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How to download InDesign for free

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How to download InDesign for free: You have always been quite knowledgeable in the field of digital graphics, so you have decided to turn your passion into a full-time job. In light of this, for some days now, you have been thinking about the “software park” you intend to use to create your creations and, among the programs that have come to your mind, there is also InDesign by Adobe. However, you know perfectly well that InDesign is not free software and that you need to activate a license to use it.

Before buying it, however, you would like to understand if the program is actually for you, and it is for this reason that you have opened Google to search for information on how to download InDesign for free, ending up right on my website. That’s the way it is, am I right? Then let me tell you: you couldn’t have been in a better place! In fact, below I will explain to you in detail how to get InDesign for free, after creating a new Adobe ID and activating a free license lasting 7 days. Once the promotional period has ended, you can choose whether to extend the subscription beyond the duration or whether to terminate it: Adobe licenses, in fact, have no duration restrictions and can be deactivated at any time.

How do you say? Having heard of the information I just provided you, are you looking forward to downloading your copy of InDesign? So don’t waste any more time and read very carefully everything I have to explain to you on the subject: I guarantee that, at the end of this guide, you will have all the necessary skills to achieve the goal you have set for yourself. Having said that, there is nothing left for me to do but wish you good reading and good download!

Activation of the free license

As I already mentioned to you in the introduction of this tutorial, it is possible download InDesign for free and use it with a 7 day trial license. After the promotional period, it is possible to choose whether to renew the subscription to the service (with prices starting from € 24.39 / month), or to interrupt it, without any obligation or obligation towards Adobe.

To activate your free InDesign license, do the following: connect to official site of the
through the browser you usually use to access the Internet (eg. Chrome or Safari), click on the button Free trial version located at the top (if you do not see it, expand the main menu of the page by pressing on the item Adobe InDesign) and presses the button Activate trial attached to the box InDesignin order to start creating a new one Adobe ID: essential step to activate the free license of the program.

Then enter yours email address in the text field that appears on the screen, put the check mark in the box Do not contact me by e-mailto avoid receiving promotional material from Adobe and its partners, and press the button Go on. If you already have an Adobe ID, you can use the associated email address.

After this step too, use the drop-down menu on the right to indicate the type of test you want to activate (with annual charge or monthly) and click on the button Go on: If you used an email associated with an existing Adobe ID, you will be asked to enter the relevant password, otherwise you will be taken to the payment method section.

Activation of the free license

At this point, fill out the form displayed on the screen with the information relating to the payment method you intend to use: you can choose between credit card And PayPal. In the latter case, you will be asked to log in to the portal to authorize future transactions. Finally, all you have to do is complete your billing information, indicating yours first name, last name, Postal code And village of residence in the appropriate text fields.

Adding a payment method is essential for the procedure to be successful: be aware, however, that you will not be charged for the entire duration of the promotional period. However, if you do not intend to proceed with the subscription, you must be careful to cancel the license (at least 24 hours before its natural expiry) by following the steps indicated in the specific chapter of this guide.

In any case, once you have entered the payment information, press the button Activate free trial versionto finish the activation process and, if you are creating an Adobe ID from scratch, click on the button Set your passwordlocated on the next screen (which also contains information on the expiry of the promotional period).

Finally, it indicates the password to use for the newly created Adobe ID and click on the button Go onto access the program download screen.

How to download InDesign for free on Windows

How to download InDesign for free on Windows

Once you’ve finished activating your free InDesign license, you’re ready to find out how to install the program on Windows. The download of the download (and of Creative Cloud, the software manager part of the Adobe suite) should start automatically. When finished, launch the Creative Cloud + InDesign setup file (eg. InDesign_Set-Up.exe), enter the credentials of theAdobe ID previously created in the window that appears on the screen and presses the button Log in.

If you see fit, enter a cellphone number to be used for password reset (or skip this step by clicking on the item Not nowlocated further down) and click on the button Yup, to start the Adobe Creative Cloud installation phase, which may take several minutes. You can follow the progress of the process by taking a look at the indicator at the top of the window.

How to download InDesign for free on Windows

Once the installation of Creative Cloud is complete, go to its window (if it has closed, reopen it using the appropriate icon located in the Start menu), locate the box relating to InDesign and click on the button Install site in his correspondence.

It’s almost done! Finally, click on the buttons Go on And Yupwait for the program setup to complete (the progress is indicated in the Creative Cloud window) and, when you are done, start the program, recalling it from the Start menu Windows or via the Adobe Creative Cloud interface.

How to download InDesign for free on Mac

How to download InDesign for free on Mac

The steps for download InDesign for free on Mac are quite similar to those already seen for Windows: just to start, if you haven’t done so yet, activate a trial license (and, possibly, a new Adobe ID) by following the steps I have shown you previously.

Once this step is completed, the download of the InDesign installation file (eg. InDesign_Installer.dmg) should start automatically. Once you have the file, launch it and double-click on the icon InDesign attached to the new screen that opens, then click on the button You open and indicates the password Mac Administration Tool to authorize the package installation.

At this point, enter the data of theAdobe ID created earlier, press the button Log in and indicate, in the next window, your level of competence with the program. To conclude and start the actual installation of the program, press the buttons Go on And Start installing. It wasn’t that hard, wasn’t it?

How to deactivate the Adobe InDesign license

How to deactivate the Adobe InDesign license

If you do not wish to renew your Adobe InDesign license, you must deactivate its automatic renewal through the management area of ​​your Adobe ID. Please note that to avoid unwanted charges, you need to complete this transaction at least 24 hours before of the expected term of the free InDesign license (which, upon cancellation, will immediately stop working).

To do this, connect to the Adobe profile management pagelog in using the Adobe ID credentials in question (email address And password), click on the button Log in and then on the voice Plan managementattached to the InDesign section.

To terminate your subscription immediately, click on the item Cancel planresident on the left, and re-enter your credentials Adobe ID (if necessary). Next, indicate the reason why you want to stop subscribing to the service, choosing one of the available ones. Finally, click on the buttons Go on (bottom right) e Cancel my planto proceed with the deactivation of the license, which, as already mentioned, will immediately stop working.