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How to download Fortnite on Huawei

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How to download Fortnite on Huawei: Like your friends, you are a big fan of video games and, in this regard, the news of the arrival of Fortnite on smartphones and tablets has made you particularly enthusiastic. You have heard for a long time about this famous Epic Games title but, not having a gaming computer and not even a video game console, you had not yet had the opportunity to play it.

You wonder, therefore,  how to download Fortnite on Huawei and would like to know if I can help you in this regard. Yes, of course! During this tutorial, in fact, I will explain which Huawei smartphones are compatible with the famous Epic Games title and what are the necessary requirements to be able to play on Huawei smartphones and tablets. Then I will explain, step by step, how to download Fortnite on your device and how to take your first steps into the game world.

Having said that, if you are now impatient to find out more and can’t wait to play, sit comfortably and take your Huawei smartphone (or tablet) in hand. Follow carefully the instructions I am about to provide you and you will see that you will succeed in the intent that you have proposed in no time. There is nothing left for me to do, except to wish you a good read and, above all, have fun!

Minimum requirements and compatible devices


Before explaining how to download Fortnite on Huawei , I have to talk to you about what are the system requirements required by the famous video game developed by Epic Games. In addition, you should know that only some Huawei smartphone models are currently compatible with the Fortnite game . That’s all.

Compatible Huawei smartphones

  • Honor 10
  • Honor Play
  • Mate 10 / Pro
  • Mate RS
  • Nova 3
  • P20 / Pro
  • V10

The list of smartphones compatible with Fortnite is constantly updated. I invite you, therefore, to consult the official FAQs of Epic Games , in addition to reviewing the system requirements necessary to be able to play Fortnite on Huawei that you find below.

Minimum Android requirements

  • OS : Android 64 bit, 5.0 or later.
  • RAM : 3 GB or higher.
  • Graphics card : Adreno 530 or higher, Mali-G71 MP20, Mali-G72 MP12 or higher.
  • An Internet connection.

Create an Epic Games account

Epic Games

If the Huawei smartphone (or tablet) in your possession supports Fortnite , before explaining how to download the game on your device, I must inform you that, as a prerequisite, you must create a free Epic Games account , in order to synchronize online the progress you will make in the game.

To do this, connect to the official Fortnite website and, in the screen that is shown to you, press the icon  located in the upper right corner. Then, in the menu that is shown to you, tap on the item Log in .

Once this is done, press on the item No , when you will be asked if you already play Fortnite . In this way, you will be shown the next form dedicated to registering an account.

Then fill in the text fields dedicated to registration, in order to indicate all the information requested from it ( name, surname, display name, email  and  password ), affix the check mark on the box  I have read and accepted: conditions of service , pass the captcha (ticking the I’m not a robot box ) and press the Create account button .

Alternatively, you can register even faster, pressing one of the buttons that are shown to you, such as that of Facebook or that of Google . To end the registration, then press the Verify email button found in the confirmation email received from Epic Games at the email address you provided.

In case of doubts or problems related to the procedure just explained, refer to my tutorial in which I speak to you in detail about how to create an Epic Games account .

Download Fortnite to Huawei

Once you’ve created an Epic Games account, you can move on to the Fortnite download. If, therefore, your device has a Play Store , open the latter (by pressing the colored ▶ ︎ icon which you can find on the home screen or in the app drawer), search for Fortnite and proceed with the installation of the game, simply by pressing on its icon and then on the Install button . If you don’t find Fortnite in the Play Store, visit this direct link from your device or proceed through the other solutions that I am about to suggest.

In order to download Fortnite on a Huawei terminal without Play Store, you must first carry out a preliminary procedure that requires activating the possibility of installing apps from unknown sources. To proceed, then open the Settings app located on the home screen of your device, by tapping on its gear icon . Once this is done, go to the Security and privacy menu > Other settings> Install apps from external sources , press on File management and move the lever located next to the word Allow the installation of apps to ON, to authorize Huawei’s default File Manager application to install apps not from the Play Store .

Alternatively, you can authorize another file manager app, such as Google files , or directly the browser, such as Google Chrome . If you have any doubts or problems at this stage, read my guide on how to install APK files .

Android settings

At this point, you can proceed to download Fortnite . If you own a Huawei device with AppGallery and Huawei Mobile Services , you can download Fortnite through the Fortnite Installer tool available on the Huawei store , simply by downloading it, starting it and then following the instructions on the screen.

If you do not have AppGallery, connect instead to the official website of the game and, in the screen that is shown to you, tap first on the Play now button and then on Play for free now and Download .

Then press OK to authorize the browser to download the APK file called Fortniteinstaller-xxx.apk and wait for the download to finish. At this point, launch the previously authorized Huawei File Manager app and press on the Fortnite APK file , to start the game installation.

To install Fortnite on Huawei, then tap on the Install button and then on Open . Then wait for the game to start and authorize the archiving of the files by pressing the Continue and Allow buttons . Once this is done, if the download of the files required for the installation does not start automatically, also press the Install button .

Fortnite installation

To finish the installation of Fortnite, you will be asked again to authorize the installation of the game: then press on the item Settings , move the lever to ON in the item Allow the installation of the app and press the Install button . At the end of the installation, start the game by pressing the Open button .

Playing Fortnite on Huawei

Login Fortnite

Once the game has started, in order to play Fortnite on your Huawei device you have to wait a few more minutes, for all the patch files to be downloaded.

At the end of this operation, log in with your Epic games account by pressing the Yes button on the screen that is shown to you. Then type in your account data ( email address and password ) and press the Login button to log in.

In this way you can access the Lobby screen , which is used to start a game in single player mode or in pairs with a friend ( Duo ).

In this regard, if this is the first time that you play Fortnite and you would like to know more about how to take your first steps in this famous video game, I recommend you read my guide on how to play Fortnite on Android , in which I have you provided several useful tips in this regard.