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How to download Farming Simulator

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How to download Farming Simulator: A friend of yours told you about the Farming Simulator and you, intrigued by the possibility of being able to dress, at least virtually, the role of a farmer, would you be interested in trying the game? You do well! Farming Simulator is a historical agriculture and livestock simulation developed by Giants Software in which the player, dressed as a farmer, has to cultivate the fields, raise livestock and sell his products to the market. It is not a unique title of its kind, but it is certainly the best, then it is very exciting if you are a lover of nature and agricultural work.

Unfortunately, a demo is not yet available through which to try the latest version of Farming Simulator at no cost, however the game is available on various platforms (PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, Android, iOS etc.) and there are available still the older editions, which are cheap or even free, so you will definitely have the opportunity to try it without fainting.

Courage, if you are intrigued by the world of virtual agriculture and want to know in more detail how to download Farming Simulator , take five minutes of free time and follow the instructions I am about to give you. I assure you that it is really a very simple operation: you just have to choose a version of the title and start downloading it. Happy reading and enjoy!

Farming Simulator versions

How to download Farming Simulator

Before getting to the heart of this tutorial and explaining how to download Farming Simulator , let me give you a brief summary of the versions of the game currently available on the market. In this way you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

  • Farming Simulator 2017 – is the most advanced version of the game. It is available for Windows, macOS, PS4 and Xbox One. Its main features are the presence of a large open world game environment and the availability of new vehicles, animals, crops and game mechanics compared to the previous chapters. It includes over 250 farm vehicles and implements from 75 different manufacturers and a co-op multiplayer mode for up to 16 players. There are also paid DLCs and mods created by the community that allow you to expand the gaming experience even more.  
  • Farming Simulator 2015 – is an old version of Farming Simulator available for Windows, Mac, PS3 and Xbox 360 PCs. As easily understood, it costs less than Farming Simulator 17 and still represents an excellent title to start experimenting with agriculture and livestock simulators .
  • Farming Simulator Switch – this is a version of Farming Simulator 2017 specially modified to ensure an optimal gaming experience on Nintendo Switch.
  • Farming Simulator 18 – this is the mobile version of Farming Simulator. It is available on Android, iOS, PSVita and Nintendo 3DS / 2DS. It is based on an open world environment and puts the player in the shoes of a farmer who has to harvest various types of crops, take care of livestock and sell his products on the market. Includes over 50 agricultural vehicles and implements from 30 different manufacturers.

There are, then, old versions of Farming Simulator , prior to 2015, which can be found on PC and consoles at very competitive prices and which, despite the time passed since their launch, are still valid. Take them into consideration if you want to try your hand in the world of agricultural simulations without spending more than fifteen euros.

How to download Farming Simulator on PC

Do you prefer the computer to video game consoles? In this case you can download Farming Simulator directly from Steam , the famous digital distribution service of the games, and install it in a handful of clicks paying only a few tens of euros. The service, and the game, are available on both Windows and macOS: let’s see how to buy it, download it and install it on both platforms.

Minimum requirements

How to download Farming Simulator

Before downloading Farming Simulator, make sure that your computer has hardware components and software that can make the game “run” well. If your PC does not meet (and possibly exceed) the minimum Farming Simulator requirements , you will not be able to play the title.

The following are the minimum requirements to play Farming Simulator 2017 , which at the time of writing is the most recent version of the title available on Steam.

  • Operating system: Windows 7 or later, macOS 10.9.1 or later.
  • Processor: AMD / Intel dual-core 2.0 GHz.
  • RAM: 2 GB.
  • Video card: with at least 1GB of memory (and DirectX 11 support on Windows), e.g. AMD Radeon HD 6770 or NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 or better.
  • Network: broadband Internet connection for online gaming.
  • Memory: 6 GB of available space.

How to download and install Farming Simulator

After making sure you have a Farming Simulator compatible computer, move on to downloading the game. We said that the easiest (and also most convenient) method to download Farming Simulator to your computer is to rely on Steam.

If you have not yet installed the Steam client on your PC, therefore connected to the website of the famous digital delivery platform created by Valve and click first on the Install Steam button   (located at the top right) and then on the Install Steam button  now  present on the page that opens.

How to download Farming Simulator

At the end of the download, if you use Windows , open the SteamSetup.exe file and, in the window that opens, click first on the Yes button   and then on  Next . Then put the check mark next to the item  I accept the license agreement and click in sequence on  Next , Next , Install and Finishto complete the first phase of the setup (be sure to select the Italian language). At the end of the first phase of the setup, the download of all the files necessary for the operation of Steam will start, so be patient and wait for the download to end (it will take a few minutes, there are over 100MB of data).

How to download Farming Simulator

If you use a Mac , after the download of the Steam client is complete, open the  dmg package  that contains the latter and click the Agree button   (in order to accept the terms of use of the software). Then take the Steam icon , drag it to the  macOS Applications folder  and start the program by double-clicking on its icon. 

In the window that opens, press the Open button  , wait patiently for the download of all the files necessary for the client to work and prepare to download the Farming Simulator.

How to download Farming Simulator

At this point, the steps to be taken are the same on both Windows and macOS. After downloading the Steam files, click on the  Create a new account button  and create a free account to start using Steam.

