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How to download Facebook albums

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Your friend has finally created an album on Facebook by uploading all the photos of the vacation that you have taken together and, now, you would like to know if there is the possibility to download them on your PC, in order to keep them. At the same time, you would also like to download a backup copy of all the albums you have uploaded to your profile so far but, not being particularly skilled with technological means, you don’t know how to do it. Don’t worry: you’ve come to the right tutorial at the right time, because I can help you complete these operations in the blink of an eye!

If you want to know how to download Facebook albums , you absolutely must continue reading this guide, as I want to tell you about some native features of the social network that allow you to do this and also about third-party tools suitable for this purpose. I am referring to the download of Facebook albums, but also to the procedure for downloading personal data provided by the social network, through which each user can obtain an archive with all their photos, videos, status updates and conversations that held with other users on the social network.

Are you interested in this and can’t wait to find out more? Then I suggest you do not waste any more time and investigate the subject immediately. Sit down comfortably, give me a few minutes of free time and carefully read the procedures indicated in the next chapters, in order to identify the solution that suits you best. At this point, all I have to do is wish you a good read and a good time!

Native functionality of the social network

To download the Facebook albums , you can first use the two native features present in the social network, of which I have already given you some previews: the first allows you to download all the photos of an album uploaded to your profile, while the second is a tool used to download all the photos on your Facebook account (the latter can also be used to download all information, such as posts and comments). In the following lines I will talk about it in more detail.

Facebook album single download

If you want to download a single photo album that you have previously created on Facebook, you can do it through the first native tool of the social network, which, however, is only accessible from a computer.

To do this, log in to your Facebook account by connecting to its official website via a browser for browsing the Internet such as Google Chrome, then press on your profile picture and click on the Photo menu item in the top bar , under your cover image. Now, click on the Album item you see just below, locate the album you are interested in downloading to your computer and click on it, to see all the uploaded images inside.

Once this is done, press the button with the symbol of a gear that you find in the upper right corner and, in the menu that opens, press the item Download the album . You can do this for both albums you have created and albums made by friends, if you have been added as a contributor for uploading photos.

To confirm the download operation, click on the Continue button and wait for a notification that the file can be downloaded. As soon as the notification in question appears, click on it and save the file by pressing the Save button . It is a file with the extension. ZIP so to open it you may need a program to open files of this type such as 7-Zip on Windows or The Unarchiver on macOS .

If you already have one, to open the downloaded file you just need to double-click on it, so you can explore the folders contained within it.

Download all Facebook photos

As an alternative to the procedure described above , a method to download the photos contained in the Facebook albums is to download your information from the social network.

Through the use of this other native tool, also accessible from smartphones and tablets, it is possible to select the download of multimedia content only in which, of course, the photos and videos uploaded to the albums are included.

From smartphones and tablets

To download all the multimedia contents uploaded to Facebook, you can act directly from the official application of the social network for Android and iOS .

Then take your device and start the Facebook app , pressing on its icon on the home screen or in the drawer, then if you haven’t done so yet, log in with your email or  phone number and  password. .

Once this is done, press the button with the symbol that you find at the top right on Android or in the bottom right corner on iOS: in the context menu displayed, expand the Settings and Privacy item and tap on Settings .

Then scroll through the displayed section and press the item Download your information . In the next screen, check which items are selected by default and, if necessary, press on the word Deselect all , in order to place the check mark only on the item Photos and Videos .

Before submitting the download request, by pressing the Create file button , use the drop-down menus date range , Format and Quality of multimedia contents if you want to apply some filters. As a format choose between HTML or JSON , while as regards the quality of the content I recommend you set the item High .

Once you click on the Create file button , the download request will be put on hold. As soon as the file is available, you will be notified and you can download it by pressing the Download button via the Available files tab that you see on the same screen. Once this is done, to start downloading the file on your device, enter the password of your Facebook account and press the Send button .

