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How to download Fortnite on Xbox

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How to download Fortnite on Xbox: You are a fan of video games and, after a long time spent playing the most famous computer games, you decided to buy a console Xbox, as your computer is no longer very recent and you intend to expand your virtual game library with the latest titles. To be precise, you would like to try Fortnite but, being a beginner with the use of the Microsoft home console, you would like my help to know how to proceed. Did I guess? Well, then know that you’ve come to the right place at the right time, because I’m going to explain you how to download Fortnite to Xbox.

Since your intent is to play Fortnite on Xbox, you must first know that this popular video game is only available on the latest generation Xbox, then Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One X, while it is not available on Xbox 360, as the old-gen platform does not support the hardware requirements of the title.

Without these premises, if you own an Xbox One family console and you want to download Fortnite, you just have to take a few minutes of free time to carefully read the procedures that I will show you in this tutorial and put them into practice. Are you ready to start? Excellent: sit comfortably in front of the console and you will see that you will easily succeed in the intent you have proposed. I wish you a good read and, above all, have fun!

Connect Xbox to the Internet

If your intent is to download Fortnite on Xbox, you will be happy to know that I can help you do this, guiding you step-by-step through the video game download procedure. Before starting to illustrate the procedure to be performed, however, it is necessary to make a small but important premise: Fortnite is a game that has two distinct and separate gameplay modes, one called Save the world and one named Battle royal.

Save the world is a paid, cooperative PVE survival game mode in which up to a maximum of 4 players defeat enemies together. Battle royalinstead, it is a gender-free PVP mode Battle Royale in which up to a maximum of 100 players face off on a map with modes last man standing: the last player who remains standing wins.

Both modes have been released on Xbox One consoles and it is therefore possible to play for free at Battle royal and buy the game mode Save the world. Also, to play Fortnite in mode Battle royal purchase of a subscription to the service is required Xbox Live Gold (whose prices start from € 2)

That said, if your intent is to download Fortnite on Xbox, the first thing you need to do is turn on the console, in order to verify that it has been correctly connected to the Internet. In fact, the Internet connection, in addition to being necessary to download Fortnite, must always be active to play both of the aforementioned modes.

To connect the Xbox One console to the Internet, go to the main menu, then press on name of your account top left, to open a side drop-down menu. Now, using the directional arrows of the controller, move to the icon with the gear symbol (it’s called System). Then select the item from the menu on the screen Settings, then go to the sections Network> Network settings.

At this point, you can choose whether to connect the Xbox One console via an Ethernet cable or via a wireless network. In case you need to connect the console via wireless network, press on the item Set up wireless network and follow the next wizard.

You must therefore select yours WIFI network from the menu that you see on the screen and type, if necessary, the key (i.e. the password) to access it. After that, return to the menu Network> Network settings and select the item Test network connection, so you can verify that you have made the connection correctly.

Once connected to the Internet you can proceed to the next step, which is to download Fortnite to the Xbox One console.

Download Fortnite to Xbox

For download Fortnite on Xbox you must first go to the virtual store of the Microsoft console, in order to proceed with the free download of the mode Battle royal or when purchasing the method Save the world.

In the main console screen, then go to the menu Store pressing on his voice which is at the top and identifies, in the next screen, the game Fortnite. If it is not immediately visible on the screen, press the icon with the symbol of a magnifying glass (it is called Search for) to start the Microsoft Store; then type Fortnite within the visible search engine and select the corresponding result.

At this point, if you want to download the game for free, press on the icon Fortnite Battle Royaleotherwise, to purchase the game, select the icon named Fortnite Standard Founder Package (€ 39.99) or Fortnite Deluxe Founder Package (59.99 €).

In the first case, after selecting the game in its free mode Battle royal, press the button Install, to start downloading the multiplayer title on the console. Now you just have to wait for the download and automatic installation to finish and then, to start it, select the button Play.

If, however, you have decided to purchase one of the packages Founder (which also include the PVP game mode Battle royal, in addition to the PVE cooperative Save the world), press the button Buy and enter a valid payment method to continue. Among the available payment methods are the credit card you hate debt for circuits VISA, MasterCard or American Express. Alternatively, you can pay through the balance on your own Microsoft credit or through PayPal account.

Alternatively, you can download Fortnite to Xbox remotely, acting from a computer, through the official website of the Microsoft Store. To do this, visit this web page, so you can directly see the Fortnite preview card.

Now, to start downloading the game on Xbox One remotely, press the button Get; type, if requested, your password Microsoft account, for confirmation purposes, and then click on the button Install on my devices. Finally, select your console from the menu on the screen (it must be connected to the Internet and you must have logged in to the console with the same Microsoft account) and click Install now.

If you’re having trouble downloading remotely, make sure you haven’t disabled the automatic download feature on Xbox One. To do this, you must act directly from the console, then, from its main menu, go to the section Settings> System> Updates and make sure there is a check mark on the wording Keep games and apps updated.

Play Fortnite on the Xbox

Have you finished downloading Fortnite on Xbox One? Very well! If you pressed on the button Play, the game will have started and you will now only have to wait a few more minutes for all the files necessary for its operation to be downloaded.

Subsequently, if you do not have a subscription to the service Xbox Live Gold, you will be offered to purchase it, as, as already explained, this is necessary to play online.

You already have a subscription Xbox Live Gold? Agree; at this point you just have to press the button TO that you find on the controller, to start and be sent back to the Fortnite home screen. Good fun!

In case of problems

Are you having some problems downloading Fortnite on Xbox? You need to contact customer support Epic Games for a purchase-related problem? Do not worry, in the following lines I indicate some solutions that, I’m sure, will be useful to you.

In case of generic problems related to the game, you can consult the official FAQ published by Epic Games on the Fortnite official site. In particular, I advise you to refer to the chapter Cross-platform functionality for Xbox One, where you will find answers to the most common user questions.

In addition, if you are experiencing further problems, and you have not found a solution in the game’s official FAQ, you can contact the customer support team at the web address

On the open Internet page, you can find more answers to the most frequently asked questions, but by clicking on the button Contact, located at the top right, you can see an online form to fill out on the screen: this will allow you to submit your request for assistance and provide detailed information on the problem you have encountered.

Alternatively, if you are having problems downloading or purchasing the game on Xbox, you can try contacting Microsoft customer service or read the answers to the most common questions regarding purchases, by clicking on this website address.

If you need one, the telephone numbers to contact for Microsoft customer support are at this address: for Italy the number to call is 0238591444 or the toll free number 800089760.