Subsequently, accept the conditions of use of the service by pressing the Accept button   twice in a row, fill out the form that is proposed to you with the  name  and  password  you intend to use for your account (the password must be repeated in the field  Enter the password again ) and go  ahead .

Then type your  email address  in the appropriate text fields and click first on  Next  twice in succession and then on  Finish  to complete the account creation procedure on Steam (however remember to validate the account by clicking on the  link confirmation  in the email you will receive via email).

How to download Farming Simulator

Mission accomplished! You now have a Steam account and then you can proceed with the purchase of Farming Simulator. Then select the Shop tab   located at the top left in the Steam client, search for Farming Simulator in the search bar located at the top right and press  Enter  to view the search results. 

How to download Farming Simulator

Now you just have to select the chapter of Farming Simulator that interests you most (eg Farming Simulator 17 ) and click on the green  Add to cart button relating to the version of the game you want to buy: the standard one or the one with additional content (almost all the titles of the series are available in bundle with some DLC, which are normally purchased separately).

Next, select the   Purchase for me item  to indicate that you are purchasing the game for yourself, select a payment method from those available in the drop-down menu  Choose a payment methodPayPalcredit / prepaid cardBitcoin  and  Paysafecard ) and click on the Continue button  to confirm the purchase of the game.

How to download Farming Simulator

Finally, access the Steam Library by selecting the appropriate tab located at the top, select Farming Simulator from the left sidebar and click on the Install button . Then choose whether to create a shortcut to the game on the desktop and / or in the Start menu and click Next and Agree to start downloading the game. Once the download is complete, you can play Farming Simulator as many times as you want by selecting it from the Library tab and pressing the Play button .

Note: if you encounter problems running Farming Simulator on your PC, you can request a refund of the amount spent, provided that no more than 2 hours have passed since the title was first reproduced ( more info here ). If you encounter difficulties in using Steam, however, I would like to point out that you can also purchase and download Farming Simulator through its official website .

How to download Farming Simulator on console

As widely emphasized in the previous chapters of this post, Farming Simulator is also available for consoles : the most recent versions of the game are compatible with PS4 , Xbox One and Nintendo Switch , but there are also older ones available for Xbox 360 and PS3 and Farming Simulator 18, the mobile version of the title, which is available for PSVita and Nintendo 3DS / 2DS.

Each console has its own store that allows you to buy games and download them via the Internet following a specific procedure, but in principle the steps to be taken are the same on all platforms: you must connect the console to the Internet (via Ethernet cable or network Wi-Fi ), you need to create an account to access the online services offered by the platform and buy the game by looking for it in the store.

To better understand what I am referring to, I will give you a practical example: that of PlayStation 4 , which allows you to buy games online (and download them) in a few simple steps.

How to download Farming Simulator

  • Internet connection  – the first step is to connect the console to the Internet, via Ethernet cable or wireless network. In the first case, just connect the cable to the console and you’re done. In the second, however, you need to go to the  PS4 Settings menu  (the toolbox icon located at the top right of the main screen), you have to select the items  Network> Set up Internet connection> Use Wi-Fi> Typical and you have to choose the network to connect to (by entering the relevant access key);
  • Access to the PlayStation Network – the second step to deal with is to create a PlayStation Network account, without which it is not possible to access the online services of the PlayStation world. The account is free and can be created by going to the Settings> PlayStation Network / Account Management menu   and selecting the item  Log in to PlayStation Network first  and then  New PlayStation Network user? Create an account and  sign up now . More info on the whole procedure are contained in my tutorial on  how to play online on PS4 ;
  • Download the game – to finish, you need to download the game. This simple operation can be accomplished by accessing the PlayStation Store (the shopping bag icon), looking for the title of your interest (in this case Farming Simulator ) within the latter and selecting first the title of the complete game and then the buttons  Add to cart  and  Proceed to payment . You must then provide a valid payment method between credit card and PayPal, enter the relevant data and confirm the start of the download of the game. Once the download is complete, the game becomes available on the PS4 main screen.

Please note that to take advantage of the online multiplayer mode of Farming Simulator (and any other title) on PS4 you need to subscribe to a PlayStation Plus subscription of 7.99 euros / month, 24.99 euros / 3 months or 59.99 euros / year.

How to download Farming Simulator on smartphones and tablets

How to download Farming Simulator

Would you like to download Farming Simulator on your smartphone or tablet? No problem. There are various editions of the title available for Android, iOS and Windows 10 Mobile (some of which can also be downloaded at no cost). You just have to choose the one you prefer the most and proceed with the download.

Searching for Farming Simulator on the Play Store, App Store and Windows Store it is quite easy to come across poor quality clones, so I recommend you install the title using the links directly below (you must visit them from your smartphone or tablet and consent to opening of the store, that’s all).

To install a game on smartphones and tablets, all you have to do is press the Get / Install button of the reference store and confirm the purchase using your password or your fingerprint. At the end of the download, the title will be automatically installed on your device and you can play it simply by selecting its icon from the home screen.

I point out that the prices of the games can undergo sudden changes (both upwards and, more frequently, downwards). To find out the real price of the title of your interest, press on the link of the latter and consult the page of the store that opens.