The downloaded file will be saved in .ZIP format and to be able to view it on a smartphone or tablet you must use an application for opening ZIP files such as WinZip on Android . On iOS , on the other hand, press on the item Other in correspondence with the new screen displayed and, in the context menu, press on Save to File to save the file within the iOS File application .

If you already have an application for opening ZIP files, open the downloaded folder by pressing on it, to view the images of the downloaded Facebook album on your device.

From computer

If you want to download the images contained in your Facebook albums from your computer, you can take advantage of the tool just mentioned. To do this, connect to the Facebook website by logging in with your account, then press the button with the ▼ symbol in the menu bar at the top and, in the menu that opens, click on Settings .

Then reach the section Your information on Facebook and click on View , corresponding to the item Download your information . Once this is done, make sure you select only the Photos and Videos category and, before pressing the Create file button , choose the date range , the format ( HTML or JSON ) and the quality of the multimedia content ( high, medium or low ) .

Once you have pressed the Create file button , wait for it to be processed; you will be notified when it is available and you can download it (by clicking on the Download button in the Available files tab ). To confirm the download, enter your Facebook account password , then press the Send button .

To view the downloaded file you will need a program to open ZIP files such as 7-Zip on Windows or The Unarchiver on macOS . If you already have this type of software, open the file obtained by double clicking on it to see the images inside.

Third party tools to download Facebook albums

As an alternative to the default Facebook features you can use third-party tools, such as IFTTT , which allow you to synchronize the photos uploaded to the social network and back them up on cloud storage platforms , such as for exampleDropbox or iCloud . I’ll tell you about it in detail in the following lines.


IFTTT is a famous free Web service that can be used by computers and smartphones and tablets (via the application for Android and iOS ) which is used to create chains of conditions, called applets .

As for the purpose of this tutorial,  IFTTT can be used thanks to the use of pre-configured applets which, once active, allow you to create a backup copy of the photos shared on Facebook, uploading them to the most popular cloud storage services. famous.

To use IFTTT you need to create an account for free, a procedure that can easily be completed via its official website , by pressing the Sign Up button and then pressing the Continue with Google or Continue with Facebook button .

Once this is done, in the search engine at the top, called Search,  type the term Facebook  or Facebook Photo  to see all the “recipes” available for the social network. For example, you might find those called Save new photos you post on Facebook to Dropbox or Back up photos you’re tagged in on Facebook to an iOS Photos album useful .

If you have identified the applet that is right for you, activate it by pressing the Turn on button and log in to the required services by pressing the relevant buttons, for example Dropbox .

To find other useful applets for this purpose, click on the Services tab and press the icon of the service in which you want to synchronize the photos in the Facebook albums. For example, for Google Photos, you may find the Save new photos you post on Facebook to Google Photos applet useful .

If you intend to use one of the aforementioned applets, after having activated it through the instructions I have just provided you will have to wait for them to run automatically under the pre-established conditions, so that you can subsequently take advantage of the multimedia content download functionality present within the same services. . In this regard, if in doubt, I suggest you read my tutorial on how Dropbox works, on how Google Photos works or the one dedicated to iCloud.

Extensions to download albums from Facebook

By connecting to the Chrome Web Store or the Firefox Addons website , you can find some extensions that, in their description, claim that they can be used to download Facebook albums directly from the Chrome or Firefox browser. Unfortunately, however, I do not recommend its use mainly for privacy reasons.

Leaving aside the fact that many of the extensions I tested don’t work, some of those present are a bit too invasive as regards the permissions required during installation.

I’ll give you the example of  Download FB Album Mod , one of the most downloaded extensions from the Chrome Web Store as regards downloading Facebook albums: upon installation it requires permission to  read and modify all the data on the websites visited . This, in simple terms, means that the extension could “snoop” on all Internet sites that are visited with the Chrome browser.

Let me be clear, this is a potential risk, I do not question the honesty of the developers of this type of addon (there are others that require the same permissions), but on the other hand I do not feel I can recommend their use. .