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How to download Facebook application

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How to download Facebook application: You just bought your first smartphone and even if, by your own admission, you are denied with technological devices, you have decided to try signing up for Facebook. “Nowadays, if you are not subscribed to Facebook you do not exist“, Your friends always tell you and you would therefore like to surprise them by opening your personal profile directly from your mobile device without asking for a hand. Well, then here I am, ready and happy to help you embark on your first technological adventure.

Believe it or not, download Facebook application on the mobile phone (but possibly also on the tablet) it is a real child’s play and even the registration to the social network can be done in a few minutes, all free and perfectly translated into Italian. How do you say? Not sure if the social network app is actually available for your device? Well, I assure you, you have absolutely nothing to worry about! The official Facebook app can in fact be downloaded on Android, iOS and even on Windows Phone so, regardless of the platform in use on your device, you can always and in any case succeed in your intent.

So, ready to go? Yup? Fantastic! So I would say not to waste any more precious time, to put the chatter aside and immediately start getting busy. I am more than sure that in the end you will be able to tell yourself very happy and satisfied with what you have learned and that all your friends will be ready to congratulate you for being able to do everything alone (or almost). Ah, I almost forgot, for the sake of completeness of information it will be my concern to also show you which are the other Facebook home apps that you can possibly download and install on your device and what they can be useful for. Happy reading, good download and, of course, have fun!

Download Facebook application

Let’s start this guide by getting to the heart of the matter immediately, or what are the steps to take to download the Facebook application on the various mobile platforms in circulation.

Basically, what you have to do is access the app store of your device, search for the Facebook app and start the related download and installation procedure by tapping on the appropriate button. For more information, keep reading, you will find everything explained in detail right below.

On Android

If you have a phone (or tablet) equipped with Android you can get the official Facebook app through the Play Store, the official application store for the Google home operating system.

So grab your device, go to its main screen and look for the Play Store icon (the white bag with the “play” symbol printed on it). If you cannot find the Play Store proceeding as I have just indicated, try to access the menu where there are all the applications installed on the device and look for its icon there.

Once the Play Store screen is displayed, press the icon of magnifying glass located at the top right, search Facebook, select the name of the application from the search results and press the buttons Install And I accept to install Facebook on your smartphone. If you prefer, you can speed up the execution of these steps by connecting directly to the section of the Play Store dedicated to Facebook by doing tap here from your device.

At the end of the operation, press the button You open in the Play Store window to start the application immediately. You can also access the Facebook app by tapping on its icon (the blue one with the “f” printed in the center) that you find on the main screen of your Android device or in the menu where all the icons of the applications installed on the device are grouped.

If you are unable to use the Play Store because your phone or tablet is not yet associated with your Gmail address, find out how to solve the problem by following the first part of my guide on how to download Android applications.

On iOS

How to download Facebook application

You have a iPhone or a iPad? No problem. In this you can download the Facebook app via App Store, the official application store for devices based on the Apple mobile operating system.

So, to download the Facebook application, all you have to do is grab your device, reload it on the home screen, open the App Store (the blue icon with the letter “A” in the center located on the device’s home screen), press on the board Near located at the bottom right, look for Facebook using the appropriate button at the top and tap the button Near attached to the keyboard displayed on the screen.

Then select the app icon from the search results, press the button Get / Install and type your Apple ID password (or place your finger on the Touch ID sensor) to complete the operation. If necessary, you can speed up the execution of the steps I have just indicated by connecting directly to the section of the App Store dedicated to the social network app by doing tap here from your iPhone or iPad.

At the end of the download and installation procedure, press the button You open visible on the screen to immediately start using Facebook on your iPhone or iPad. You can also open the Facebook app by tapping on its icon that you find on the home screen of your device.

If you are having difficulty using the App Store, find out how to deal with it by reading the guide on how to create an Apple ID that I wrote on the subject.

On Windows Phone

How to download free Facebook for mobile

You are using a smartphone Windows Phone? Well, the procedure you need to follow to be able to download the Facebook application is not very different from the one already seen in the previous lines for Android and iOS.

In fact, all you have to do is start the Windows Phone Store (the shopping bag icon with the Windows flag “printed” in the center), press the icon of magnifying glass located below, look for Facebook and select the social network app icon on the screen that opens.

At this point, stop on the button Install located at the bottom left and then on the button Allow in order to start downloading and installing the app. If you prefer, you can also do tap here directly from your device to speed up the execution of the steps just indicated in order to connect directly to the section of the Windows Phone Store dedicated to the social network.

Once the installation procedure is complete, you will find the Facebook app icon on the screen with the list of all the apps installed on your Windows Phone device, which you can access via Start menu swiping from right to left. To start it, instead, you simply have to press on its icon.

Sign up for Facebook

How to download Facebook application

After downloading the official Facebook app on your smartphone (or tablet), start it and follow the wizard to create your free account within the social network. It is not a complicated thing, quite the contrary.

Then select the item Join Facebook, then presses the button Start and choose whether to register for the service using your own telephone number (by filling in the appropriate field that is proposed to you on the screen) or yours email address (by pressing the appropriate button) providing one of these two addresses.

Then enter first name And surname in the appropriate form, go ahead and set the password you want to use to log into Facebook. Finally, provide yours date of birth, your gender (man or woman) and verify your identity by typing the confirmation code that came to you via SMS (if you registered with your mobile number) or by clicking on the link that came to you via email (if you signed up using your email address ).

At the end of the registration you will also have to set up a profile photo, to provide information about yours city the work etc. Then the app will ask you to access your address book to find out who your friends are already registered on Facebook and get in touch with them (it is not a mandatory step but if you want to quickly locate your contacts on the social network I recommend it).

The registration procedure, as you can see yourself, is quite simple. In any case, if you think you need more info you can read my tutorial on how to sign up for Facebook in which I have explained everything to you in great detail.

Other Facebook apps

How to download Facebook application

In addition to the main application of the social network that you have just installed, there are also official apps linked directly (and not) to Facebook that you can download on your devices. Below you will find the ones that in my opinion represent the most interesting, all free.

  • Facebook Messenger – It is the app made available by the social network to exchange messages, files and chat in real time with your Facebook friends. It is available for Android, iOS And Windows Phone.
  • Facebook Business Suite – It is the official app to create and manage pages on Facebook and Instagram on the go. It is available for Android and iPhone / iPad.
  • Facebook Groups – This is an application to manage and communicate with Facebook groups quickly and easily. It is available for Android And iOS.

The very famous apps also deserve a special mention Whatsapp (to exchange free text messages) e Instagram (the photographic social network) which after sensational acquisitions with the sound of dollars have become the property of Facebook but are not directly linked to the other applications of the social network. For more information, I suggest you read my tutorials on how to download WhatsApp and how to use Instagram.