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How to download free games on iPhone

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How to download free games on iPhone: After a long day at work, you like to make yourself comfortable with your smartphone and spend a few minutes of free time playing video games. But now you have an iPhone , your first iPhone, and you are having difficulty finding free games to download on it.

Well, let me tell you that you have come to the right place at the right time! With today’s guide, in fact, I will tell you how to play checkers on the Internet  and how to have applications and games that are usually paid for at no cost. In addition, I will point out to you those which, in my humble opinion, are among the best free games currently available on the App Store. How do you say? Are you looking forward to learn more and start playing? Then don’t waste any more time and get to know the topic right away.

Make yourself comfortable, take five minutes of free time and spend them reading the next paragraphs. Put the directions I’m about to give you into practice, choose the games you find most interesting and enjoy the fun. I assure you that you will be spoiled for choice and every night you can download and play a different free game. Happy reading and, above all, have fun!

How to download free games from the App Store

On the App Store , Apple’s digital store through which you can download and install thousands of applications, numerous free games are available , for all tastes and all kinds: from role-playing games to sports titles, from puzzle games to strategy.

If your intention is to download a free game, take your iPhone and tap on the App Store icon (the white “A” on a blue background ) on the home screen of your device. If you have an iPhone with iOS 11 , press on the Games item in the menu below to access the section dedicated to games, then scroll down until you find the Top free option and tap on the See all item , to view all the games available for free.

If you are looking for a particular category of games, press on the All games option on the top right and tap on the category of your interest choosing between Arcade , Adventure , Action , Kids , Cards , Casino , Racing , Brain Teaser , Simulation , Sport , Strategy and many more. If your choice falls on the Children category , you must also choose one of the sub-categories available from All for children , Up to 5 years , 6-8 yearsand 9-11 years .

If your iPhone has a version lower than iOS 11, start the App Store and tap on the Rankings item in the menu below, then press the Categories item located at the top left and select the Games and All games options . Now, tap on the item Free , to view the list of games available for free and press on the title of the video game of your interest to access its description sheet, where you can read reviews, information, description of the game and view the related titles.

If you want to view only a certain category of games, press on the Games option located at the top left and tap on the category of your interest by choosing one of the options available among Arcade , Cards , Racing , Family , Board games , Music , Brain Teaser , Simulation etc.

Alternatively, if you are aware of a free game and want to find it quickly, press the magnifying glass icon in the menu below, type the name of the game in the Search field located at the top and tap the Search button . In the search results, locate the game you were looking for and tap on its icon , to access the description.

After finding the free game you prefer, press the Get and Accept buttons to start downloading and installing the game. You may be asked to verify your identity via Touch ID, Face ID or entering your Apple ID password.

When the procedure is complete, press the Open button  to start the app or access the home screen of your device to view the video game just downloaded.

Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade

By accessing the Arcade tab of the App Store (available in iOS 13 and later) you can take advantage of Apple Arcade : a subscription service that allows you to access a catalog consisting of over 100 exclusive titles, without advertising or in-app purchases at a cost € 4.99 / month (with access for up to 6 users in the family) and free trial for 1 month.

The service is accessible, with the same subscription, also from macOS and tvOS. More info here .

Other solutions to download free games on iPhone

In addition to the App Store, you need to know that there are other solutions to find free games on the iPhone. One of the best you can turn to is Free Apps – Free Apps & Games , an application that offers free applications and games every day that are usually available for a fee.

To download Free Apps , then start the App Store and press the magnifying glass icon in the bottom menu, then type “Free Apps” in the search bar at the top and tap the Search button . Identified Apps Free in the search results, presses on the Get and Agree buttons , to start the download and installation of the app. You may be asked to verify your identity.

After downloading the app on your iPhone, start it by pressing its icon (the white “A” on a black background ) and tap on the icon of the four squares at the top left to access the menu, then select the Apps & Games , scroll the list in search of a free game of your interest and tap the Install now button .

Another solution to consider is AppZapp Notify , an application that allows you to download free applications that are usually paid, as well as allowing you to follow your favorite applications and receive updates when they are offered for free or at a discounted price.

To find free games with AppZapp, start the app and, in the main screen, tap on the My personalized sales item , then set the search filters at the top: press on the payment & free option and select the free option , to view only the free applications; tap on the Devices item , to set the device of your interest and press on the Category item and set the Games option , to view the list of video games.

Chosen the game of your interest, tap on its icon , to access the description and press on the items Install now and Get , to start the download and installation of the game. You may be asked to verify your identity.

As mentioned above, you must know that you can receive notifications on the games of your interest by creating your AppZapp account, but at the time of writing, the registration is not functional. To learn about other applications of this kind, you can read my guide on how to download paid apps for free .

The best free iPhone games

By following the directions above, you still haven’t found a fun game. No problem, here is a list of the best free iPhone games you can consider.

  • The Sims FreePlay : is the mobile version of the famous The Sims, the best virtual life simulator. The player guides his character with the aim of finding a home, starting a family, getting a good job and making a career.
  • MADDEN NFL Football : one of the best free sports games, dedicated to all American Football fans. The player leads his team in the various tournaments, trying to conquer cards and complete missions to improve the skills of his players.
  • Ruzzle Adventure : is the evolution of Ruzzle, one of the most popular word games ever created. By solving hundreds of puzzles, you are involved in a journey made of levels to overcome, magical worlds and wonderful landscapes.
  • Clash Royale : is one of the games of the moment in which the player has the goal of opening trunks, collecting cards and using them in battles to win the challenges against “enemies”. To learn more, you can read my guide on how to play checkers on the Internet .
  • Golf Star : as its name implies, it is a golf game that also allows online multiplayer mode. The strong point is certainly a well-kept graphics and the ability to unlock accessories during the game.
  • Asphalt 8: Airborne : one of the most acclaimed and downloaded racing games, collecting over 300,000 million downloads. It offers stunning 3D graphics, a fleet of vehicles with more than 180 models of cars and motorcycles and about 40 tracks to follow.
  • Crazy Taxi City Rush : another racing game in which you don’t drive powerful cars but a taxi. The aim is to collect bonuses and bring target customers before the time runs out.
  • Pokémon Go : a game that needs no introduction and that immediately became a worldwide phenomenon when it was released. The goal is to catch Pokémon by physically looking for them around the city. To learn more, I leave you to my guides on how to download Pokémon Go and how Pokémon Go works .
  • Into the Dead : the goal of the game? Survive in a zombie world. Stunning graphics and intense gameplay make it one of the best games in the genre.

The games offered do not satisfy your desire for fun? Then I leave you to my guide dedicated to the  how to play checkers on the Internet (including paid ones), with numerous other titles that you can download and install on your “melafonino”.