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How to download pictures with Huawei

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Are you using your Huawei smartphone or tablet and need to find a specific image to use for a collage or photomontage? Have you taken photos with your Huawei device and need to download them to another device? If this is the case, don’t worry: I have the answers to all your questions.

In today’s guide, in fact, I will show you how to download images with Huawei through simple procedures, which will only require a few minutes of your free time. I will explain, first of all, how to download an image from the Internet using apps designed for this purpose or the web browser. Then, if your intention is to download the photos to a other device, I will tell you about some solutions, such as HiSuite from Huawei and Google Photos, which will help you achieve your goal.

I bet you’re eager to start reading this guide of mine, aren’t you? Then sit comfortably and pay attention to the procedures that I will describe to you in the next chapters. I am sure that, by the end of the reading, you will have succeeded in downloading the images via your Huawei terminal. At this point, all I have to do is wish you a good reading and, above all, a good job!

How to download pictures with Huawei

In case you want to know how to download images with Huawei , what you have to do is pay attention to the apps I will talk about in the next chapters: I will show you, in fact, the operation of some apps that access image archives on the Web, via which search for images to download locally.

Image Search

The app I want to recommend for downloading images to a Huawei smartphone or tablet is Image Search , which is available for free on the Android Play Store . This app, which is supported by non-invasive advertising banners, allows you to search for images on the Internet, which can then be downloaded to the device’s memory.

If you are interested in this app, reach the link I gave you, to open the app tab directly on the Android Play Store . Once this is done, press the Install button and, at the end of the application download and installation process, press the Open button .

After starting  Image Search , in its main screen, you will find a text box through which you can perform any search related to images. Then tap on the latter and type the term to search for. In my example, I typed the term Aranzulla to find the images linked to my person, but you can use one or more words in order to find the images corresponding to your search.

After typing the search term, tap on the magnifying glass on the keyboard and wait for the list of related images to appear. In case you want to refine your image search by adding filters, you simply have to tap on the gear icon , which you find at the top right, in the search box. You can filter the images by type ( Type ), by colors ( Color ), by size ( Size ), by publication date ( Time ) or by type of license ( License ).

When you have identified the one of your interest, presses on its thumbnail and tap on the icon with an arrow down , to start its transfer to the memory of your mobile device.

You will find the downloaded photo in the Download folder of your Huawei smartphone or tablet, to which you can use the integrated file manager or the Files by Google app , available for free on the Play Store . You will also be able to view all the downloads made through Image Search  by tapping the ☰ icon located at the top left and selecting the Download Images  item from the menu shown on the screen.

Other apps to download images with Huawei

picfinder searches for images

In addition to the app I told you about in the previous chapter, you can download the images through other apps, which I will talk about in the next lines.

  • PicFinder – PicFinder is a very similar app to the one shown in the previous chapter. Available for free on the Android Play Store, it allows you to search for images on the Internet, refining searches using filters.
  • picTrove 2 – is a free app very similar to the previous ones, but which integrates different search engines for images, such as Google, Bing, Flickr, Instagram or Giphy, just to name a few.
  • Image Search (Download) – this free app has a more basic interface than the ones I showed you in the previous lines. It performs searches exclusively on Google Images, with the possibility of selecting the domain of interest, such as

How to download images from Google with Huawei

google chrome download images

In case you do not want to use an app to search for an image and, consequently, its download, you can use the web browser of your Huawei smartphone or tablet.

In this case, you need to start Google Chrome or any other browser installed on your mobile device and go to the website . To do this, tap on the address bar at the top, type the URL and  enter to visit the search engine.

After doing this, you will be directed to the Google home page. Tap on the Images tab at the top and use the search bar in the center of the page to type in the terms related to the image you are looking for.

After typing the search term, press on the icon with the magnifying glass or on the Enter key on the virtual keyboard. By doing so, you will be shown all the images related to the search terms you typed.

In case you want to refine your search by adding filters, use the options in the bar below the search box, in the upper area of ​​the web page. You can filter your search to display only the most recent images ( Most recent ) , the one in high definition ( HD ), the animated ones ( GIF ) or those licensed to reuse ( Marked for reuse ).

Furthermore, by pressing on the item Product , you will be shown the images of commercial products related to your search. If, on the other hand, you press on one of the colored rectangles , the images that have the selected color as main color will be returned.

To download a specific image you like, click on its thumbnail , in order to view it at a larger size. Once this is done, keep your finger pressed on the image, until you see a new box: from the options that are shown on the screen, choose the one called Download image , in order to take the image inside the folder Download to your smartphone or tablet.

The operations I have described to you in the previous paragraphs are also valid for downloading an image from any website. However, keep in mind, when you download or copy content from the Internet, whoever it is, that it has no constraints or limitations in its use or modification. Therefore, pay particular attention to which image you download, making sure it has a free use license .

