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How to download images from Google

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How to download images from Google: Are you looking for images to be able to enrich a document you are preparing with your favorite word processing program but you don’t have the faintest idea where to find useful material? Do you need to make a PowerPoint presentation and don’t know where to find new images to include in your paper? If the answer to these and similar questions is yes, I have good news for you: you can download images from Google. How do you say? Don’t know how to do it? Well, but you really have nothing to worry about, I can explain how to proceed.

You have probably never noticed but big G, in addition to allowing you to easily find all the information you need and the Internet sites of your interest, also allows you to search for images and download them to your computer or mobile device using service Google Images. Using Google it is therefore possible to find and download beautiful photos distributed under a Creative Commons license or in the public domain for use in both personal and commercial projects. Downloading images from Google is also an extremely simple practice, so you don’t need to be a great expert in terms of the Internet and new technologies to do so.

If you are interested in this and if you are therefore really willing to find out how to download images from Google, I suggest you do not waste any more precious time, get comfortable and immediately start focusing on reading this guide. I am sure that in the end you will be able to tell yourself more than satisfied and that at the first good opportunity you will also be ready to explain to all your friends how to do it. Let it bet?

Download images from Google from your computer

To be able to download images from Google, the first step you need to take is to sit in front of your computer and double-click on the web browser icon that you usually use to surf the net. Once that’s done, type in the address bar and then press the button Enter present on the keyboard. After viewing the Google home page, presses on the item Images which is placed at the top. If you want to speed up the execution of this procedure you can click directly here.

At this point, you should see the search bar through which to search through Google Images. Then proceed by pressing on the latter and typing the keyword referring to the images that you intend to download (eg. cats or windows computer). Then click on the blue button depicting a magnifying glass that you find placed on the side.

As an alternative to the method I have just indicated, you can search for images on Google also by uploading a photo present on your computer or by indicating the url of a photo present online so that you can find how similar it is. available on the net. To do this, just press the icon depicting a camera found next to the search bar, select Paste Image URL or Upload an imagepaste the url of the reference image or upload it from the computer according to the choice made and then start the search.

On the new page that will be shown to you, click the button Instruments located at the top right and select the type of image you need from the menu Rights of use. Depending on your preferences and needs, you can choose between the following different options:

  • Marked for reuse – To find images to be used freely in personal and commercial projects.
  • Marked for reuse with modifications – To find images to edit and use freely in personal and commercial projects
  • Marked for non-commercial reuse – To find photos to reuse only in personal projects
  • Marked for non-commercial reuse with modifications – To find images to be reused only in personal projects but which provide the possibility of being modified.
  • Don’t filter by license – To view all images without filtering by license (but by doing so you could run the risk of downloading copyrighted images from Google, watch out!).

How to download images from Google

Then I would like to point out that, always clicking on the button Instruments you also have access to various other options to refine your Google Images search. By pressing on the various items available you can for example locate and download images with a specific size, you can search for images based on a specific color, you can search for images by type and much more. If necessary, you can also refine your search by clicking on the appropriate suggestions under the bar at the top of the page.

Once you have found the image you are interested in, click on its thumbnail, then click on the button Visit to visit the webpage that hosts the photo in full size (the one you see in Google is a smaller version). Once you have located the full size image, right click on it and select the entry Save, Save image or Save image as from the context menu that is shown to you (the available options may vary depending on the web browser you use). Repeat this operation for each individual image you intend to download. If you have not changed the default settings of the web browser, after downloading images from Google you will find the files in the folder Download of your computer.

How to download images from Google

As well as as I have just indicated to you, I would like to point out that it is possible to download images from Google also using a special function that allows you to create an online archive of all the images that interest you and that you may wish to download and to which you can access them from any computer or device as long as you are logged into your Google account.

To take advantage of this functionality, click on the images searched through Google Images that you want to save and then click on the button Save. Then click on the button Saved images to be able to view all the elements you have decided to save or type in the address bar of the browser and then presses the button Enter on the keyboard. You can then download the ones of your interest by right clicking on the relevant preview and selecting the option to save from the menu that is shown to you.

How to download images from Google

If you want to download images from Google in full size without having to visit their home site, install the extension Google Images Viewer / Downloader for Chrome which, as the name suggests, adds a link for direct download of the photos in Google Images searches.

The operation of the add-on is very simple: after installing it in Chrome (by pressing the buttons add And Add extension of the Chrome Web Store), perform a search on Google Images, move the mouse cursor over the thumbnail of the photo to download and click on the arrow which appears on the latter.

Download images from Google to smartphones and tablets

Would you like to download images from Google but don’t have a computer at hand? Well, I don’t see the problem, it is an operation that can be carried out without difficulty even from smartphones and tablets. You ask me how? I’ll explain it to you right away. All you have to do is grab your device, access the screen of the same where all the applications are grouped, tap on the browser icon that you generally use to surf the net from it and visit the home page by Google.

Then select the item Images placed at the top left and then proceed in a practically similar way to what I indicated in the previous lines, the procedure to be put into practice and the search functions offered for the Google Images service are practically the same, both from computer and from mobile.

How to download images from Google

The only difference from smartphones and tablets is that, after tapping on an image, to be able to download it you will have to press on it until the menu appears. Save, Save image or Download (Items may vary by platform and device being used). Once the download is complete, you will be able to view all the images downloaded from Google and stored on your device by simply accessing the camera roll of the latter and tapping on the helmet of your interest. Easier than that?

Alternatives to downloading images from Google

You were probably already aware of it but before letting yourself go free to google in search of this or that other photo, I would like to point out that, as well as as I indicated in the previous lines, you can find excellent quality material to use for your projects also by appealing to some special Internet sites that, in fact, allow you to find and download beautiful images to then be able to exploit them without spending even a cent under the terms of the license with which they are distributed by the authors.

If you are interested in this and if you wish to investigate the matter further, I suggest you immediately take a look at my guide dedicated to images to download and my article on how to search for images through which I have pointed out the ones that in my humble opinion represent the best alternative online services to Google to search and download beautiful photos.

Where can I find free photos and images to download?

For completeness of information, I also point out my tutorial on how to search for similar images through which I have shown you how to search for (and possibly also download) similar images available on the net. At least take a look at it, maybe the reported resources can come in handy.