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How to download Hello Neighbor

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How to download Hello Neighbor: It is not easy to propose innovative titles in the field of horror video games, but tinyBuild with his Hello Neighbor seems to have succeeded in the venture. Hello Neighbor, in fact, is a stealth horror title in which the player, operating with a first-person view, has to sneak into his disturbing neighbor’s house to find out what secrets he hides in the basement.

The title is innovative for its cartoon-style graphic style, which is clearly in contrast with the horror-colored plot, and for the artificial intelligence of the enemy – the disturbing neighbor – who learns from every move of the player and implements counter-moves to always put him more distressed. For example, if the player tries to enter through a window, he can find a toothed trap waiting for him; if he tries to escape by following a certain path, he can expect the neighbor to take a shortcut to reach him faster and so on.

Hello Neighbor is available for Windows PC and Xbox One. It costs just under 30 euros (launch price, subject to future changes) but on PC it is also available in a free demo version that allows you to test the initial part at zero cost. What do you say? Would you like to try it too? Well, then take five minutes of free time and follow the directions I’m going to give you: I’ll explain first how to download Hello Neighbor in a free version and then how to buy the full version of the game both on PC and on console. Happy reading and enjoy!

Download Hello Neighbor on PC

If you want download Hello Neighbor on the PC but you don’t know how to proceed and / or are afraid that the requirements of the game are too high for your computer’s capabilities, don’t worry: keep reading and you will have the answers to all your doubts.

Minimum requirements

Hello Neighbor

First, let’s see what i am minimum requirements to play Hello Neighbor. If your computer does not have hardware components capable of satisfying the demands of the game and / or is equipped with a version of Windows earlier than those officially supported by Hello Neighbor, desist from your intent: you would end up unable to perform the game or, in any case, in front of a graphically “castrated” title, with continuous lag, freeze and crash.

All clear? Well, then here is the complete list of hardware and software specifications needed to successfully run Hello Neighbor.

  • Operating system: Windows 7 or later
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 or higher
  • RAM: at least 6GB (8GB recommended)
  • Video Card: GTX 770 or higher
  • Disk: at least 5GB of available space
  • Audio card: stereo

At the moment the game is not compatible with macOS or Linux and there is no transposition for these platforms.

Download and install Steam

Whether you want to download the trial version of Hello Neighbor or buy the game in full version, you must contact Steam: the famous valve digital distribution service for games. Using Steam is really a breeze, but to do this you need to download a special client on your PC.

Then connect to Steam website, Click the button Install Steam which is located at the top right and, on the page that opens, presses the button Install Steam now to start the client download.

Steam site

When the download is complete open, double clicking on it, the Steam installation package (SteamSetup.exe) and, in the window that opens, press first on the button Yup and then on Forward. Then put the check mark next to the entry I accept the license agreement (to accept the terms of use of Steam), click on Forward twice in a row (be sure to select the Italian language) and press the buttons Install is end to finish the setup.

Steam installation

At the end of the setup the download of all the files necessary for the correct functioning of Steam will automatically start: it is over 100MB of data, so be patient, it may take several minutes.

Steam installation

Once the download is complete, you need to create an account to access the Steam library and purchase / download your favorite games (in this case Hello Neighbor). Then click on the button Create a new account and fill in the form proposed to you by typing, in the appropriate fields, the username and the password you want to use on Steam plus yours email address.

Then copy the security code into the field Enter the characters shown above, put the check mark next to the item I accept, and declare to be at least 13 years old to declare that you are at least 13 years old and click on the button Go on to conclude the registration process on the platform.

Steam registration

Now you need to verify your identity: then log in to your email, click on the button Create my account contained in the email you received from Steam and, on the page that opens, click Go on and log in to your Steam account.

Free trial

Now you are officially ready to download Hello Neighbor on your PC! If you want to try the demo version of the game before buying the full one, do so: go to the card Shop of Steam (top left), type Hello Neighbor in the search field located at the top right and press the button Submit on your PC keyboard.

Hello Neighbor on Steam

In the screen that opens, click on the item Hello Neighbor Demo, presses the button Download demo present in the right sidebar (you have to scroll the page down to see it) and, through the window that appears on the screen, choose whether to create a link to the game on the desktop and / or in Start menu. Then click on the buttons Forward is Ends wait patiently for the demo download to complete.

If you want, you can follow the progress of the download by moving the mouse cursor over the tab library Steam (top center) and selecting the item Download from the menu that appears.

Hello Neighbor demo download

When the download is complete, to start the demo of Hello Neighbor, go to the form library of Steam (top center), select Hello Neighbor Demo from the left sidebar and presses the button Plays.

Hello Neighbor demo

Full game

After trying the Hello Neighbor demo, did you convince yourself to buy the full version of the title? No problem, you can always find it on Steam.

To proceed with the purchase, therefore start the client Steam on your PC, select the card Shop located in the upper left corner and search Hello Neighbor in the bar located at the top right.

Next, click on the title of Hello Neighbor in the search results, presses the button Add to Cart placed under the game preview video and choose the option Purchase for me from the screen that opens.

Purchase Hello Neighbor

Once this step is also passed, select apayment method from the appropriate drop-down menu (you can choose between PayPal, credit card, Skrill is Paysafecard), enter the data relating to the latter in the form that is proposed to you and press the button Go on to proceed with the purchase.

Once the purchase is complete, go to the library of Steam, select Hello Neighbor from the left sidebar and start downloading and installing the game by pressing the button Install. At the end of the download (which you can follow by moving the mouse cursor over the tab library and selecting the item Download from the menu that appears), go back to library of Steam, select Hello Neighbor from the left sidebar and start the game by pressing the button Plays.

Download Hello Neighbor on console

Hello Neighbor

As already mentioned in the opening of the post, Hello Neighbor is also available on console, more precisely on Xbox One, where you can buy and download it through the Microsoft store. The procedure to follow for downloading the game is the standard one provided for all the titles available in digital format on Xbox One.

  • Connect the Xbox to the Internet – if you have not yet done so, connect your Xbox to the Internet using an Ethernet cable (connecting the console directly to the router) or a Wi-Fi network. In the latter case, to configure the connection you must press the button Xbox on the controller, go to the menu Settings> All settings> Network> Network settings Xbox One and select the item Set up wireless network from the left sidebar. In case of doubts or problems, consult the official Xbox website.
  • Log in to your Microsoft account – Once you are connected to the Internet, you must link your profile to a Microsoft account (and therefore to a basic Xbox Live account). To do this, select the box Log in on the Xbox home screen, log in with your Microsoft account data and follow the on-screen directions. If you don’t have a Microsoft account yet, create it by following the directions in the my tutorial on the subject. In case of further doubts or problems, consult the official Xbox website.
  • Download Hello Neighbor – the last step you need to take is to access the Store Xbox One by selecting the appropriate box located in the console’s home menu, press the button Research and search Hello Neighbor. After searching, select the game title (here there is the direct link, if you need it), presses on purchase button and confirm the transaction by entering a valid payment method (if you haven’t done it previously).

At the end of the download you will find Hello Neighbor in the list of games available on your Xbox One and you can play it at any time simply by selecting its cover image. Happy?