Windows Phone), on Android it is in fact possible to download and install applications from sources other than the official store. However, this is an operation to be carried out with due care given that it is above all on these alternative stores that sometimes malware apps circulate that can compromise the proper functioning of the device.

Precisely by virtue of this, the advice I would like to give you is to always make sure that the apps you are interested in are free from any cyber threats (perhaps by doing some research online or reading in the comments), to download them only if they really convince you and above all to install an antivirus (like the ones I recommended in my guide on the best antivirus for Android) on your device so as to preserve it regardless of various and possible problems. Ok?

Among the various alternative stores available on the square, the ones I suggest you take a look at are the following.

  • Amazon Underground  – And the alternative Android store from Amazon. Its flagship is the fact that it is often possible to find completely free versions of some famous games, with reduced or even completely absent micro transactions.
  • TorrApk  – Famous and appreciated alternative store for Android to download applications and games even on low cost devices which, according to Google guidelines, do not meet the necessary requirements for installation
  • Aptoide  – Another popular alternative store for devices based on the mobile platform of the green robot. Through encrypted signature and virus scan, it is able to guarantee the security of the file to be installed. In fact, the verified apps have a special symbol next to them.

However, keep in mind that what you will get at the end of the download will be APK files that you can install on your device by enabling the installation of third-party apps in the Android settings, as I explained in detail in my tutorial on how to install APK.