In case you want to learn more about how to download images from Google via mobile, I suggest you read this guide of mine.

How to download photos with Huawei

All photos taken with Huawei smartphones and tablets are saved in the internal memory of the device. In case you want to make a backup copy on another device, such as a computer, it is therefore necessary to download the photos following very specific procedures.

In the next chapters I will show you how to use HiSuite , Huawei’s software to synchronize data with its mobile devices, and I will also show you other alternative solutions useful for your purpose. Also, I’ll tell you about Google Photos , in case you have backed up your photos on this Google platform and want to download a copy to your Huawei smartphone or tablet.


hisuite export images

In case you want to download photos from your Huawei device to a computer, you can take advantage of  HiSuite , Huawei’s free software for synchronizing data with Windows PCs and Macs.

To download and install HiSuite , first you need to reach this link and click on the Windows Download button , to download the .zip archive containing the program installation file for Windows, or on the Mac Download button  , to install the Mac version of the application from the Mac App Store .

On Windows , after taking the ZIP archive, extract its contents to any folder on the PC. If you don’t know how to do it, you can consult this guide of mine. Once this is done, double-click on the .exe file you just extracted and press the Yes button , in the Windows User Account Control window. In the screen that is shown to you, press the Next keys in sequence and then Allow , to start the software installation process, at the end of which you will have to press Start .

hisuite installation

On macOS , after reaching the application tab on the Mac App Store , press the Get button and then click Install , to start the download and automatic installation process. You may need to verify your identity by entering your Apple ID password or using Touch ID (if your Mac has this component).

Once HiSuite has been started  , it is time to connect the Huawei smartphone or tablet to the PC, to carry out the initial configuration. First, connect your mobile device to your PC via the supplied USB cable. Once this is done, wait a few moments for a screen to be shown in HiSuite for the configuration.

hisuite configuration

To do this, follow the instructions on the screen: take your smartphone, start the Settings app and type the term HDB in the search bar at the top , selecting the item Allow the use of HDB ; once this is done, move the lever to ON on the corresponding item and press OK , in the warning that is shown on the screen.

At this point, press the OK button on HiSuite , to allow the installation of the components necessary for the software to work on the mobile device. On the display of the Huawei smartphone or tablet, you will see a warning to access the contents in its memory: press the Allow button to guarantee access to the device data. Finally, press the Allow button on HiSuite, to complete the configuration procedure.

Well, we’re almost there. Now, in the HiSuite main screen, press the Images button to access the archive of the images on the device memory. After that, to download a photo from the list that is shown to you, right-click on a thumbnail and choose the Export  option from the context menu. In the screen that is shown to you, select the destination folder , to download a copy of the image to your computer and that’s it.

Google Photo

google photos download images

Google Photos is a Google app that allows you to browse the photos on the memory of an Android or iOS device, as well as back them up for free and unlimited in the cloud, with a maximum quality of 16MP for images and 1080p for videos ( High quality ).

To keep the quality of photos and videos unchanged, however, the space on Google Drive will be used , which may require subscription to a subscription for additional space ( Original quality ). In addition, the Express backup function is also available , which makes unlimited and free backups with a maximum resolution of 3MP for photos and 480p for videos.

If you want to know more about this Google service, I suggest you read this guide of mine dedicated to the topic, in which I explained to you in detail how to activate the backup of multimedia files on the Google cloud, in case you were not knowledge.

To download photos on Huawei, because maybe you have reset the device to factory settings, or you have simply changed your smartphone or tablet, what you need to do is, first of all, connect your Google account, the same one on which you had active the photo backup. : I told you about it in detail in my guide.

Once this is done, after downloading the Google Photos app from the Play Store  and launching it, locate the image you want to download on the device memory by tapping on its thumbnail . At this point, press the icon , located at the top right, and select the Save to device item  from the box that is shown to you: by doing so, a copy of the photo will be stored in the image gallery of the Huawei smartphone or tablet.

Want to download a Google Photos photo to your PC? Nothing could be simpler: reach this link and log in to the Google service with your credentials. Once this is done, press the Go to Google Photos button and click on the thumbnail of the photo you want to download, among those in the list that is shown to you. At this point, press the icon , located at the top right, and choose the Download item from the menu that opens, to download it.

Other methods to download photos with Huawei

huawei explores windows

In addition to the methods I told you about in the previous chapters, you can download photos from a Huawei smartphone or tablet to a computer through other procedures. On Windows PCs , for example, you can use File Explorer or the Photos app .

On Macs , on the other hand, you can take advantage of Android File Transfer , to allow macOS to recognize your mobile device and access the files stored on its memory (including images). You can also use the Image Capture tool to do this: in case you want to learn more, I invite you to consult my guide on how to download photos from Huawei on PC and Mac.