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How to download Instagram profile picture

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How to download Instagram profile picture: Your favorite star uploaded a new profile picture to Instagram and, in this regard, you wonder if there is the possibility to download it. In fact, you would like to have the possibility to keep a copy on your computer or to always have it available in the multimedia gallery of your smartphone or tablet, but you do not know how to proceed in this sense.

How do you say? That’s the way it is and so you want to know how to download instagram profile picture? No problem, let me help you do this. During this tutorial, I will explain how to reach your goal by acting as a smartphone and tablet, but also as a computer, through the use of some very intuitive solutions.

Having said that, if you are now impatient to learn more and can’t wait to find out what the advice I have prepared for you is, sit comfortably and follow the directions I am about to give you step by step, so that you can quickly succeed. and easily in the intent that you have proposed. Are you ready to get started? Yup? Very well! I wish you a good reading and, above all, a good time!

How to download Instagram profile picture from smartphone

If your intent is to download the Instagram profile picture and you want to do this from smartphone, you can rely on various solutions. Once you could act directly from the Instagram app (now this is no longer feasible, unfortunately), but there are some interesting third-party solutions suitable for the purpose.

Profile Download for Instagram HD (Android)

If you have a smartphone Androidto download the profile picture of Instagram you can use the free app Profile download for Instagram HD which allows you to perform this operation in a truly immediate way. It’s free, it works without having to log into your Instagram account and is supported by banner ads, which are not invasive at all.

To use it, first download it from Play Store (or from alternative stores on terminals without Google services) and to start it from the Home screen or from the drawer (the screen where the icons of all the installed apps are present).

Next, grant it the necessary permissions to work and, in the text field Enter your username or paste the profile URL located at the top, write the username of the person you are interested in. So wait for his profile picture to be shown to you and press the button Displays the image in HD quality. Finally, tap on the button Download to download it in the Media Gallery of your smartphone in full resolution.

Instadp (Online)

Another very useful solution that I recommend is Instadpan online service that can be used on all major browsers (not only mobile but also desktop ones), which is free and very easy to use.

To use it, first of all connected to its official website via the link I have just provided you, click on the button Profile Pictures Downloader and then on the voice Instadp. After that, in the text field Usernamewrite the username of the person whose profile photo you want to download and then start the search by pressing the icon of magnifying glass and then on the button Continue.

Once this is done, pass the security check (if necessary) following the instructions that appear on the screen, press the button Full size and finally, tap the blue button Download to download your profile photo locally. Easier than that ?!

How to download Instagram profile picture from PC

You prefer to act from computer? Also in this case you must know that, unfortunately, it is no longer possible to act from web version of Instagram or fromsocial network application for Windows (you can only download your profile photo by logging into your account, right clicking on it and then selecting the item Save image as from the menu that is proposed).

To download another user’s profile photo, it is necessary to resort to third-party solutions, such as the aforementioned Instadp. After going to the main page of the latter and clicking on the tab Instadpwrite the username of the person whose profile photo you want to save, come on Enter on the keyboard and click on the button Go on.

To conclude, then, eventually resolve the security check by following the instructions on the screen, press the button Full size and click on the button Download present on the profile photo that was found and wait for the image to download to your computer.